Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas....

Yep, port came out yesterday! Scottie Pottie is no longer a cancer patient. Once a month labs for a year, 2nd year every 3 months, 3rd year every 6 months and not sure after that. He will get to go on a mission but will need to be state side because of the labs. Having his port out was a bit stressful yesterday more so for his father that worries more than anyone on planet earth. When Dr Thorn his wonderful surgeon came into the waiting room with his thumb up, Jim I can broke into a cry/laugh. Different things can happen with that port being in there so long but it came out perfect. We got booklets to help us with the transition learning how to go from a oncologist full time to a regular MD but I seem to know more about ALL than he, but he is learning. (MD) But the oncologist will still see him while doing labs once a month and I can talk to her personal nurse Mary 24/7, she promised me. I have grown to love those two ladies Dr Angelia Trobaugh and Mary and all the others in the clinic. I so appreciate them not only for their years of schooling and practicing but they actually care, really really care for Scottie and for me. I so appreciate our 3 pharmacists at the CDA Kmart store. They made the insurance and the /Katy Beckett medicaid process actually easy. Costco was horrible and I told them I wouldn't spend one more cent on medicine at their pharmacy and I haven't. (The store a different story) Teena Roberts, Sara McLain and Paula Conley at Canfield, Penny at CHS and our wonderful Patty Humphries and her hubby Mark. Jennifer and Mike James along with their sons Josh and Matt were incredible and nearly adopted Sam during our first two years. Mike helping us get passed red tape and also the help he has given us with our own Josh's kidney issues. They all have gone way beyond their jobs to a lasting friendship. And most of all my other children that stepped right in when mom was living at the hospital to deal with the millions of phone calls, prepare food and remind the wonderful church members we didn't need anymore food that they were adults and could prepare the meals and we were out of room in the fridge. It is amazing how people step in, you really know your friends. To my sister in law Jean that also dealt with phone calls, Gpa Lee for his prayers and blessings. And to Kim Beckman that would just drop off frozen lasagna to go right in to my freezer for those long days at the clinic and Julie Crandall and Emily for those wrapped up tight Papa Murphy's pizzas that would appear in my freezer. When people asked what they could do for us I'd say just bring over leftovers so we can freeze them for our long days at the clinic those two heard my plea and a few others, Kim kept it up for months and months and to this day she drops off her wonderful spaghetti sauce if she hears I even have had a bad day as she is dealing with her own daughters horrible health issues. And for those long conversations Angie my YF friend and I continue to have, for Capri and Judy W and those helpful things they learned down their tiny children's cancer struggles. I so appreciate my good husband and putting up with my psycho person many days and letting me handle things my way. I seemed to know what Scottie needed and begged him to listen. And mostly for my Scottie for pulling thru, he is my superman and just putting up with his mother, I so tried not to go over the top with him, and not letting him see me cry, I tried alway to be softly tough. And to you my family and friends just thanks.

Have a wonderful Christmas, I know I will.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Four days then it will all be over, so sad!

I so love Christmas but it is so sad to think it will be over in a few days. Basically things are in order, just taking it easy and trying to enjoy the days. My mom is here still since before Thanksgiving. She is amazed at the gifts under the tree, parties and busyness of our household. It actually is quieter and slower than when we had a few more at home. She will be spoiled this holiday. We hope it takes her hours to unwrapped her gifts. She has been busy making gifts for her grand and great grand kids for several weeks. Jim and I got each other a new tread-mill for our Christmas to each other. Jim got it all set up and walked on it this morning. Hoping we can bury the old one soon.

Scott's last chemo and doctor appointment were last week. He is totally done with the poison but not with labs. He will go in once a month for a year, then every 3 months for a year then twice a year after that. These are no big deal appointments and hope he doesn't have to miss any school. Jim and I threw him a "I am going to live" surprise party last Friday night. He was very shocked and surprised once he figured out why 15 of his friends jumped up from laying on the carpet after I had counted to 3 took him about 10 seconds to understand what was going on. I invited adults that had been such a influence and help for our family the last 3.5 years. Mostly Scotts first year. They showed up a few minutes after the kids surprised him. His two tutors and their husbands came, his councilor Sarah from Canfield Middle school, and many friends and family came to celebrate, about 50. He got the most awesome gifts and I told people to bring silly things but they didn't listen. I had way to much food and the family is still enjoying the leftovers. Benji and Sarah helped me throw together the salads and trays in about 15 minutes time while Danny kept Scott downstairs, at one point Scott came upstairs and didn't get a clue, took a piece of cheese and went back downstairs. I had things hidden in sacks and cupboards and out in the garage for a week, oh and had my trusty list, it saves me. I had a huge cake made. Karel, Rod, Benji and Sarah cleaned up while I was able to just set and visit friends. Then my family helped put down tables and put things away after everyone left. Something I don't get to do because I am preparing and cleaning up for hours then once it is done everyone goes home or to bed because they are exhausted visiting. Thank you thank you that one of the greatest gift anyone has ever done for me. And it only costs time. Jim had to leave to go pick up Sadie in the middle of the party. Danny had flown in a couple days before. Sadie got in on the very tail end. It was a fun night and Scottie seemed to really love it. We both got hugs and a thank you! I even got more hugs yesterday.
Glad you're still alive Scottie Pottie! Mom

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Website for the business!

Check out our dental business website. We now are on superpages. We have finally moved up in the world of cyperspace.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Ok it has begun to look alot like Christmas waking up to a inch of snow yesterday AM. Christmas cards have been sent, all pkg sent. Office party behind us, Scott smoked us some delicious chicken.......Christmas parties end this week. Tree and decorations up music blasting thru the house (when Jim isn't home)!

Thankgiving was a success. 22 for dinner. Sadie Danny and Mom came in on Tuesday and Penny my sis and Ben her hubby flew in Thanksgiving day. Spike my nephew returned home from his mission on Wednesday and spent Thanksgiving day with us.

Mom will be with us thru Christmas, hope she can put up with all the noise and parties and fun she isn't use too so much excitement.

Not much to write about tonight. Things are good, Scotts last orals are the 14th, Dr appointment on the 18th and port out on the 23rd. He went to Prom on Saturday. 3 years ago we didn't know if he'd get to go to a prom. Life is full of lots of tender moments sprinkled with miracles.

Merriest Christmas.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas in 47 short days!

So it must be that time of month to update the blog! Not much to report about if we post sooner than a month.

Jim I and two employees headed to San Francisco on Wed. returning last night. They were there for dental meetings I was there to do whatever I wanted. I did go listen to two different speakers. Nice sleeping in, exercising for hours, walking along the bay, reading working on New Family Search in the lobby and watching the news. But all good things must end! When we flew into Spokane and walked off the plane (Horizon) it was one arctic blast and we wanted to turn is so winter already. We took the BART system into the city, took a cable car to Fishermans Warf. That was something Jim and I have wanted to do since we were small and watched the "Rice a Roni" commericals walked to Pier 39, smelled and listened to those noisy Seals looked at Alcatraz's lights in the distance, ate at a greasy soup but it was quaint. I got the entire cable car people singing "Happy Birthday" to Susie our assistant she loved it and started leading us. It was fun. She has been with our office for 20 years and chose to be at the seminar on her 62nd birthday. Cathy our other assistant started with us 28 years ago, left for a few years to raise a daughter then returned. We don't know what we will do when they retire. They are wonderful, dependable honest and truly kind women. There are few people like that out there.

My Christmas lights have been up two weeks, Dan the light man and son in law does it for me, second year now as my Christmas present. Nothing like perfect lights, only have to plug in one extension cord or find the timer the electrician lost. Cards are addressed, Christmas letter written, can you tell I love Christmas?

Thanksgiving is in 18 days. Sadie and Danny will be home in 16 days. Penny my sis and her hubby Ben are coming in Thanksgiving day. I have never had my anyone on my side come or a holiday before. I am soooooooooo excited. And Kyla turns 3 that week!

My nephew (Pennys son) Breck gets off his mission next week from New Zealand. John got home three weeks ago and Spike gets home the day before Thanksgiving. The next to go will be Scott in 2 years then Sam in 5 yrs. Wow 2 and 5 so strange that it is just around the cornor. It just hit me.

Life is good we are good, Josh said if you want to know how he is, look up Kidney Failure on Whikipedia and you will know. Scott is good, 40 days till his last chemo! neither of them like people asking how they are. It wears on me also, average 10 times a day but I know most people really care, some just are nosy.

So get your lists going for the holidays, don't put things off so you can enjoy the season!

That is it from this keyboard!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yep Hamthrak has hit!

Hamthrak (name given to me by Josh) has hit yet another person in the family. With 20 days down since being exposed to Jim Gary and Scottie Pottie I became another victim of "Ms Piggie's Flu" I have heard all the jokes and saving them for the day my sons and son in law too become her victim. Has not been a real good week here. When I think I am doing good I shower and wala break into a sweat and back on top of the bed can't stand getting into the bed anymore. 3 days in a row thinking I am better........several friends/sister in law friend came down with it same day or with in hours of when I did. We are connecting on facebook feeling sorry for each other. Ok at least we aren't out spreading it around to all of you! Someone has to feel sorry for us husbands don't. I was prepared tho have meals prepared in the freezer and have used a couple of them. My friend and also sister in law Kim brought us spagetti by, it is so so good.... My family hardly misses me. I am pretty sure I am going to live, rather or not the family likes it............................

One thing I so hate, want to know? that stupid song "Safelight window repair" I hear it in my dreams. I do love the DVR and stopping the show then bringing it back live without the 15 ads in between scenes. Haven't just laid down and watched TV for so long, it is as stupid as it was last time I was sick with something.

Josh is the same, waiting for a match, he is tired of people asking.......Luke and family I think are good, Stone will be 7 in a few days and Janna another year older. Benji's B&B isn't happening, property sold, Sarah and family don't have the flu, Danny and Sadie are coming home for Thanksgiving Sadie Christmas, Danny is being a adult and doesn't have a ticket home. His bike got stolen so he won't be riding it home, and just bought himself two scooters I hear one will be sold, yeah right this family doesn't sell anything we store it for a rainy he can pay for next semester!!!! Since we can't claim him anymore ...not a tax rightoff anymore big guy! Scott is good, clinic next week then only Nov and Dec and he is done with chemo FOREVER! Can't figure out how to get that last test done tho on his online course so his laptop and phone are laying here close to me just waiting for his return. Sam is a teenager, turned 14, has a cell phone and an attitude but I am curbing it with leverage/cell phone. He is about done with Jr Tackle football just a couple weeks. He will be in high school next year and will play for the school if he wants to continue I will not be sad if he doesn't want to play. Jim is looking for a second hygienist if my sweet nieces have any contacts that need 2 days a week up in God's country.

My nephew John got home from his mission last week, this weekend is the family gathering in Mapleton Utah. Missing out on yet another family gathering not to many in the Blackburn familygatherings sort of things. Happy to have another member of the family born this week "Gage Gatten" born to Dusty and Angie, well born to Angie shared by Dusty.......Why is it in the scriptures the men get the credit for having the kids? Never figured that one out. So thats the updates from a top the sage colored bedspread in this room with 4 walls..........that are getting smaller and smaller!
Love ya
Auntie Piggie!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Frost on the pumpkins!

The pumpkins are orange, apples are red and school has been in session a month today. Boys and parent are in a routine. Seminary starts at 6:30 AM so a 5:30 wake up call is hard on Scott and his mom. Junior year seems to be the hardest on students and throw in chemo in the mix and try getting up at 5 30.....He had his last spinal tap EVER a few days ago and I made his last 3 chemo appointments. The count down is on!

Scott turned 17 and Sam 14 since I last wrote. They are growing up oh so fast. Time seems to be going by so much quicker than when I was in my 30's and 40's.

No new meat in the freezer but not because of lack of trying. I got a Hickory rocking chair for my hunting trip I always get something! Swine flu hit Scott, Jim and Gary while they were headed to the woods. Scott came home and ended up in the ER for a few hours. Jim and Gary spent many hours sleeping it off in the trailer away from civilization. No one else has gotten it in the family and it has been two plus weeks. It didn't seem any worse than the regular flu/cold and there wasn't any nausea. I got my regular flu shot. People are saying the swine flu shot isn't going to be safe, will still listen and figure that one out.

Not so sure anyone reads this blog anyway but just in case I will try updating a bit better than I have been doing it. Nice when life is slower and there isn't much bad news to report. Could you imagine if for just one day all the news on TV/Radio and newspaper and the net was all good news? What a day that would be. With so much good why do we focus on the bad?

I am finally learning New Family Search with the help of Josh. I have a page of names ready to take to the temple something I haven't done before in the family history department. It is very time consuming rewarding and fulfilling.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Fall to All!

School has begun! Second week. Sam's first game was Sat where they won by way too much. Jim and Scott were hunting and missed it. Sam got lots of hits lots of sun and by evening heat stroke. He was feeling much better Sunday.

No elk yet for the 2009 hunting season. Jim and Gary will go out next week for several days hunting. I will be a hunting widow yet again. 8 years ago I was almost a permanent widow glad things turned out in my favor!

Today Carl, our sheetrocker/painter/door installer/handy man started putting in the double doors for the hunting room and storage room. The last thing for the finishing of those rooms. So awesome to have so much room.

I went to my class reunion last weekend in Hurricane UT. It was a blast seeing my good old friends, the hardest thing was all those people looked so old! I brought back my mom to visit us for a few days/weeks/ who knows playing it by ear. She is already homesick and she lives alone, can't figure that one out. We are such exciting people here I don't get it!

We are still experiencing great weather but by the time I post again it will be cold and Fall so...........Happy Fall to all!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Fair is over YEAH!

School starts in 8 days! Bittersweet for everyone, hope summer temps remain thru Sept. Sept is my favorite month, I love fall the indian summer, I love school starting and I love quiet days and I love the fall colors and wearing sweaters. We love watching Sam play jr tackle. Jim and Scott love putting on the camo makeup and going to the woods and playing with their bow and arrows

I am glad the County Fair is behind us the Elephant Ear saga is over whelming for me and the contention but it is just helping our family learn to get along and preparing us for that very long eternity......... All and all it has been a good summer. Even the new grass is filling itself in, by next summer it will look like the old stuff. The basement looks great Danny did a great job of getting his parents orgainised and finishing the new room. Sadie worked hard for the dental office and is missed especially this week with our receptionist taking time off to be with her sister with cancer. Danny and Sadie started their first day of Seniorhood at BYU today. Benji is still waiting for word to move to Montana and frustrated it is taking so long. Luke and Janna have made a couple trips to CA and glad to be home I think. Stone started 1st grade several days ago. Rusty turned 5 in Aug and will start school next year. Sawyer is gaining and smiling. Van is just a sweetie. Sarah said Carson walked 3 steps today, he turned one last week. Kyla continues to keep us all entertained, we don't need a television. Josh had to get a new Hickman a few days ago and said it is working much better. Chiu-yi loves taking care of him and they both have such wonderful humble attitudes thru this growing time. Yesterday in Stake Conference Bro Oyler said "our trials are worth more than gold" true but some times it takes time to appreciate the growth.

I am headed back home to my class reunion in a couple days and hopefully bring my mom back with me for a few weeks, she is getting real forgetful and I want to get her busy and spend some time with the great grandbabies. Should be a fun trip seeing all my friends that show up. Life is just to short! We need to take time to enjoy the people in our lives we have to many distractions!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August is here with 100 degree temps!

Summer is just about gone, a month till school starts already. Fair starts in 25 days and will be time to roll roll roll that dough. We have been experiencing hot temps for the last month I have had to water plants 3x's a day to keep things alive. Benji headed back to CA last week after completing our southside patio and hours working in the yard the last two months. Just wish we had a wedding reception or something to make it all worth it...... He is headed back in a couple weeks and working in Montana, a dream he has had for a long time. More info later. Josh is about the same, just waiting for a kidney, working out of his home and doing dialysis 3 x's a week. I did the blood test but only 2 of 8 tests that showed I was compatible with him Luke will do his soon.

Sadie is working for the dental office and is a real help. Danny just about finished the new basement just waiting on flooring and a couple of doors. We wanted to turn it into a workout room but it turned out so nice it will be a family/game room for now and turn the family room into a workout-TV room. Fun to have so much room.

Scott just returned from his Scout high Adventure he biked the San Juan Islands for 5 days. Check his facebook pixs.

Sam's Eagle Project was Friday and Saturday of last week, he now has 3 merit badges to complete and the paperwork to write up and he then the dreaded interview and he will be done. Hopefully have it done while he is still 13, youngest in the family even if doesn't finish till 14. 6 out of 6 boys. Great accomplishment and a couple tired parents.

Jim's vege garden is having success we have been eating the zucchini and green beans. My flower gardens are beautiful and my vege plants in the middle of my flowers are having success also. Time to make zucc bread. They grow about 6 in a day!

Luke and family are headed back from CA. Janna fell and broke her elbow so she and the kids have been in CA for 3.5 weeks while Luke flew home. He flew back this weekend to drive them home. Sawyer is growing and finally in new born clothes out of premies.

Jim is busy working and putting food on the table. We took off last weekend to camp at his hunting area. We had a bull moose share the campsite with us a couple times. He was right outside our tent door for a very long time where we got many pictures. He also came down to the water while Sadie and I were in the pontoon boats and kayak, it was pretty fun to watch him. The huckleberries weren't quite ripe as we tried picking some. The mosquitos were in full force and loved eating up Sadie and myself. Several fingers and toes doubled in size on me by the next morning. Much easier tent camping then trailer camping you take less junk take only what you need.

PS Ok so I forgot Sarah, I knew there was someone missing from yesterdays post.....Yes Dan, Sarah, Kyla and Carson are great! Sarah and the kids are spending lots of time at Silverwood, Dan is trying to drive his mother-in-law to drink and Bamma is just about Kylas favorite and Carson is sweet and always hungry! Sorry Ross' hope to be forgiven soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reunion behind us.....

Summer is flying by. Lee reunion was last week, everyone was here but Josh and Chiu-yi in our family. Nearly 100 family showed up. Happy to have Leo with us another year. Enjoyed having my 6 grand kids around me. Next reunion maybe the number will be doubled maybe not ! I spent the 5 days cooking and cleaning and cleaning and cooking was pretty tired and next reunion there will be a job chart. Everyone seems to think they are on vacation. No one died on the river lot of flipping rafts, lots of stories to talk about for the next two years. Jim lost yet another pair of glasses to the river, water loves eating his glasses and hats. Sadie's cousin (no name cousin) tried killing her and Brett faking a finish line with ropes that didn't come down on the families Marathon. She still is struggling to heal her knee, many bruises and a rope burn on her face. Brett didn't complain but we know he was hurting. It was very hot and I was glad to be home. Sawyer gained some while she was here. 5lbs 5oz. Her father weighed her on Scotts fish scale. To bad we didn't get a picture. She is so so tiny and sweet. Stone is going into 1st grade. Rusty will be 5 in Aug. Van is now 2 and such a cutie pie. Kyla is the center of the universe and knows how to get Bamma to do anything for her. Carson is trying to walk and is such a cute little boy.

Josh is out of the hospital. Started working today and continues with dialysis. He is on the list for a transplant. We are starting the matching process in the US. Everything is so complicated and not quite sure what we are doing. Still asking lots of questions and visiting with doctors and going online to find out what needs to be done. Hard from the other side of the world. My stomach is in knots all the time. Looking for the blessings in the trial. Just understanding why is so hard. Tired of people giving me advice for Josh tho. People need to think before they speak. I am sure it has made Josh and Chiu-yi very tired.

Scott just had a spinal tap. Only 2 more to go and 5 months of chemo and he will be finished with this part of his life. He will be a JR in high school. His illness doesn't seem quite so bad anymore. 3 doctors all within a phone call. 45 min to the hospital if we need to get him there. People I have been able to ask a boat load of questions to understand it all. People keep giving us advice when they have no clue also so learning how to smile and be kind but knowing they have no clue. People care they just don't always know how to care.

Danny and Carl got the sheet rock up and taped and Danny painted last week. Carl used the extra wood and did trim on the main room downstairs. Figuring out flooring now and doors. Benji is making another brick patio on the South side ran out of bricks and waiting for more. We are getting a little more curbing for the back this week...The hydro-seeding grass is hit and miss. I have tried hard to keep it wet but looks like we will need to seed it again in many areas. Taking forever to get the yard back but it is coming. Many of our potted plants died while we were at the reunion. The yard looks like a constant yard sale not being able to put trailers back because of the new grass. Benji is trying to haul off junk from the shop but keeps getting stopped in his tracks and it isn't from me.....hummmmm He was suppose to fly back to CA last week but changed his flight till the last two things are finished up. He and his dad went camping to the St Joe over the weekend. I was still to wiped out from the reunion to do another camping trip did not seem like something my brain to even put together. I love being home. Love hot water and flush toilets

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting a degree without going to medical school!

Sadie is headed home from Orderville this weekend. I am so so happy. Gma won't be coming this time possibly later in the summer. She isn't real thrilled to be coming and now isn't a real good time anyway. Possibly later in the summer. They finally checked her thyroid and she is very very low but they won't start medicine yet until she sees a Interilist. I am so frustrated. I live with hypothyroid and it is a very easy cheap fix just takes time. (Gma not Sadie) Sadie is exhausted and time for a break. I am so happy she has been there to take care of Mom. Not all 22 yr olds could do what she has done. She has grown up and grown.

Josh and Chiu-yi moved to another hospital one that is the top hospital for Taiwan and very good, I feel much better knowing he has moved. I have been in contact with the churchs people over the Churchs insurance, just in case he comes home. Benji calls me "A Mover and Shaker" nice to have family that works for the church and has good friends. Please keep them in your prayers.

Scott is doing well especially because school is out. He cleaned up his bass boat and he and his dad and Sam took it out last night and got up at 5 to go out this morning. Sam's Eagle project packet is ready to be turned into the scout office by this afternoon just trying to get approval. Then the work starts. July 31 Aug 1st is his scheduled Project if any one out there is interested.

We are getting hydro-seed this afternoon for the big bare spots (hired help anyway) Benji has worked endless hours preparing and digging and hauling in dirt and sand to get it ready. He is putting in another brick patio on the southside of the add-on somewhere to put the back up propane tank Jim is putting in and Scotts Smoker and a picnic table. Exciting having things look nice again except for the white trash look of the 10 trailers and boats in the yard and left over building supplies. Someday maybe the shop can be used for what it is intended until then I want to plant trees to hide it all. Danny along with our sheet rocker Carl have worked hours on the sheet-rocking, that is done now, doing the taping and sanding. Benji and I have been working in the garage and now I can park one car, progress progress. Hey we need a wedding this summer to make it all worth it.......I told our sheetrocker Carl he could use the place if he'd marry his live in girlfriend! He might take me up on it!

Baby Sawyer is having jaundice issues but she is 8 days old and doing wonderful. 4lbs 11 oz is all but she is eating and sleeping and doing well. Janna's mom Elaine took over as Gma and will be with them for a few more days.

So that is this weeks updates. Didn't think anything would come close to the horse kicking you in the stomach feeling for a parent in having a child with cancer but we found out different. Here we all speak English, have a hospital in the top 5 for kids cancer, and just a few minutes from our front door not on the other side of the world, I can call and talk to a doctor or the nurse 24/7 and ask questions. As you can imagine I have been on the phone 8 hours a day or learning online learning learning learning asking hundreds of questions. Joshs name is in 11 temples at this point. We are praying for windows and doors to be opened for his care. After this I could be an Nerpholigist (if I could spell it) and a Oncologist without the degree or thing on the wall.

Happy Fathers Day or Someday to be Fathers!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life is a rollercoaster

Just got home this evening from CO. Janna and Luke are the parents of a daughter, Stone, Rusty and Van now have a sister. She came into the world only weighing 4lbs 15oz. Her name is bigger than she is Sawyer Jade Lee. She is beautiful and it is pretty exciting having another grand daughter in the family. This makes 4 boys 2 girls. Funny how so many of us have had 3 boys then a girl. I was the first girl after 3 brothers, we had 3 boys before Sarah, Jean and Steve, Craig and Janet, Brent and Jen and many others. Sawyer had some low glucose issues and had to go on a glucose drip for awhile but is great and she and Janna came home this afternoon from the hospital. She is just so so tiny.

Last weekend Josh checked himself into the hospital with horrible pains, he had been to the doctor for two months trying to figure out what was wrong and they found nothing. He now has found out his kidneys aren't functioning at all and he has gone on dialysis. Any more news I will post again. He needs your prayers. They won't be able to come home this year. They had tickets to fly home the 24th. Chiu-yi hasn't ever seen it summer here only winter. That will have to be another time.

I am happy to be home but miss Stone Rusty and Van and little Sawyer. I only got to hold her for a short time in the hospital. They are coming for the Lee reunion in July. I took boy and girl clothes in my luggage again but then my luggage got lost and ended up in Portland 24 hours later I got it and everything was in tact. In have been saving girl clothes and took the dresses I had aquired the last 7 years. It will be so fun to spoil another girl we so need to catch up on the girls in this family. But we love our little boys. It was fun to see Van as he has become such a little smart toe headed loving boy. He so loves his mom and doesn't let her out of his sight much but he did warm up to Gma after an hour or two, you can't tell him you are showering or the diaper and clothes gets ripped off and he climbs in.

Jim, Scott and Sam are gone fishing in Montana with Gattens and sons. Benji put the house back together before I got home from the airport. The long grass was waiting for me so I mowed the front we miss Scott and Sam my favorite lawn mowers. Benji kept the yard green and the flowers alive. Life is sure one big rollercoaster.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Schools out for the summer!

School is out for the summer! Sam's last day was today, a talent show and a wasted day just to call it a day. Scott was finished last Fri. We have had wonderful hot summer days for much of May but today it turned spring with rain and 50 degrees we turned on the fireplace, they day before we had on the AC. Such confusing weather but we so needed the rain.

Wed we will become grandparents yet again. I am headed to CO tomorrow afternoon to be a full time Gma for a few days then Gma Hart will be there Sat. So excited for the new one, my luggage is packed with pink and blue things since we don't know what it will be other than a human. Scott has his chemo/doctor app/blood work tomorrow morning just before I fly out. He Sam and Jim are headed to "The Big Hole" in Montana with the Gattens on Thursday. Benji is staying home to keep the yard alive and he has be on crutches due to falling out of the raft Memorial weekend hurting his leg then hitting it again on the car door. (Ask him how that happened jklol)

Yesterday we hosted Gpa Lee's 85th birthday we had 47 in attendance. We bbqed hamburgers and everyone brought salads so great being able to use the new bricked patio. Aunt Jean made two huge birthday cakes. Our little fairy nieces and grandaughter and nephews made their way thru the gardens digging out plants and flowers and sand from the pots and dancing amongst the plants and had a wonderful time. We drug Aunt Mary Ann to the celebration, I think the loud voices made her a bit nuts but that is life here and hope she forgives us someday for making so much noise.

Josh let us know he is having health issues in Taiwan, he hasn't felt good for two months and has seen doctors but they said nothing was wrong, his kidneys were shutting down and he and Chiu-yi went into the ER 2 AM Sat. he now is on dialysis, the doctors are still trying to figure out the reason, so for now we just know it is "Acute Renal Failure" many have been fasting and praying for the doctors to find the reason why and for his full recovery we thank you all for keeping him and Chiu-yi in your prayers. Life is so full of blessings isn't it with all these trials.

Benjamin has been whipping the yard into shape, I have been his assistant. Danny is working hard sheet rocking the new basement with Carl our sheet rocker from the upstairs last year. We are hoping it can be done by the time everyone comes home this summer. If not life goes on.

Happy Summer to you all

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Spring Post!

Well, has been a month since last post. Our life just isn't that exciting most of the time but we like it that way actually. The days are warm and beautiful. The flowers and allergies are out in full force. Track season is over with and the freezing temps. School is coming to a end just 4 more school days.

Danny was sent home from Mexico early because of the swine flu scare, he stayed down stairs pretty much his first week home and only came up to feed. Once he went back down I pulled out the Lysol wipes. He is washing windows and helping his mom get the house back in order from our wild year. Benji also returned home last week to get the outside of the house back in order and will be home till after the family reunion.

We went on the Memorial campout Fri thru Mon. Benji was our "Real Man" rafter and has a pretty bad injury to prove it. Danny and Scott did a run or maybe two but Benji went on all runs. Jim hit most of them also but was smart and didn't go on the wild runs. Kyla got to go on her first "little kid run" and loved loved loved it. When her parents told her it was time to leave after our camping was over with she cried pretty hard and didn't want to leave, she is hooked! Carson wasn't a camping fan and spent most of his nights screaming and part of his days. Sarah was glad to get back home to sleep.

I made two trips to Utah during the month of May. I surprised my brother and showed up to his last concert he is retiring from teaching after 30 yrs from Lakeridge Jr High in Orem. Four days later I flew into Vegas headed to St George for my great niece Teryn's marriage and hung around with my sister, her new hubby her new and old kids, my mom and Sadie. It was hard to leave, especially leaving Sadie behind, Gma will really miss her when she comes home hopefully Sadie can bring her up for a few weeks if all goes well. In between I got sick with allergies which turned into ear and sinus infections but didn't die too bad flying. Scott got a bad cold and it seems to keep hanging on. He has only had 3 or 4 colds his entire "Cancer rollercoaster" so that is good.

Scott and Jim both got their turkeys, Scott one Jim two. Glad that is over with. As long as we have electricity we could survive for a year on just meat alone and my food storage to suppliment.

Janna is due in 9 days with baby number 4 either a Jade or a ? Haven't asked name if it is a HIS. Excited for another baby in the family and I bet the boys are also. Luke seems to really like his new job and glad they can stay in Centennial. Josh and Chiu-yi will be here in 4 weeks to visit. Life is full of blessings.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Improving the Blog

Ok, so I am finally improving our family blog! You have to go on facebook to view the photo now. I haven't learned how to put them back on this site yet....Sadie helped me add some music hope you like John Rich, Diamond Rio and Barbra Streisand (wierd combo but that is just me wierd). Sadie is so darn smart. She has moved in with her grandmother till the end of June and has begun working on her senior project, first by installing her printer and ordering her digital player and both are having its issues things are so exciting in Orderville! Well they are now that Sadie lives there.....

Josh and Chiu-yi had a wonderful exhausting and uplifting week as Josh was Elder Bednars translater for 5 days while he held meetings in Taiwan, Chiu-yi was able to be part of it and shared some of her feelings. We are excited Luke begain his new job this week and seems so happy and excited about the change. Janna and the baby are doing well and expecting he/she birth in 6 or so weeks. Benji is moving back to Pasadena from Stevenson Ranch and will be able to move forward on his movie distributing. Sarah and fam are great, we didn't see them for over a week and both babies grew, honest I could tell. We measured Scott and Dan R and Scott grew since they were here last YES taller than Dan now! Just imagine Stone Rusty and Van when we see them next. Danny's college in Mexico is shut down for a week due to the Swine flu he is suppose to come home in just a couple weeks we hope the boarders or airports aren't shut down and he is still able to head home the scare with the swine flu seems to be overboard but it did start in Mexico. Scott is planning on driving to school tomorrow for his first time now that dad got the Caddy working again and got oil added to the engine that some how leaked out without a leak. He smoked two wild Turkeys for Uncle Steves family last week and they turned out wonderful other than he ran out of propane in the middle of the process, then the smoker didn't heat up enough and he was up all night watching and getting it up to speed so it would turn out perfect for Uncle Steve which it did. He got first place in the CDA Bow Club he and his dad are part of. One of the youngest or probably is the youngest. He is Mr Deadeye. Sam is down to only 2 track meets left, his season is very short. His last meet was so cold I thot I'd freeze plum to death. Two blankets, and 3 layers of jackets wasn't enough. But I said last post I wouldn't complain......hummmmm he did the 4x2, hurdles and long jump. When he does the hurdles he looks just like Luke perfect form, just like a gazelle.

Dr Dad/Robin Hood is good, busy sacrificing for his family and dreaming of going turkey hunting on the weekends. He got the fruit trees prunned this weekend. The lawn needs mowing if it would quit hailing/snowing. This yard is a very sorry sight. I have worked for hours and you can hardly tell. Thanks to those precious deer I didn't have to thin out the ivy on the house just trim it down. All deer should really be in freezers, they are back feasting on the Lees buffet and doing just outside our bedroom windows......stupid 4 letter I mean 4 legged animals....

Bucky continues to be a dog, new name Buckless. He still won't let me out of his sight as he does his outside chores. He does love his walks each morning and sleeps a good couple hours afterwards but continues whinning the minute Jim walks thru the door. They both are such whinners, cute whinners but still whinners...

I am headed to St George/Toquerville to my great niece Teryns wedding the middle of May. When she has her first child. I will be a a very young great great aunt and mom will be a very young great great grandmother in her 70's. It will be great seeing all of my blood relatives and getting caught up on their lives. Hard to be so very far away.

I am planning my next trip to Ireland a year from July just told my sweetheart and hoping he is supportive and counts this as my hunting trip for 2010. For you interested in going to this Ireland reunion let me know, we need a number of those going soon start saving up the bucks. This is a reunion of Gma Blackburns Blackburn family and seats are limited. We fly into Dublin, spend a night and day there then head to Belfast where we stay and do day trips. We went a few years ago and it was such a wonderful experience.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yep,it is!

Yep, I believe it is spring! Here is Booboo wearing her Easter dress day and night....Spring is so welcomed, we all are so sick of the snow and rain and wind and whinny people! Oh yes I am one I admit it no more whinning on this issue.

We have been home from Hawaii 2 weeks and it now seems as if we never went. It was a great time, finally downloaded my pictures today to remind me . Planning our next spring break the day after we got home.

I hope today we can remember those that lost their lives 10 years ago in Columbine High school. We need to remember their families and friends that are still dealing with that horrible day.

Not much new happening at the house. Bucky is doing good until Jim comes home. I am walking him 40 to 45 min each morning sometimes at night. (not Jim but Bucky) He is jealous of Jim and whines when he is around. Still peeing on the boys shoes/socks when they take him out, not sure how to work on that one any ideas? Sadie is headed to Orderville to work on her paper/project and living with her grandmother for a time. Danny will be headed home from Mexico if he doesn't get employment there for the summer. Josh and Chiu-yi will be here in June for a short time. Janna and Luke are due with baby number 4 the first of June. Luke quit his job and is now training for his new one but still living in CO. Scott takes the driving test today and hunting for Turkey Toms that don't fly away. Sam is doing track and had his first track meet last Thurs. Benji is in CA working on his projects, he found out they did show his Christmas movie 12 times on PBS last Christmas season. They weren't going to till this Christmas. He sells them on his blog. Sarah had a birthday and loved her gifts! Pink Nano and my cousin Bryon made her a violin, yes a violin to keep in the family for hundreds of years. It is just incrediable. Brought some tears to a few of us when she opened it up and began playing it. I have been looking for one at a garage sales that people didn't know was precious and worth alot, never found one but this is better than I ever could of found. Yes my girls are spoiled. But so are the brothers in different ways. Hope I updated all the kids, I have so many I sometimes forget someone. Oh Jim is good, turkey tom looking with Scott ALL FRI and SAT.... working hard and thinking of doing yard work one of these days. Paula, (me) is great, I judged a Jr Miss on Sat. so hard but a blast, great way to keep Alzhimers away! Enjoying reading again with my Kindle!

Time to get the yard into shape and it will take many weeks, fertilizer and blood sweat and tears today is a beginning.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Home again Home again

We made it back to Spokane at 8:00 AM this morning, the only thing lost was sleep, that red eye is a killer but no luggage lost, no delays (hardly anyway) no airplane crashes no sicknesses, no ER visits this year and the sunburns were slight and gone by day two. The weather wasn't hot but nice, wet, sunny, and windy, changed about every 2 minutes. It did seem to rain chickens tho where ever we went, not cat or dogs. I yet again marked off another bucket list entry this one was "Doing a Zipline" not only one zipline but 7 that day. It did get easier but wow that first walk off was a killer, it took me several minutes of deep breathing to let it loose but this old lady DID IT! What have I got to loose but my life? Tomorrow with some help we should upload some phone video of the big day! Well 10 days actually. Now it is time to try and get caught up on those missed hours of sleep.

I am thankful for many things tonight. My husband and our children, our parents, siblings and grandchildren. For Dusty and Angies wonderful news. For Kyla that missed her Bamma and told me over and over again, for our home that didn't burn up tonight (ask Jim about this one he has issues with pyramainia) for the Savior and the Atonement, for his birth (happens to be His birthday today). For Sarah turning 27 tomorrow and how exciting that birth was. For Conference we were able to see and hear at the strangest hour and wearing the strangest clothes in the church but we heard it, for good friends and good neighbors. For the warm sun that shone its face on Dalton Gardens today after it has been gone for months it seemed. I told ya all I'd bring it back from Hawaii even tho I sent it back a day earlier than we returned. Just a few of the things I am thankful for tonight.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bucket List

Wow, what is that white stuff in the photo? We haven't seen it for a week and forgot the name oh SNOW! I remember now....we are suffering in Kauai HI on spring break without that white stuff, I know someone has to be on vacation. I don't quite understand while the rest of you aren't here but I am glad you're not! Well I do miss Booboo and Carson and Stone Rusty and Van would make this trip a hoot but maybe someday they can join us and maybe even their parents....

I have been marking off some of my bucket list this trip. I actually went scuba diving with the boys. Well I think I made the instructor nervous so he didn't leave my sight. We saw lots of fish and turtles and I lived. One you get the breathing pattern down things are enjoyable. We kayaked 2 miles up the river yesterday with Landon Cox then walked/hiked and slipped 1 mile to a "Secret Falls" we swam in the cold pool and went under the falls. On the way back we kayaked to "The Fern Grotto" after the Hurricane 17 yrs ago it took all the ferns so now there are only a few left in the grotto but it was still beautiful....wished I'd gotten to see it 17 yrs ago...hummmmmmm Today or tomorrow is the "Zip line" if I can let go and take the first step. At least "Chicken Paula" is willing to try rather or not I let go. We saw a Monk Seal on Poipu beach, not many of them left. We see millions of chickens and roasters so sick of them, after the Hurricane 17 yrs ago they went wild and multiplied and replenished. Even at church one old prideful roaster went walking by the outside doors thinking he owned the place. I don't think you could go hungry on this island. We met up with our friends the "Bob and Darla Cox's" that live here. Bob hooked us up with Kayaks yesterday and lent his son Landon for the day. We have missed them allot after they moved. We met their little girl, she is beautiful and looks like her mom and dad with curly blonde hair. The boys are all grown up. They are grandparents now, Chris has a beautiful little girl.

Well off the PC, back into the condo for pineapple and juice, have been sitting out on the huge desk listening to the birds and smelling the smells and catching ya all up on the Lee happenings! Hope you appreciate the sacrifice.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunshine, Snow or Rain........hummmmm

It is snowing again! good grief! March 24th and snowing with rain intermixed! We are headed to Hawaii for spring break YEAH... For us to make it to summer our family needs a vacation (to get us thru this tough time)!!!! We've been planning this one since last spring and it is finally happening so don't be to jealous.

Sam is working out daily for the upcoming track season, Scott has gotten out his bow and practing in the back yard, we smelled our first skunk of the season last night so spring is coming! Scott has made two long bows in his shop class and they really work! These aren't ribbon bows folks but bows that use arrows.

I will make sure you all will be seeing our pictures on our return from Hawaii! Maybe even post a few while we are there, just want to share with ya all.

We the People!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Christmas in March

Yes folks it is beginning to look alot like Christmas but then it has been this beautiful picture of white since Dec 17th. It is the longest winter I ever ever remember. The gloomy days will never go away. We did have a spring day last week and one the week before. The people were happy, some were in shorts at Costco (48degrees) I ran and bought my primroses and a couple more plants, well then it snowed the next day. I have my 12 primroses in our little red wagon in the garage, I pulled it out a few hours of above freezing days and they are just beautiful and so want to be planted. I go out and look at them to remind me "Spring is coming, someday".

Scotts steroid week began last Friday. He sleeps alot, doesn't smile and we stay away, well all but Sam this is his week to get even. Someday I so hope those two learn to get along before they leave home.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Green Acres is the Place to Be!!!!

Jim and I have been gone again, Salt Lake this time for the Utah Dental Meetings. We left the boys home alone for the first time. They survived and had many others to take care of them at a moments notice. I was a wreck the first day but finally calmed down. They didn't seem to fight to bad and didn't miss us that I noticed. Sadie drove up to spend Fri night from BYU with her old folks, my brother Don and sister in law D'anne met us for dinner to celebrate Sadies 22 bday. Wow, she is 22 Josh 32. I am a mother of a 32 yr old I am but a 39 year old myself.

Dan and Sarah moved into their new home in Green Acres. (Yes that is the name) ....... They went on Craigs list and got the same front loaders as me for cheap cheap and they RUN RUN. Sarah has become a coupon queen learning from her sister in law not her mother. Something I haven't done since dental school. She is teaching her mother!

Josh and Chiu-yi are planning on coming to the states this summer. Everyone is so happy they get to come Chiu-yi hasn't been here only during the winter COLD months. I was thrilled to say no this year to girls camp leader because that is the week they are here! Well thrilled isn't a good word but close! They don't get to stay long. We will have a new baby by then in the family Janna is due June 5th. We are hoping Danny is tired of Mexico and drags himself back to the states for the Lee reunion to be with ALL his siblings. No pressure there, yes bring Melissa with you if you haven't broken her heart by then.

Scott and his meds are good, Sam is great basketball season has come to a close and he has been busy lifting weights at the high school to get ready for football next summer and to beef up a bit. My sons we all born with a perfect tall skinny frame! Hang on to that boys it disappears once you hit 35.

Our great niece Teryn is getting married this spring. When she has kids I will be a great great Aunt in my 50's. My mom will be a Great great grandmother in her 70's.....well that is if she has kids in the next few years. She has been the mother & sister of 4 the last 2.5 yrs and probably tired!

The office seems to keep plugging along with the country "Out of sorts", people needing their teeth cleaned, fixed or mouth inprovements of some sort. We are blessed to have a dad/husband take such good care of us and good patients. We love our office staff and thankful they like us (we hope).
So on that note ......remember to brush, and floss, but only the ones you want to keep!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Jim and I have been to Hawaii and home again. I added some new pictures in the albums of winter and Hawaii. We had a great time, shopped, snorkled, swam, shopped some more, went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, ate and slept in every morning. Being gone a week is just right after that we getting missing the boys and know it is time to come home. The flight back was a red eye and took a few days to get caught up. Sarah and Dan did a great job of taking care of their siblings and Bucky and the house. We so appreciate them doing that. They will be moving into their own home in just a few days. We are so thrilled it is really going to happen. They have not had real good experiences with certain realtors. Jim and I have had much better luck in not going thru realtors but doing it ourselves when we bought and sold. Hope the sale goes smoothly kids! Carson is now 5 months and growing so so fast. Kyla learns new words by the hour. They will be so happy to be in their own house and a yard...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Will Bring Peace and Joy!!!!!

Things have calmed down and 2009 can really start. The kids are back to their other lives, tree down, decorations and lights are all put away, snow has melted (allot but not all the way) we can get out of back doors almost! Temps are in the 30's now, that 3 and 5 degrees was horrible.

Jim surprised me and bought tickets to Hawaii three weeks ago, just the two of us, we leave tomorrow. Celebrating 33 yrs together. I finally got a place for us to settle for a few days, Sarah and Dan are watching the house boys and animals. Bills are paid and in the mail, paper work is about done, W2's in the mail, I am packed, my lists are made for Sarah, and I really need a nap.

Scott had a spinal tap last week, just finished steroids and he should be perking up. Got a headache but it seems to be gone. Eleven months left of this and no more!

Dan and Sarah FINALLY got a house of their own this has been quite a learning journey for them they have learned patience and whom they can trust. We are so thrilled for them!

Luke and Janna gave us a picture of their ultrasound for Christmas, announcing the birth of another grandbaby in June. This will make 4 for them 6 grandbabies for us. WE love everyone of those precious babies. Maybe it will be that sister Stone so wants this time. Our niece Brynne had a sweet beautiful baby boy yesterday, we so love watching our family grow. So far I think Janna is the only one expecting in 2009 on both sides unless someone hasn't announced yet. Add on: Sadie reminded me of Brent and Jen Davis expecting their first girl after 3 boys in 2009! So it is the year of the girl 2009! Well maybe!

That is just about all the updates from Paula's desk. I hope the new year finds you happy and happier!!!! We all need to cut back the spending, cut back the calories, cut back the wasteful stuff of life, but don't cut back on the peace and joy that is out there for us to find. I had this impression a few weeks ago. " To find peace we must be peaceful, to find joy we must be joyful."


Friday, January 2, 2009

The Holiday comes to a close......

Christmas has come and gone, it is all over to quickly. Sadie flew out this morning returning to BYU, Benji flies out to CA on Monday and Danny flies out on Tuesday for Mexico. Jim returns to work on Monday and Scott and Sam to school. Life will get back to normal, what ever normal is for his family. We had a great holiday, didn't spend time outside the house except for Jim and the boys, shoveling, shoveling, shoveling snow, it has snowed continuely since the middle of December. They are getting pretty sick of it. They shoveled our roof yesterday, and Gpas shop roof. The day before that they spent the day shoveling Gpas old house roof. Many business roofs have caved in yet again this year, so gpa and Jim are the resident worriers even tho our roof is suppose to withstand 4 to 5 ft. But you never know. We can only get out the front door since the roof snow is up to the windows and doors all around the house. It sure is beautiful but winter is going to be very long and cold. Sort of like living in Alaska without moving.

Happy 2009 everyone!!!!!!!