Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas!!!!!

Wow, tomorrow is Christmas eve! Sort of sad when it is so close because all the sudden it is over with. What I love mostly about Christmas is the before it comes, it is such a magical time.

We will have 5 kids here for a couple weeks, 6 of the 8 kids here for the day and Gpa and Helen Kyla Carson and Dan for our dinner, small this year but that is ok small and sort of quiet is good. Sadie left on Thursday from Salt Lake and got as far as Seattle before she found out Spokane airport was closed. She was blessed enough to get a ride with Angie Gatten her cousin the next day to Coeur d Alene or she'd not possibly get out for two or three days. Danny made it home this afternoon from Provo driving, glad to have them both here safe and sound. Icy roads make a mother a wreck. Luke and his family drove to Salt Lake for Christmas and Josh and Chiu-yi are staying in Taiwan we will miss ya all and wished you could be home. Josh and Chiu-yi want to come when it is warm, she has never seen it any time but winter.

We have had the most snowy in one dumping storm so far in the history of Coeur d Alene ID. We in Dalton got 30 in in less than 24 hours and it has continued off and on for days. There is an ice build-up under the snow. Traffic is moving very slow all over town, I have been stuck in grid-lock twice just in the Target parking lot 45 min on Fri and 20 min today. So unreal for our little area, it is growing and growing way to fast.

Well Merry Christmas ya all and I hope you get all that peace and joy all year long you so need and want.

The Lee's.....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Peace,Joy and lots of Fun!

Wow, Christmas is just 18 days away, how does the time go so quickly? We had a great Thanksgiving "BIG FEED" 30 total here. Scott smoked a turkey and 2 chickens for the dinner and did a great job. Benji is letting him do much on his own so he can do it by himself when Benji isn't around. Scott says Benji will always be around! I made a huge turkey and blended garlic and butter into a sause and Scottie injected into the turkey till it was plump it was wonderful. Learning allot from that kid! There was plenty of food and plenty of leftovers which we will be needing to throw away since we couldn't eat it one more meal. By the end of two days cooking, setting and cleaning up, I could hardly walk by Thanksgivings end and glad to see it come to an end.

Jim cut down a Charlie Brown tree last Friday while hunting and brought it home, I told him he could bring one home if it was perfect well not even close. After a few tears I went to Costco and bought 9 boxes of LED larger lights and Benji wrapped them around each branch giving the effect it was branchful! Once it was all decorated it fell over, yes one gallon of h20 all over our new cherry floor and many decorations the branches could hardly hold up a fly. We ran to pick it up and mopped mopped mopped, cry cry cry and laughed laughed laughed. Jim proceeded to tie it up with dirty rope (hunting rope) from the new window frames. After a quiet suggestion and "that look" he went to the store and bought heavy fish line and replaced the rope the next day. From a distance the faults disappear especially when all you see is 900 LED lights. I love perfect trees but figured it is only a tree. The stockings are hung by the chimmey with care, cedar boughs on top of the doorways looking like a "Little Women" Christmas. I so love this time of year.

We FINALLY got a new furnance in the old part of the house on Friday. It is so wonderful to have the house warm. We found out the new furnace on the new part was never fired by our furnace guy, the heat pump would work during certain temps and then we kept the fireplace on and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working right. I had called the guy so many times I was embarrased but was sick of it by Friday morning. He didn't admit it was his fault as most construction workers don't do and just blamed everyone else. The electrians were here also on Friday and put in a few more outlets for me and got the basement ready for inspections. In the mean time they have done something and the gas fireplace WON'T turn off I flipped the breaker and NADA! So we have a call into Justin. 75 degrees in this house, hot hot now and NICE but can you imagine what our Avista bill will be this month good thing the Christmas lights are LED and cheap to run. These workers will be so glad to be rid of the Lee's, hopefully it will come to an end soon in our 8th month.

Christmas cards are sent, packages just about ready to send, a few things left to purchase and ready to start wrapping. I hosted the Relief Society Christmas dinner here on Thursday we had 50 ladies and a few men and we seemed to have plenty of room. The office party is suppose to be here this week and Jim and another High Priest are trying to pressure the High Priest group leader to have a Christmas get together this month and if so it will be here. People will be sick of our gather place by seasons end. Choir is going great here each Sunday especially when treats are served Jim and Sam have even joined us for the holiday singing, we can't get Scott to leave his hiding place until treats are served.

Clinic is this week for Scott in 3 days it will be one year exactly till he gets his port out and no more chemo we hope EVER.

Bucky continues to grow, brain continues to shrink. He continues to chew his rope while attached to him. He likes the hot sauce I put on it. He won't go to the bathroom without me next to him he pee's on the boys shoes and whines whines whines. I know serves me right. I think I am mostly a cat person. I am excited to go see the movie "Marley" Bucky doesn't seem quite so bad with the previews and maybe learn to love him.

Well Merriest Christmas to you all, hope you all find the peace and joy you need in your life and celebrate Christmas all year long!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Life is full of so much good, lots of trials, good and so called bad luck but mostly lots of blessings, we seem to experience all of those things daily. Our attitude designs how we live with those good and growing challenges. Thanksgiving is in 12 days, each year it comes sooner and quicker with still the same amount of days I just never will be able to figure out how that works. We are having a few family members over for the "Big Feed" wish more could come but everyone is busy with their own friends and family groups. It will be awesome to be able to fit more than 8 around our table this year. Or have two tables or three tables or four tables IT IS SO COOL!

We are having dishwasher issues now, Sears is replacing our "1.5 yr old double drawer 7 visits from the Men in Blue (that are only replacers not repairers) dishwasher"..........and it is now flooding, and I am whinning LOUDLY we are getting a Bosch ! and Sears is eating it. This one is so quiet you only know it is on because there is a light glowing from the bottom. Our new wood floor is not happy with being flooded upon! It won't be delivered till the first of Dec. so Thankgiving will be paper plates and lots of dishwashers with hands and 10 fingers. So happy we have 4 sinks now! Aren't you children? No furnace yet and boy is it getting cold on the "White trash part of the house"......that little plug in heater is working her buns off.

Scott is having his "steroidish week" but able to hunt twice today some how, funny how that works. Sam is deep into basketball games, lost one, won one. Some of his practices are in Post Falls and that isn't thrilling for this 52 yr old mom! Way too many years of sporting practices and setting on those hard bleachers and raining freezing soccer and football fields. Josh was in kindergarten I believe his first team so about 27 yrs of practices non stop, no wonder I am so tired. By the time this ends they will be having to push Jim and I in our hospital beds or at least our wheelchairs out there on the fields or gym floor to watch Sam play.

Kyla and Carson came to see "Bamma" yesterday. Kyla will be two in a few days and is being potty trained, she earns "Nummies" 2 for peeing, 5 for pooping... Carson is enjoying "Bamma's" new baby swing so Sarah can get some rest and hang out on the pc while they are here. Kyla had diarhea yesterday so diapers went back on.

The leaves are finally picked up in the front yard. '14 huge Black Costco fill-um to the top bags' and that is after Jim mulched them and cut the grass at the same time and Sam smashed all the air out of them 14 bags worth. And that was just two trees !

The Lee's remodel is at a stand still BECAUSE IT IS DONE!!!!!! Well, we still need the basement done but that will be next year or the next or after we rob that bank. Tile in my old and new laundry room ended up costing two to three times the cost of our wood flooring and double the granite cost! Always get an estimate. Wow have I learned alot! But it looks so so good! Just a radon fan to go in when Brett remembers to come by and put it in! And a piece of wood on top of the window stained in the "Parlor" Jim is busy working on putting up my pictures "THE RIGHT WAY" and it has taken WAY to much time but I am being patient. He learned it from his dad, those pictures will never FALL down!

Well that is about it from here, not to much happening which is always good. Bucky the dog has more than doubled in size and his brain has actually gotten smaller!

Happy Holiday! Count your blessings!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall has fallen

Fall has fallen upon us. The leaves are just about 3/4th of the way to the ground waiting to be picked up or hoping for a big wind storm. We have many trees that drop their leaves. A few things are winterized, the steps are poured, a small a patio, and Benji Sam and I put down the brick/cobblestone patio so it can snow shortly. Benji leaves the middle of the week and he has a few more things to get done first. View the picture blog for an update. Things left on the house are small , radon fan, stain a few window trims, door in the basement that divides the new from the old. We won't finish the basement until we get caught up on bills and get some money saved so that will be sometime next year we hope. Jim is trying to find the right furnance for the old part of the (cold) house and a water heater that will not last many more showers but hoping it will, living on faith on that one and using a wall heater to keep the bedrooms above freezing temps. Dan my son in law, put up our Christmas lights last week, yes folks we are ready! Trying to hold off turning them on and that is tough. He put on the large old fashion size but LED's that use very little power. Exicited to flip the switch. Went to my first craft fair of the season yesterday.

Scott had a tough chemo/steroid week they increased his dose on them again. He is back to himself by the weekend. Hates me writing about him on the blog. He and Jim went out a few times deer watching/hunting but no meat in the bag yet. We have more in our yard that come to eat the garden than they see in the woods.

Bucky the dog has doubled in size and tripled in his strength to pull his owners on the leash and wrap it around our legs. He is 4 months now sort of like a 14 yr old teenager that the brains are closer to the back of his throat than in the area it belongs. Not that any of my 14 year olds had that problem but I see it in others..........Especially when I take Scott to high school each morning and see how many color of hair walking thru the parking lots and how they cover themselves or not cover themselves. Trying to be themselves but looking like everyone else.

Well football is over for Sam (made two touchdowns yesterdays game) and basketball starts on Tuesday. Hunting season remains on us for another couple months off for a couple then on again for who knows how long. Jim was made Gospel Essential teacher today I will be teaching our primary class alone and he will come back for the singing sharing time. Our primary Sacrament Meeting program was today, last week we weren't sure it would really turn out this week it turned out perfect the children were awesome............

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Working on the little things...

Progress progress today on the house. It is just little things needing to be done. I got a utility sink put in with a faucet in the laundry room! Bryan Tile finished up yesterday and it is just beautiful. I'd love tile in the boys bathroom maybe that will be my next project. Tomorrow the sheet rocker will repair the rest of the holes and I can get my sewing machines brought up to enjoy their new room. Painters are coming back to do their touch up in a few days. Brett got a trench dug around the house to put in the irragation pipes and the steps will go in this week. We've used the gas fireplace often with these cold fall evenings,it is so nice and beautiful. Our old furnace died and needs new parts, we were still hoping to use it on the old part of the house. It is very cold waking up in the morning without a working furnace hoping we can just fix it for now before it gets any colder. Sam ended up with a horrible cold and I now have my voice back.

I took Jim's mooses head and cape to the taxidermy yesterday. When he took in his animal to the cutter it weighed in at 600 lbs on the hoof . That should get us months and months of meals. I told Scott they don't need to go hunt anymore for a couple years......that didn't go over well. But it is true.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Year of the Mooses.....

Check out our new photo album of the "Mooses" Jim got his yesterday came home to bring the meat wash some clothes and head back up. Gary left with the horses today and Gpa Lee is up holding down the fort so he can't be home long. Sam turns into a teenager tomorrow but will have to do it without his dad. Hunting season is lasting WAY to long for me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Antlers arrive!

Scott and Jim made it home after 12 days in Alaska. Scott got a moose, didn't get to bring any of its meat home but did get the antlers. They just arrived from Fed X this afternoon in fact. They were able to fish for halibut the tail end of the trip both got sick on the boat but enjoyed the day. Something Scott will always remember. Jim is hunting for elk now with his brother Gary then tomorrow he goes Moose hunting with his dad and brother for 12 days. This is a hard time of year for we hunting widows. Seems like nothing gets done to prepare for winter until snow is upon us. Things always seem to work out though.

The house hasn't made progress for a few days, today was suppose to be putting in the utility sink and vanity and starting the trim work on the windows in the laundry room but no one showed up. Nice to have the dirt pile gone and laundry facilities running smoothing so that makes me happy. The trash is hauled off and excited to get working on getting my yard back. Hopefully Benji will get back home before it snows to get the pavers in. Sad to have summer weather almost gone but winter brings lots of time to get the house organized.

Sam is doing great with football and got some great plays during his game on Sat. Scott had IV chemo last week and on the steriods but hanging in there and not complaining and keeping up and catching up from his two weeks gone. Kyla spent the weekend with Gma, we had fun. Carson is getting so big, he isn't sleeping through the night so Sarah is pretty tired and hoping it happens soon.

So that is the family update from here!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Moosing time

Scott and Jim left this morning for "Scott's hunt" to Alaska. Hunt of a Life Time" along with "Wishing Star" have done a wonderful job to make it happen. They both are wonderful non profits to donate to if you ever have extra cash to give away to a good cause. It has been a very long weekend with all their stuff from one end of the house to the other and garage. It will be a nice 2 weeks getting the house back in order from the last 5 months. Carpet didn't go in yet, our carpet layer got word as he was knocking on our door on Thursday his mom had just died so sad. Maybe our house isn't suppose to ever be finished. My contrator is back in Alaska for 2 more weeks also hunting moose and will return the same day as Jim and Scott. Hunting season seems to last forever. My new addition will have to be my hunting shopping trip this year since the money is gone.......no complaints.

Scott turned 16 yesterday and was made a priest. We had a family dinner after church with just 10 people, small for us. He is driving with his permit and should be able to get it in Dec. he still has 3 merit badges to finish up to get his eagle even tho his Eagle Project is done. I still let him practice driving tho even tho his dad doesn't. It is somewhat like giving birth each time he gets into the car to drive, I hate this part of life but we need to get it finished up. Only one left to drive and one eagle project left.......

We got a puppy, his name we think is "Bucky" Scott was upset I didn't get a beagle as this one is a Cocker Spaniel so he named him once they made friends. Kyla isn't quite so sad about not having Annie to keep her company and getting use to a new dog in the house. Soon he will be able to pull her around and take her on walks.

Carson is beautiful, he is still so tiny and new. Kyla loves him to pieces and keeps his face wet with kisses. The kids are back to the swing of college and emailing or calling me with things they forgot that have to be shipped. Mom is glad to be back in Orderville and Benji to CA. I am just glad to have a quiet house again. But I already got Danny and Sadie tickets home for Thanksgiving and Christmas break!!! Something for everyone to look forward to. Maybe we can get gma to come back for the holidays, she has never spent them with us in 32 years. Gma Helen got back from her trip back east, Gpa is so happy to have her home, he bought a nice used Cadillac while she was gone and selling his old one.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ross family blog

www.thecrazyrossclan.blogspot.com is Sarah and Dan's family site go on and view pictures of baby Carson I also added some to our Family Reunion album 2.......

Hunting times begin.......

Things sure change quickly in a family, Sadie, Benji and my mom left on Wed. Danny on Thursday. Jim and Scott went to the St Joe on Friday for opening day of bow/elk season and will return just in time for school on Tuesday. I took Annie our dog to the Vet on Wed afternoon and she was put to sleep. Her cancer was speading so quickly it wasn't fair to have her suffer. It was a very sad day for our family. Annie was a great friend to Scott especially during his last two years of treatment. A bittersweet week with a new baby, family and Annie gone.

Things are pretty quiet with Sam and I and actually it is really nice. We are trying to decide if we want another dog soon or in the future, put a puppy in front of me and I melt so it won't take long. But they are such a pain when it is time to go somewhere but they are so cute and loveable....and chew up everything when they are tiny and poop and pee.....and so cute and loveable..........and it is hunting/shopping season so we will see.

Sarah and family spent Friday night with us, little Carson is so tiny and precious and Kyla is so big and precious she is loving her brother and helping mom take care of him. I need to get some pictures on this site today.

School starts on Tuesday the boys aren't to thrilled to begin. Scott and Jim leave next Monday for Alaska and the big moose hunt. Hunt of a Life time has the airline tickets donated, a gun made for Scott and the hunt itself two nights in a motel and his horns mounted. They don't get to bring home any of meat the indian tribe there where they hunt keeps the meat. Wishing Star is paying for all there hunting clothes and other things needed to go. Jim will miss two weeks of work and Scott two weeks of school but after he missed 1 entire year he will be fine with missing two weeks.

House update isn't much. Framers made a furnace closet and the painters came and finished the two remolded rooms I went with the same color as the rest of the house, I can't handle any more decisions at present. I picked out the laundry room tile Mike Bryan is doing it for us, but nothing more can be done until they put up my laundry room cabinets and Parlor cabinets and trim, then the carpet will go in and tile and washer and dryer and utility sink. Then mostly just odds and ends. Seems like the odds and ends so far tho have taken longer than the whole remodel in itself but Brett warned me of it. I have weeks of putting things away and going thru boxes of junk and things we don't need wow it is out of control all this stuff Jim and I and the kids think we have needed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Carson Daniel Ross

Sarah Lee Ross delivers

A baby boy: Carson Daniel Ross
Date: Aug 25, 2008
Weighing in at: 6 lbs 7 oz
Length: 18 1/4 in long
Time: 10:30 PMish
Where: Valley Hospital Spokane WA

Gma Paula and Sadie were able to be there for Carson's birth last night. Sadie taking pictures and Gma helping the nurse and Sarah. Proud Papa Dan suited up and delivered his son with Dr Anderson walking him thru every step, she went from a 4 to 10 in just a few restful minutes we were all in shock when the nurse quietly said "she needs to push". Dan on his computer, Sadie on hers, Gma Ross on hers I was reading and Gpa Ross walking around waiting and excited for the birth of maybe his 20th grandchild. It was a perfect perfect quiet birth no screaming no yelling I told Sadie afterwards that is not how all births go. Sarah's meds kicked right in and she only felt pressure no pain not one scream or whinning. The monitor showed hardly any contractions, it seemed as if they were going away but she was so relaxed and didn't fight them and it was wonderful for her. I called on my cell phone to home so everyone could hear but those listening didn't tell the others until after the birth so there are a few upset family members but they also could of came upstairs or left the computer. Electronics get in the way of real living........

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rain gutters go up!!!!!

We now have rain gutters, they went up on Tuesday and the rains began on Wed and Thur not stopping for more than a few minutes, perfect timing. Both the new laundry room and Parlor are just about ready for paint and carpet. Tuesday I took Annie our dog in to be checked after she just had lost some weight and wasn't herself, we found out on Wed she had a bleeding tumor in her stomach. She was on IV fluids for two days then I brought her home to die. She doesn't have much energy other than go outside for her business then she sleeps. I got her to eat soft puppy food and she loves that but doesn't drink much. Sure is hard to see her going down hill, hard on Scottie and myself. Kyla will miss having Annie pull her in her little car and taking her on walks. She runs into Gma's house yelling "walk Annie walk Annie". Tomorrow is Scottie's 2nd anniversary of his diagonses, it was during the fair as was Annie's. Mom is still with us, she will leave next week with Sadie when she goes back to BYU. Sarah will get induced on Wednesday with baby Carson if she doesn't go on her own before. She is not very big only looks about 4 months along. It will be fun to have a new baby again. Kyla will be a great big sister and seems to know what is happening. She is so fun.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Carpet in!!!

House wise things have started to progress again. Mom and I finished packing up the old kitchen and then was demolished on Tues., little things were fixed and this morning the carpet went in the siders showed up this week and have much of the outside done they have a hard time matching the old stuff, our outside lights went in and it is really looking like a home again. Wish the new air-conditioner was in because it is 98 degrees today, The dirt pile is still a mountain so the yard is suffering and can't be finished yet.

Sadie and Sarah had a garage sale the last two days and made a few bucks they used Gpa and Helen's cornor yard. Sarah is ready to have Carson in the next couple weeks Sadie is hoping it is before she leaves for school. Luke and the boys left yesterday for home, it was fun to have them here. This next week is the infamous fair and those good ole elephant ears and the fun and stress it brings to the family, it is like one long family reunion but we go home to sleep and shower.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Lee's Summer so far activities

The Blackburn reunion is over with as of yesterday morning it was a great reunion alot of work for Jim and I but worth it. We had a total of 41 people to feed, and sleeping arrangments for 5 plus days. Everyone said they had a great time, I sure hope so. We did some really great healing after loosing our precious Tera at the last reunion. I was so proud of her husband Gary bringing 4 of the kids and getting plane tickets for the rest of them to come. Thanks to Tina for all she did to help convince them we needed to be together and getting rental vans for them all. Some of the family even rafted the Clark Fork River doing a day trip. Thanks to Uncle Steve and Aunt Jean for the extra raft and life jackets oh and 7 sleeping bags and a tent. Some family even went down the St Joe River in a Pontoon boat. The little ones played in the dirt, in the river, some gather rocks from the river (me included) no one could take them in their suitcases so guess who got them all YES ME! Some burned the blacktop on the road going back and forth to Avery's little General Store and taking showers in Tina and Scott's motel room. We took a short but long trip to Jim and Scott's hunting area looking for huckleberries. One van got lost but was found again. We showed the family Dismal lake and the boys floated on a Tom Sawyer raft while Scott caught several fish. The huckleberries there are still pretty green. Penny and her kids left Sat night to make their flight early Sunday morning the rest of us left the mountain Sunday afternoon. Don and D'anne drove home Sunday morning, Terry's family flew out Monday evening. Luke and his family and my mom are still visiting us.

Painters finished up their painting just before we left on the reunion. William sanded and varnished the floor one last time the Sat. before returning and that folks is about all that got done in days. Louie finished up the fireplace and kitchen last Monday it looks great. Makes me sad that things aren't happening now especially since my goal was to have it done for my family reunion. Carpet needs to go in, finish up the cabinets, put in my fridge all the siding needs to still be in the siding purchased didn't work so new had to be ordered gut out the old kitchen and put in the new laundry room and living room. Maybe by fall it will be finished but 3.5 months and this much done is wonderful according to other friends that have remodeled. One of our employees is also redoing her kitchen and started the same time as we did, the cabinet people measured their kitchen wrong and everything is messed up from the granite to floor to you name it they are not HAPPY! So I am happy we are this far!

Scott myself and BLM have been working hard on his Eagle project it began yesterday morning 7 15 AM. We had 15 people helping the first day and 8 today. Thanks to Scott's 3 brothers, brother in law, scout leader, several scouts 2 BLM workers and the camp host it was DONE and is DONE... well except for the paper work he needs to do. His 100 hours was accomplished and more. He did retaining walls for "Mica Bay Boater Park" they had to take down the old walls and put in new ones.

We still haven't unloaded the two trailers from the reunion and hope to get some energy to do it tonight and return the many things I borrowed from wonderful family neighbors and friends. So that is the Lee's summer so far updates.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Clinic next week and reunion

Workers finally showed up on Thursday and Friday. The kitchen bricks are done, the fireplace is about half done. The kitchen brick are real, not fake as people have said they were they are just thin. The trim and molding are just about all in. My office is totally done but the last coat of floor varnish, William was suppose to do that today but can't because lack of workers doing their jobs for the last two weeks, oh and the screens are on the windows. It won't be done before my family gets here and that makes me sad and mad since that was my reason for getting going on it. We still have Mon and Tues so maybe much can happen by then. Brett has done all he can do to keep babysitting and nagging the men to show up. The siders showed up one day only in two weeks and barely have part of one side up, word of mouth keeps business going and food on the table. I am very patient and only have good things to say about committed workers.

Scott goes to clinic on Mon and Tues. it will be a tough week for him at the reunion. His eagle project paper work was lost for 11 days, it was found on the ground by the garbage can at the scout office and that was only after calling and calling and calling and calling them to look for it and being accused of not turning it in, not doing it right. They refused to let me come down and look for it. Now once it is found he has to redo parts of it, helping on 4 others this was a perfectly written project. They are making us come back from our family reunion to go back over the paper work his project was suppose to start the day after the reunion. I am not happy and look forward to having the church pull out of scouting someday soon well I can dream can't I? The program won't make it without the church. It isn't fair when the local system isn't working properly the kids suffer and parents grow old to quickly. I do hear it works in other cities just not ours.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No house updates

No real updates for two weeks, Brett went to Alaska and while the cat is away the mice didn't do much. Electrians and painters did all they could. He is back again and living on his phone and getting things lined up to put the pedal to the medal. He was probably more frustrated when he returned than I was. I am still working on getting rid of our huge dirt pile, several have come but most only take a pickup load. I so would love to see the mountain thru the windows not the dirt pile. Struggling over the carpet color, everyone but Benji like it. The price is right, won't show dirt, really thick and soft, it is a remenant but enough for both rooms that we need carpet in. But Benji has a good eye. The color is called "Elk Herd" Scott and Jim think that makes it perfect.

I went to Salt Lake for a few days to a family reunion and brought back my Mom. My kids, my siblings and family are coming up next week for another family reunion. I hope the house is finished I am getting tired. 3 months now for most it is going quickly I am just tired. But it looks like it will still be getting worked on when all my family is here.

Yesterday my dear friend Georgina from Kent WA came for a visit for several hours, we had our plastic outside chairs setting around the new room. The kitchen is so full of stuff we really don't have any gathering place. It turned off cool yesterday and we finally had rain it rained off and on thru the night. Rain makes us all happy, the garden looks as if the gardens grew a foot from yesterday. I got stung by a wasp/hornet directly in my ear yesterday the side of my face/ear is still swollen and hurts it was a misrable night. I am allergic but glad it wasn't worse.

Clinic/chemo/spinal tap two days next week on top of the reunion life never slows down here. Scott is happy and has done some fishing on Hayden Lake.

Hope to be able to have a quiet Aug and enjoy the house and throw a few garden/house parties. Before and after the Elephant Ear Booth. Excited to have my siblings and kids and grandkids here. Luke and the boys will be here an extra week after everyone else leaves. Most of the family haven't even met Van and he is 17 months old. Janna is going on a trip with her family after the reunion. Scott hopes to be working on his Eagle project Aug 4th with the help of his brothers and brother in laws and Uncles. Jim and I will be so happy to have it done. But yet the scout office hasn't even approved it and they have had it 9 days, so so frustrating. Scott has his permit but can't drive until it is done. Hard when the village doesn't do its part.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yes folks cherry is the wood of choice

The wood floors have been sanded three times and varnished once since Wed. The next coat will be Monday and the last coat on the 26th. We are stuck outside for the day and sleeping in the trailer or out of doors tonight. Feels like camping but with phone service and sheets. The house smell is pretty toxic but wow the floor is just beautiful, prettier than I even dreamed. I had them leave it natural then the varnish made it just perfect. Cherry gets darker with age the boys aren't disappointed now they didn't like it light. I go to Utah next week and hope to be moved into my new kitchen by the time I go. I am bringing back my mom for a visit and help and a family reunion!

My sweet bar stools I ordered aren't going to get here for awhile, the builder is from Peru and has family issues. I will need to just be happy with the 4 I already purchased, One of my couches came damaged before I even saw it and is sent back to CA and making another one. The couches and barstools were the only new furniture.

Scott is feeling good, has his eagle project ready to turn into the scout office for approval before he can start the actual project, what a big burden off his nagging mother. Being the 5th son to do a project hasn't gotten easier as I was told even with the driving carrot hanging over his head.

Benjamin is home from CA for a few weeks strange being back to 5 kids and we only have the kitchen and downstairs to live in for now. Like I said sort of like camping. We finally made it to Silverwood first time and we have season passes. They have added several things since we were there two years ago. It is a fun place.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wow, it is July already!!!!!

Wow, it is July already the summer is flying by, the older I get the quicker that time finds other places to disappear to. We have spent the last two weekends camping, last weekend at the Big Hole in Montana fishing and 4th weekend at the Clark Fork River also in Montana. The family rafted and there were over 60 family members and friends camping and rafting together and it wasn't even a reunion. Jim had a very close call on the river loosing yet another pair of glasses (new glasses mind you) and his favorite hat.... thank heavens we still have him tho. He thought his foot was caught on the rope and couldn't get free only finding out later it was Danny hanging on to him thinking he was helping. We saw a moose on the way, saw eagles and elk and deer. Last weekend Scott shot a badger and will be saving his money to get it made into a small rug.

Scott had clinic last week he is doing fine other than the pain from the steroids and the hunger cravings that over come his body at the strangest times. So glad they are for only 5 days not a month any more. It still isn't easy for him.

My Blackburn reunion is the end of the month my family is coming here for a change but daily someone cancels the trip due to the horrible gas prices. Many had gotten plane tickets in the spring thank heavens. My mom's Blackburn side also has a reunion the middle of July in Salt Lake which I am going to. The two Blackburns aren't related if you are wondering. This is the group I went to Ireland with 3 years ago.

The house seems to be moving slower now, the wood floor is installed just waiting for the sander to show up to begin that messy process today. Louie is on his last row of brick on the outside and ready to move inside we hope by afternoon today. My contractor is leaving on Wednesday for 2 weeks and I am trying not to get to nervous he has a great partner to take over. I have learned so much and think I could almost be a contractor some day for my own home no worries though we aren't ever planning on moving.........next move will be a Rest Home. The granite guys made a mistake in the measuring of the fireplace mantel so that gets a new piece and the shop cut the backsplash 1 inch off of a outlet so there will be yet another day on that project sometime this week..... in-between the flooring sanding and staining and sealing of it. We are still living in the house but do have plans to move to the trailer for a night or two this week. So things are good here, busy, nuts but enjoying the process. Excited to see my grandsons soon and all my family coming to the reunion I miss them all so much. Hard to be so far away from from family. Hope no one else cancels.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cabinets in, painting finished and molding goin in!!!!

Things continue to move forward with the house. The taping put us back a week but the cabinet crew and painters have caught us up almost to schedule working late into the evenings. The kitchen cabinets are in and the office cabinets. The paint color is beautiful and it is DONE. We weren't able to go in the house for 10 hours other than for a few minutes yesterday. everything was covered with plastic including the doors. We got alot done in the yard and had alot of company. No one hardly ever comes to visit but Gpa and Helen and all the sudden everyone is coming to see our addition. Tomorrow they are templating for granite and putting up the trims and molding. I have decided to use natural color alder for it and for trimming out the high beams. Also tomorrow the wood flooring is being delivered and it should go in by Friday. So it is pretty exciting for me! Jim hasn't shown much excitment but secretly I think he is happy with it he faithfully reads this blog to find out what is next on the agenda (when he forgets what I told him) ..........Hi Hon..

Monday, June 16, 2008


Happy 30th Birthday Luke. Hard to think I am a mother of two 30 somethings. Time is flying by faster than I could ever imagine.

Hopefully they will really texture tomorrow and paint in the afternoon, Dennis and his crew are a few days behind schedule. It is looking good but hard when everyone is scheduled on certain days and one group gets behind. I am really pleased at how nice it is all coming together and looking so wonderful. The broken window pane is fixed thanks to Calvin and back in again. Sheet rockers have their own type of personality and hopefully they will be more careful next house they work on. We finally have some beautiful weather, summer temps now went right passed Spring. Ironman Coeur d Alene is this Sunday but I hear rain is in the forcast for the weekend. We will be able to get to church ok just coming home will be tough as we have to wait for the bikers to go by on 4th street. It is amazing how quickly that road gets spruced up each year that the Ironman is in town, new paint, all the dings and dips are flat looks better for the TV coverage I guess. I wish they'd work that fast on a regular basis though save on lots of ruined cars and flat tires. Scott is finished with drivers education and getting his permit this week, ask him about popped tires next you see him. We hope this will motive him to get working on his Eagle project so he can really drive someday......

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trim Man and Mitch the Skimmer......

Well, I have picked out the trim and molding wood (rustic alter) with Chuck the Trim Man, decided on paint color (mostly) with Angie's help, Carl the Taper has single handedly put on several coats of taping gupp on the walls and high (13ft)ceilings, had Jody and Bill the framers take down part of a wall 2 ft, they already moved it 12 inches once and want to nearly just tear it totally down (no more changes I promise) they put up the lonely two gable windows in, then Mitch the Skimmer has done the kitchen and hallway ceiling and walls at least 4 or 5 times (on stilts mind you) almost ready for the painter by the weekend of first of the week. Dennis their boss has been ripping out old molding, covering the floor and sheet rock after he ordered double and Brett is hoping they can start putting together the cabinets in the kitchen by Tuesday, flooring should be here by Thursday which they will put in the house for a week before starting to lay it. Louie hasn't laid a brick yet but has everything ready to go. He also ordered double the bricks we need. We finally saw the sun today first time in several weeks. Once the hardwood is laid we will be sleeping in the basement and living out of the kitchen till that is torn up then back to camping in the trailer in the driveway if we have to for a few days. So that is the update rather you wanted to know all this info or not. I know my kids living away enjoy all the details and a few nieces away friends, my sister and maybe a few local friends the rest of you probably are bored to tears!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

"No Mam, believe me they are here"

I started a second remodel album with a few more pictures. Things continue to move really fast, the goal is to have it done in 3 weeks. July 4th is our date! I am hoping the end of July the yard back in shape, and dirt pile gone. Louie starts laying the bricks on the outside tomorrow. They are having a hard time finding our siding to match the old stuff. Sheet rockers worked Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow the tapers. By the middle of the week painters. The wood flooring is ordered and will be here by next week sometime. I got a call from a delivery service in Spokane on Monday asking me when they can deliver my kitchen cabinets I said "but they are just being shipped today from Iowa" he said "no mam believe me they are here"! Wow, two weeks early! So don't believe all the negitive building nightmares we haven't really had any. Just maybe some small ones that aren't a big deal. I am trying to keep an upper positive lip and it has been a really good experience (so far) I sanded down our kitchen table and stained it yesterday along with 4 of the 8 chairs.

Scott had his clinic appointment chemo and started steroids this week but doing ok. He and Sam's last day of school is tomorrow. He goes on the trek on Wednesday till Saturday. Our stake has worked so hard getting this experience planned for the youth 14 to 18.

It has been raining alot again, we are tired of winter and want spring/summer. I think we have gotten more rain than Seattle this year. The rivers and lakes are over flowing everywhere.

Happy 84th birthday Gpa Leo Lee, Happy 30th Dan Ross and almost Happy Birthday to Luke he also will be 30 next week.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pictured: L to R: Jim Lee,Brynne Erickson, Brett Gatten L to R (back) Steve Gatten, Cameron Morton and Rick Caudle

Things are good!

We all made it through the weekend just fine. Scott hasn't gotten any new shingles and the old ones are drying up, he was able to go to school today. He is on some pretty powerful anti bioctics taking them every 4 to 5 hours for 10 plus days. Jim and the kids had a good time camping along with several other family members and friends. I posted all their rafting and camping pictures on this blog so take a peak. Sadie had her turn at being spit out of the raft, she was in the horribly cold water for some time but they got her back in the boat and she wants to go again next time. My children are much braver than I.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memoriable memorial day

Memorial Day holiday is upon us, but Scott and I aren't camping. He came down with "Shingles" a few days ago and his two doctors won't let him go far from the hospital. He is back on horrible antibioctics that will shut down his kidneys if he doesn't drink drink drink. It seems to be working ok for now. If it spreads he will end up in ICU for a week but we are positive that won't happen. It is very dangerous for cancer patient to get this. His lab partner at school came to school with chicken poxs.........something needs to be done about putting so much pressure on the kids. afraid to miss school even when they are sick with something that could cripple or kill another child exposed to it. It is scary to let him even go to school.

We took advantage of being home and I went online on ebay and got tickets to Carrie Underwood/Josh Turner concert and went last night. We had a blast they are both so good, it was Scott's first experience going to a concert. It was weird for him to see so many silly girls and women screaming and dancing in their seats and not ever setting down they were singing at the top of their lungs and even with the huge speakers was hard to hear the "real" concert. He also went night hunting for coyotes Friday with Dan my son in law and Dan's dad so he has had a good weekend.

Scott and I picked out and ordered the fans and chandeliers and mini pendants for the house. The furnance is in and much of the duct work is in. The electrians and heating people have worked hard for days. The roof is finished all but the rain gutters. I hear the next part takes the longest with things going on in the inside. It is nice to have things quiet for a few days with no workers but yet I want it finished and want them working round the clock!!!!! I have only had the framers move one small wall I have been a very good customer (so far)....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scott is driving, well sort of.......

I added several more pictures today, things just continue to move forward. Electricians came today and started putting in lights and cables and outlets. The framers framed in the high low bar in the kitchen, put up the huge beam, took out part of the garage wall to make the office a few feet wider and framed in a few other things. It is starting to actually look like a kitchen sort of. The roof still isn't finished and today it started raining AGAIN! We have major leaking in the old and new part of the house, the framers rigged up a huge garbage can with old wall paper nailed to the roof to place the water into the garbage can. They left their shop vac for us to keep it mopped up all night. Hope the rains stops so the roof can be finished and rain gutters put back on. It is a mess when it rains. We spent the last two days borrowing our neighbors water to keep the yard alive then WALA it rained I guess I need to check the weather forecast more often. At least it is green again.

Scott started drivers ed and drove for the first time yesterday. Everyone keep off the roads. He has to get his Eagle before he can get his license so I hope this is motivation enough because I am tired of nagging. Old age plus young kids makes one tired.....

Monday, May 12, 2008


Well it continues to be winter in the good ole north west. Saturday night it rained for hours while we slept. I woke up at 5 AM to let the dog out and saw bath towels all along the back windows on the carpet they were soaked , we now have no rain gutters on the back and where the new meets the old roof there is no protection so water came thru on the inside Danny discovered it after arriving home late from a date. Good thing the carpet will be gone soon anyway. It continues to rain this morning the workers were here early trying to get the roof covered. Shingles to go on Thursday.

We spent Friday evening at Direct Buy ordering roofing, sinks and faucets. My cabinet lady told me the cabinets will be shipped from Iowa June 2nd and should arrive the 9th. Our appliances will be delivered June 2nd. Not sure when the living room wall will be coming down, it will be strange packing up that room then the kitchen. It is a good kind of strange. We got 2 bids back for the granite. Got it whittled down to 3.

Sadie has tonsillitis and will need her tonsils out this summer, she thinks she broke her nose on Sat. self inflicted... she is the 5th Lee child to break a nose. All 6 of my siblings have been broken. Look out Danny, Sam and Luke. Something with being senitive and fragile I guess. She will get it checked out at the same time she see's the ENT doctor two surgeries for the price of one. ( I wish)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Albums working again

Sadie got the pictures up and working again and I added more tonight. So click on and view.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pictures not working

Sorry but the pictures on the albums aren't working, not sure why buy many facebook accounts are experiencing issues. Don't know why but hopefully it will be resolved soon. I am just new at this blogspot stuff.......If you have a facebook account you can view them for now.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

More pictures added to album........

More pictures were added to the "House add on" album, just click on it to view. I can't believe how fast it is going up, it is just so exciting. Kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, office desk and cabinet and fireplace mantel are ordered. I went with Rustic Cherry for all the cabinets. And purchased the large applicances. Spent the last two days picking out granite. Still not finished with that one. I had no clue there is so so much to decide, colors seem to be the hardest to decide.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Can't Believe It Is Happening!!!!!

(This is a view of the old back of the house)

The last 12 days have been pretty exciting for our family. Well since Oct. when I decided it was time to finally do the add on. We hired our nephew Brett Gatten of "Cougar Constuction"to do the job, he showed up Tuesday April 15th for the "Big Dig" he spent nearly 8 hours breaking up concrete and digging the basement. Every day but the weekend workers have been in and out. Things are pretty much on schedule and it is like Christmas everyday for me to watch the progress. I have taken many pictures and have a few you can view...... just click on the photo album link to the right.
Sadie arrived home late Thursday from her Jerusalem adventure. It is so fun to have her home she is adjusting well if she can just get rid of her jet lag. Danny arrived home last night from BYU and started washing windows early this morning they both will be home until the end of August. Sarah is showing finally,she is 21 weeks . She is feeling good again and slowly gaining weight. Her pick line is out, she had a alergic reaction to the tape on her arm and still is healing from that. Scottie is feeling great, clinic is next week and he has a spinal tap. Sammie has been sick all week but seems to be on the mend today. Jim and Scottie went out Turkey hunting but as of yesterday no Turkey on the table. I like short blogs so hope to keep them informative but not over load with things you don't want to read.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Jim and Paula Lee Family Blog

I decided to start a family blog today a place to display our family pictures and include all the family while keeping Scott's site with his updates still on his site.

We just returned from a spring break trip to Cancun/Playa del Carmen this last week. Once I learn how to post pictures there will be many to view for you interested.