Monday, April 6, 2009

Home again Home again

We made it back to Spokane at 8:00 AM this morning, the only thing lost was sleep, that red eye is a killer but no luggage lost, no delays (hardly anyway) no airplane crashes no sicknesses, no ER visits this year and the sunburns were slight and gone by day two. The weather wasn't hot but nice, wet, sunny, and windy, changed about every 2 minutes. It did seem to rain chickens tho where ever we went, not cat or dogs. I yet again marked off another bucket list entry this one was "Doing a Zipline" not only one zipline but 7 that day. It did get easier but wow that first walk off was a killer, it took me several minutes of deep breathing to let it loose but this old lady DID IT! What have I got to loose but my life? Tomorrow with some help we should upload some phone video of the big day! Well 10 days actually. Now it is time to try and get caught up on those missed hours of sleep.

I am thankful for many things tonight. My husband and our children, our parents, siblings and grandchildren. For Dusty and Angies wonderful news. For Kyla that missed her Bamma and told me over and over again, for our home that didn't burn up tonight (ask Jim about this one he has issues with pyramainia) for the Savior and the Atonement, for his birth (happens to be His birthday today). For Sarah turning 27 tomorrow and how exciting that birth was. For Conference we were able to see and hear at the strangest hour and wearing the strangest clothes in the church but we heard it, for good friends and good neighbors. For the warm sun that shone its face on Dalton Gardens today after it has been gone for months it seemed. I told ya all I'd bring it back from Hawaii even tho I sent it back a day earlier than we returned. Just a few of the things I am thankful for tonight.


Kevin & Mari said...

Hi Auntie P!

I loved this post. :) Love you!

The Mayne Famiy said...

I guess this was the rear we all needed a break.But the time is coming to a close... We miss you all and am greatful for our family too. Love you San....