Monday, May 3, 2010


Our little girl Sadie graduated from COLLEGE last weekend, yes she is still our little girl but I hear she is really 23 now. It went way to fast way way to fast. She was first to do that little marching at the beginning since she was Valedictorian of her dept/ Anthropology and it does begin with an A. We are so proud proud proud! Jim Sam and I flew out for the big day, Don and D'anne, Pen and Ben, Luke Janna and the kids all attended, it was a special day. The night before we flew out we got a call that our sister in law Gayle was taken from us while doing service in Tonga, just under 2 weeks ago, Gary, Jim's brother is strong, he has been holding us all together. He is amazing. Their children are strong. I am proud of them all. It is so surreal, but we know where she is. Life is so fragile, life is so beautiful, life is hard....why don't we try harder while our loved ones are with us? Why do we have to have a death or sickness to remind us? Last Monday Gary was given a special gift of a grandson. He is so precious and I have given him the name "Silver" for the Silver lining that we all needed. His name is really Kole tho.......Gennelle and Aarons baby. Gwen and Ted had their beautiful little boy Gavyn sealed to them on Friday and Gayles memorial was Sat. it was a tender, bittersweet time with all the family. We spent alot of hours visiting with Jimmy and Nina and their boys. We don't get to see them very often. Fun to get to be with Gwen. Ted her husband is such a wonderful man. Seven of our kids came, my son in law and two of my grand children. We missed Josh and Chiu-yi, Janna and the grandkids but happy to have so many come. Gayle was loved by our kids.

Families are forever, we need to live and do all we can to make it happen in our own lives by living and loving right......

This is a wonderful news article about Gayle, Gary gave the information so it is actually the correct information. Amazing how many wrong quotes and stories and information appear after something like this. We hope if people have questions they will ask the correct source for answers.