Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Scott was able to come home last Friday evening, his ANC was wonderfully high his doctor was out of town and Dr Judy said "time to go home". Scott is loving being in a bed that actually fits. His friend shaved his hair off last Thursday giving him a relief from the red snow storm. We renewed his pickup registration, he got himself a IPhone and trying to find joy in being home with the "C" yet again. No word on transplant yet or what the plan will be.

Aunt Mary Ann Leo's sister died Thursday morning in LaCrosse Care Center. She had been battling leg sores for a few years and they got the best of her. She will be missed by our family especially Jim and myself. Leo has a brother Jack in Anaconda last year his brother Eugene passed as did he. I wished the extended family would of spent time with her.

A week ago Sadie became engaged to Mr Reece Hopkins of Heber UT. Their date is Aug 11, 2012. Pretty exciting for them and for us. She met him in Denver where he is going to school for his second degree. They will marry in Spokane temple and reception late afternoon in our back yard. They will remain in Denver area to live.

Little Sydney is 4 weeks old today. She was born the day we were informed that Scotts cancer had returned for sure. Both dates will remain in our minds even after dementia has hit. She is still so very very tiny and oh so precious.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Attitude is 99 percent of the battle!

Two weeks today Scott has been back at his home away from home. He is right on schedule for the killing of the marrow. He has done really well with the chemo this time mostly tries sleeping thru it with a few helpful meds and having a much better time this go around. All his sibs but one have been tested as Jim and myself have for the HLA matching. It will still be a month or more before the results are in so please don't ask. The closest match will be his siblings so that is where we start. It is so strange what questions people ask or the pathetic looks given our way, you read it in their eyes. There is many answers online as I find my own answers there when doctors can't answer me. We need all your prayers and faith to help Scott get thru this. His mission has been a wonderful support to him and to our family Pres and Sister Wilkey and all the missionaries and ward members that have fasted and prayed for his miracle. It might take eternity to know why this happened but every day there is bits and pieces of why. I think I am getting tired of the term tender mercies as it has been over used the last couple years but I love the word miracles...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Changes again

Ok has been 13 months since my last post ........things have changed quite a bit since then. Gpa Leo passed away March 9 2011, Josh & Chiu-yi moved home a week later, Micah James was born Aug 10th at KMC. Josh spent way to much time at KMC with health issues last summer got out Aug 9 baby came next day so he/she were back to the blue zoo. A much happier reason. He needs a kidney transplant and is on the list. I was his transplant but the last test showed I had my own set of kidney issues.

Scott got his ok to serve a mission, WE got the paper work turned in, he turned 19, killed 2 deer then off to MTC/New Hampshire in early Dec. He packed into 3 months 2 yrs. worth because his leukimia returned and he has flown home and living back at Sacred Heart Medical Center for a month killing off his bone marrow and hoping for a bone marrow transplant in Seattle. I will try and keep up with any new progress with the blog again .........easier than constant phone calls...Expect a miracle is my own personal app!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Valentines to you all!

It has been months since this blog was updated, guess it just shows how boring we truly are, boring is good tho when we have been thru way to much the last 4.5 yrs.

Stone turned 8 and was baptized, Kyla turned 4, Scott 18, Sam 15 and Danny 26 since the last post. I turned another year older also as did Jim last week. As a surprise our taxidermy guys hung his elk and the two moose up on the dead head wall on his birthday. I got him a Zune and made his favorite meal of fried chicken, his dad came over and Aunt MaryAnn along with Sarahs family then Gma Helen came for cake. Yes he is spoiled. I don't know what this house will sound like once all my grandkids are together but just having two it is ear piercing.....But Jim seemed to have a great birthday. I put on all 58 candles and Kyla said "Towering Inferno Gpa" the news feed was fed into her ear of course by her ever so funny father.

We've been canning/pressure cooking up a storm. Scott Jim and I put up 51 quarts of venison in the fall, this week Benji and I put up 38 quarts of chicken and 14 quarts of fish probably 14 more today with the last huge Canada Salmon we need to do. No more fish tho, the smell won't leave the house. If our 3 freezers were to go out we will always have meat to eat with the years supply of food.

Josh is about the same, hoping for a kidney. Scott's year mark was in Dec for his last chemo. Benji now is having health issues with his rings on his esophagus and now allergic to almost everything he loves eating. He leaves tomorrow for SLC and hopefully will be getting a job there with the church very soon as he figures out what he can eat so he doesn't stave to death.

We have been enjoying our Kroc Center membership. Now I have tendentious of my knee from Zumba and had to stop my classes working on a new plan to keep this stupid body working. I have really enjoyed it.

Other than the health issues our family is doing pretty good. Enjoying the blessings and tender mercies of everyday life.

Happy Valentines to you all!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall into Summer/Fall

Time slips away on wings of lightening......never to call it back. School has begun but before I know it will be next summer Scott will be preparing for his mission and Sam will be going into 10th grade. But for now I have caught the tip of summer/fall and can bask in the summer temps, enjoying Scotts one year left at home, Sam's beginning of his high school experience, senior picture nightmare with the weapon issue, watching Sam run with his cross country team. Being woke up at 4AM every Fri and Sat as Jim heads to the woods....oh so much to look forward to each Fall. But I really think it is my favorite time of year. My sunflowers are as big as plates and as tall as the house. I love the sun but love sweaters.

Clinic and labs continues for Scott, his labs had some issues last month but all looks good this last trip. Josh continues to need a kidney. Benji was home for a few days. Kyla is in dance and preschool, Sawyer is walking and Rusty started kindergarten. Stone will be baptised in a few weeks and Jim and I get to go be with him. Gpa Lee had back surgery and came home yesterday. Aunt Mary Ann is in a care center now she will so miss her home.

Thats about it from the Lee's homeland!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Time for updating our blog even tho probably I am the only one to read it and maybe a couple kids and Briettney, Mari and Gwen and a few friends!

Sadie and I arrived home from our trip on Wednesday evening. We had a great time a growing time with unreal temps and sweating more than I have ever sweat in my life even thru childbirth, it seemed like we were gone forever tho and happy to be home. I think Jim missed me and Sarah and Booboo. We saw so many things, more than I can reel thru my brain but will catch up with ya later with details and pictures. I haven't seen Scott or Sam as the went on a High adventure Wed morning. They will be home this afternoon then fly out tomorrow for EFY in Provo. Sadie came back for a few days and will fly out with them as far as SLC on her way to Denvver. My niece Mari and her family are coming for a week visit and will be here tonight. Never a dull moment at this house so maybe that makes me not so dull.

We just got word a member of our ward and neighbor passed away a couple hours ago. He went to school with Jim before he became a member of the church. He was doing a family reunion Tri-athalon with his sons this morning and suffered a heart attack while swimming in the lake. It is just unreal. Life is precious, life is sometimes to short life is meant to be happy but we must have sad times to know happiness.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fly like an Eagle!

Scott and Sam are EAGLES NOW (scott earned his 15 months ago actually just didn't get the award) their Eagle award ceremony along with 4 of their friends were attended by around 100 people on the 12th of June, in our back yard. It was much like a wedding reception but on a smaller scale of course, it was a perfect day. It had been raining for days and days, Sat ended up being 80 degrees and just beautiful. The flowers and bushes were in full bloom, the grass is the greenest ever proud of my 5th a 6th Eagles! Scouting has been hard on their mother way to many ditches, mountains and tears I hope it was all worth it.

Sam started drivers education this week. My babies are growing up. Sam and Scott are now both 5 ft 11in. Scott isn't to thrilled, we knew it would happen from all the poison he has been on. Good thing he is buff, buffer than any of his bros at this age!

Sawyer turned 1 this month, Danielsoninlaw and Luke turned 32. Gpa Lee 86! He and Helen celebrated their 4th anniversary, still acting like newly weds! Danny in Brasil working on his internship, will be here for a few days in Aug then back to BYU for his last semester. Sadie is loving CO and working hard with Luke. Loving being around Janna and her niece and nephews.

Well almost time to leave again. Blackburn reunion is in a very few days. Lists are made, some packing done. Cedar Mountain is a beautiful place, the only place we vacationed as a child and that wasn't very often. Excited to be with my siblings their spouses, all grandkids and all the rest of those I love and miss. We pick up Sadie at the airport and Benji somewhere in Provo on the way. A few days after returning Sadie and I go on our big trip. Tickets bought, motels and hostels in place, traveling books bought with maps of course, my blow up pillow in my pile and lists made. I am a big list maker, makes packing a breeze!

It has been 4 years since we lost our niece Tera, Gary has remarried and the children are doing awesome and love Sidney. Two months since we lost Gayle. her Gary is coping as is the kids and grandkids they just all miss her so much. Gary came up for a few days this month. He is going with Jim, Sam and Gpa to Canada fishing iin Aug. It will be a great time for them all. They pick up gpa and Gary in Seattle at the airport as they will just be coming back from Bronson and head to Canada. My mom is coming back to visit in Aug. Scott and Sam have EFY in Aug. Sadie will come back with for the weekend the end of our trip.

We have had the most rain on record EVER! Things have not only been gloomy gloomy but GREEN GREEN and oh so beautiful. The garden has had a hard time getting a good start but the last few days the sun has begun to pretend it is summer and my personal flower/vege garden has broccoli ready to eat! About 30 plants came back from last year if anyone needs a plant to put in their over watered vege gardens.

Life is good, life is grand, life is short, be happy!