Friday, January 2, 2009

The Holiday comes to a close......

Christmas has come and gone, it is all over to quickly. Sadie flew out this morning returning to BYU, Benji flies out to CA on Monday and Danny flies out on Tuesday for Mexico. Jim returns to work on Monday and Scott and Sam to school. Life will get back to normal, what ever normal is for his family. We had a great holiday, didn't spend time outside the house except for Jim and the boys, shoveling, shoveling, shoveling snow, it has snowed continuely since the middle of December. They are getting pretty sick of it. They shoveled our roof yesterday, and Gpas shop roof. The day before that they spent the day shoveling Gpas old house roof. Many business roofs have caved in yet again this year, so gpa and Jim are the resident worriers even tho our roof is suppose to withstand 4 to 5 ft. But you never know. We can only get out the front door since the roof snow is up to the windows and doors all around the house. It sure is beautiful but winter is going to be very long and cold. Sort of like living in Alaska without moving.

Happy 2009 everyone!!!!!!!

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Damon & Ora said...

Hey, I just noticed you have a blog. Your home looks beautiful! Hope you guys are doing great.