Monday, April 20, 2009

Yep,it is!

Yep, I believe it is spring! Here is Booboo wearing her Easter dress day and night....Spring is so welcomed, we all are so sick of the snow and rain and wind and whinny people! Oh yes I am one I admit it no more whinning on this issue.

We have been home from Hawaii 2 weeks and it now seems as if we never went. It was a great time, finally downloaded my pictures today to remind me . Planning our next spring break the day after we got home.

I hope today we can remember those that lost their lives 10 years ago in Columbine High school. We need to remember their families and friends that are still dealing with that horrible day.

Not much new happening at the house. Bucky is doing good until Jim comes home. I am walking him 40 to 45 min each morning sometimes at night. (not Jim but Bucky) He is jealous of Jim and whines when he is around. Still peeing on the boys shoes/socks when they take him out, not sure how to work on that one any ideas? Sadie is headed to Orderville to work on her paper/project and living with her grandmother for a time. Danny will be headed home from Mexico if he doesn't get employment there for the summer. Josh and Chiu-yi will be here in June for a short time. Janna and Luke are due with baby number 4 the first of June. Luke quit his job and is now training for his new one but still living in CO. Scott takes the driving test today and hunting for Turkey Toms that don't fly away. Sam is doing track and had his first track meet last Thurs. Benji is in CA working on his projects, he found out they did show his Christmas movie 12 times on PBS last Christmas season. They weren't going to till this Christmas. He sells them on his blog. Sarah had a birthday and loved her gifts! Pink Nano and my cousin Bryon made her a violin, yes a violin to keep in the family for hundreds of years. It is just incrediable. Brought some tears to a few of us when she opened it up and began playing it. I have been looking for one at a garage sales that people didn't know was precious and worth alot, never found one but this is better than I ever could of found. Yes my girls are spoiled. But so are the brothers in different ways. Hope I updated all the kids, I have so many I sometimes forget someone. Oh Jim is good, turkey tom looking with Scott ALL FRI and SAT.... working hard and thinking of doing yard work one of these days. Paula, (me) is great, I judged a Jr Miss on Sat. so hard but a blast, great way to keep Alzhimers away! Enjoying reading again with my Kindle!

Time to get the yard into shape and it will take many weeks, fertilizer and blood sweat and tears today is a beginning.

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