Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall into Summer/Fall

Time slips away on wings of lightening......never to call it back. School has begun but before I know it will be next summer Scott will be preparing for his mission and Sam will be going into 10th grade. But for now I have caught the tip of summer/fall and can bask in the summer temps, enjoying Scotts one year left at home, Sam's beginning of his high school experience, senior picture nightmare with the weapon issue, watching Sam run with his cross country team. Being woke up at 4AM every Fri and Sat as Jim heads to the woods....oh so much to look forward to each Fall. But I really think it is my favorite time of year. My sunflowers are as big as plates and as tall as the house. I love the sun but love sweaters.

Clinic and labs continues for Scott, his labs had some issues last month but all looks good this last trip. Josh continues to need a kidney. Benji was home for a few days. Kyla is in dance and preschool, Sawyer is walking and Rusty started kindergarten. Stone will be baptised in a few weeks and Jim and I get to go be with him. Gpa Lee had back surgery and came home yesterday. Aunt Mary Ann is in a care center now she will so miss her home.

Thats about it from the Lee's homeland!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Time for updating our blog even tho probably I am the only one to read it and maybe a couple kids and Briettney, Mari and Gwen and a few friends!

Sadie and I arrived home from our trip on Wednesday evening. We had a great time a growing time with unreal temps and sweating more than I have ever sweat in my life even thru childbirth, it seemed like we were gone forever tho and happy to be home. I think Jim missed me and Sarah and Booboo. We saw so many things, more than I can reel thru my brain but will catch up with ya later with details and pictures. I haven't seen Scott or Sam as the went on a High adventure Wed morning. They will be home this afternoon then fly out tomorrow for EFY in Provo. Sadie came back for a few days and will fly out with them as far as SLC on her way to Denvver. My niece Mari and her family are coming for a week visit and will be here tonight. Never a dull moment at this house so maybe that makes me not so dull.

We just got word a member of our ward and neighbor passed away a couple hours ago. He went to school with Jim before he became a member of the church. He was doing a family reunion Tri-athalon with his sons this morning and suffered a heart attack while swimming in the lake. It is just unreal. Life is precious, life is sometimes to short life is meant to be happy but we must have sad times to know happiness.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fly like an Eagle!

Scott and Sam are EAGLES NOW (scott earned his 15 months ago actually just didn't get the award) their Eagle award ceremony along with 4 of their friends were attended by around 100 people on the 12th of June, in our back yard. It was much like a wedding reception but on a smaller scale of course, it was a perfect day. It had been raining for days and days, Sat ended up being 80 degrees and just beautiful. The flowers and bushes were in full bloom, the grass is the greenest ever proud of my 5th a 6th Eagles! Scouting has been hard on their mother way to many ditches, mountains and tears I hope it was all worth it.

Sam started drivers education this week. My babies are growing up. Sam and Scott are now both 5 ft 11in. Scott isn't to thrilled, we knew it would happen from all the poison he has been on. Good thing he is buff, buffer than any of his bros at this age!

Sawyer turned 1 this month, Danielsoninlaw and Luke turned 32. Gpa Lee 86! He and Helen celebrated their 4th anniversary, still acting like newly weds! Danny in Brasil working on his internship, will be here for a few days in Aug then back to BYU for his last semester. Sadie is loving CO and working hard with Luke. Loving being around Janna and her niece and nephews.

Well almost time to leave again. Blackburn reunion is in a very few days. Lists are made, some packing done. Cedar Mountain is a beautiful place, the only place we vacationed as a child and that wasn't very often. Excited to be with my siblings their spouses, all grandkids and all the rest of those I love and miss. We pick up Sadie at the airport and Benji somewhere in Provo on the way. A few days after returning Sadie and I go on our big trip. Tickets bought, motels and hostels in place, traveling books bought with maps of course, my blow up pillow in my pile and lists made. I am a big list maker, makes packing a breeze!

It has been 4 years since we lost our niece Tera, Gary has remarried and the children are doing awesome and love Sidney. Two months since we lost Gayle. her Gary is coping as is the kids and grandkids they just all miss her so much. Gary came up for a few days this month. He is going with Jim, Sam and Gpa to Canada fishing iin Aug. It will be a great time for them all. They pick up gpa and Gary in Seattle at the airport as they will just be coming back from Bronson and head to Canada. My mom is coming back to visit in Aug. Scott and Sam have EFY in Aug. Sadie will come back with for the weekend the end of our trip.

We have had the most rain on record EVER! Things have not only been gloomy gloomy but GREEN GREEN and oh so beautiful. The garden has had a hard time getting a good start but the last few days the sun has begun to pretend it is summer and my personal flower/vege garden has broccoli ready to eat! About 30 plants came back from last year if anyone needs a plant to put in their over watered vege gardens.

Life is good, life is grand, life is short, be happy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lets wash some windows!

Just writing the new post from Las Vegas, Sin City, Satan's Playground or whatever you want to call it. Jim is in dental meetings. It is at or close to the 100 degree mark today. I so wish I could take home 10 degrees of it and add it to CDA's 50 degrees ok 20 degrees then if I could make a wish why not go big. CDA has been nothing but rain, more rain then some rain. Monday it rained 2/3 rds of a inch...a record! Seattle has nothing on us for moisture. So glad green is one of my favorite colors for that is what I see outside my every window!

Last weekend was our yearly Memorial day campout. The trailer is still in the driveway waiting to be unloaded but we had to come to Vegas the next day. Ya think the boys will have it unloaded and everything taken care of? YEAH RIGHT! Some of the party actually rafted in the rain and cold. I watched a movie, did hand sewing and read for hours. The furnace didn't work the whole 4 days so it was one cold weekend I was one happy momma arriving home!

Health updates, nothing new. Scott is good, labs are good numbers. Josh is same waiting for a good match. Benji back in CA, Danny in Brasil till the first of Aug, Sadie is still in Colorado working with Luke. Luke and fam good, Sarah and fam good, Sam and Scott get out of school for the summer next week so they are good. We hope we get some summer temps soon or it will be one long vacation. The boys both want to make some money washing windows, I remind them they must learn on our windows over and over again.....good idea don't you think? Just if it can stop raining so they can practice.

Headed back home tonight, 3.5 weeks till the Blackburn reunion then Sadie and I are headed to Italy and Ireland. But being home is still best!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Our little girl Sadie graduated from COLLEGE last weekend, yes she is still our little girl but I hear she is really 23 now. It went way to fast way way to fast. She was first to do that little marching at the beginning since she was Valedictorian of her dept/ Anthropology and it does begin with an A. We are so proud proud proud! Jim Sam and I flew out for the big day, Don and D'anne, Pen and Ben, Luke Janna and the kids all attended, it was a special day. The night before we flew out we got a call that our sister in law Gayle was taken from us while doing service in Tonga, just under 2 weeks ago, Gary, Jim's brother is strong, he has been holding us all together. He is amazing. Their children are strong. I am proud of them all. It is so surreal, but we know where she is. Life is so fragile, life is so beautiful, life is hard....why don't we try harder while our loved ones are with us? Why do we have to have a death or sickness to remind us? Last Monday Gary was given a special gift of a grandson. He is so precious and I have given him the name "Silver" for the Silver lining that we all needed. His name is really Kole tho.......Gennelle and Aarons baby. Gwen and Ted had their beautiful little boy Gavyn sealed to them on Friday and Gayles memorial was Sat. it was a tender, bittersweet time with all the family. We spent alot of hours visiting with Jimmy and Nina and their boys. We don't get to see them very often. Fun to get to be with Gwen. Ted her husband is such a wonderful man. Seven of our kids came, my son in law and two of my grand children. We missed Josh and Chiu-yi, Janna and the grandkids but happy to have so many come. Gayle was loved by our kids.

Families are forever, we need to live and do all we can to make it happen in our own lives by living and loving right......

This is a wonderful news article about Gayle, Gary gave the information so it is actually the correct information. Amazing how many wrong quotes and stories and information appear after something like this. We hope if people have questions they will ask the correct source for answers.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Spring to Ya All!

Has been a month since I posted, so hoping someone in the family would do it to get some spice in this but no one is a taker!

Much going on in our little world. Sadie graduates on Thurs. she is the Valedictorian of her department, she graduates in Anthropology! Then packs up her car and takes off for Denver working with Luke helping to manage parking garages. Danny takes off for Brasil the first of May till Aug. Sam has his final Eagle board tomorrow night. Jim's moose is ready and will be hung on the "DEAD HEAD WALL" in the Great Room. I will change where I eat at the dinner table so I don't look at what I am eating. Didn't think they'd be hung so no worries, but it is my fault gave them permission if I got my perfect kitchen! Jim got a Turkey on Sat. Scott got 2 Turkey! Hope these don't get freezer burnt as the last two did and have to be thrown away. Plans to smoke one next week. And we all were so good at quiting the habit.

I have been quilting up a storm, got 3 pieced together in 6 weeks time and took a vacation for 11 days in the middle. I love doing Log Cabin but will soon stretch to learn a new one. My girfriend quilts them on her big time machine so save my fingers from carpel tunnel! On a roll for Christmas gifts....

Spring Break was a blast, we went to Maui for 11 days. The Humpback whales were still there visiting, delivering their young and match making. We saw some beautiful match making dancing. Saw my nephew Matt that works and lives in Maui! Took a 8 hour boat ride, I was sick 7 of the hours. Left the fish plenty of food. Snorkeled a few times and even got sea sick snorkling. Would of been nice to just have a 3 hour cruise and ended up on our own island with evening wear, food and friends like Gilligan and Co. did! I did play Mary Ann in our class assembly back in High school tho! Sam started track and has his second meet tonight. The weather was wonderful for his first and hope it is for the one tonight.

So if all goes well with Sam's Eagle Board I will be the proud mother of 6 Eagle Scouts. Getting those 6 boys finished up was just a few steps down from having a child with a life threating disease. I so hope other towns Scout offices are better suited at scouting than ours. Just watch now the church will stop the scouting program just as we finished!

Gpa Lee has been sick with pneumonia and just got out of the hospital yesterday. He is looking better but still coughing allot. We are just happy we have him a bit longer, he will be 86 in June, Gma Helen turns 87 next week. She is a ball of energy.

We have the missionaries moving in for a couple weeks starting tomorrow. No one seems to want to house them in the ward since the change happened. We will guilt someone into it that has no children at home and no daughters. We do need the blessing for now tho. Benji will be home this week for a few days and we got two new fish so the house will be full of noise again and people eating all my food..........

We have mowed twice already, got my flowers bought and ready to go into my hanging baskets!

So Happy Spring to ya All!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Live it up!

Spring spring spring! Love love love it! The bulbs are up, peaking up thru that gray blah soil giving it color. The sunshines lots of hours and the sky is blue. I know we needed snow but so love not having winter this year.

Hope you all had a great St Patty's day! We had a green supper and made lots of yummy cookies.........

Not much different going on with the fam, so just a few boring updates! We ordered new doctor, & assistant chairs for the office in Salt Lake at the dental convention, along with warm patient towels. Now just wish we had new windows, flooring to match. I had to buy 6 new choir chairs, a choir member broke another chair and really dinged my new floor bad bad so those wedding chairs will only be used OUTSIDE! Scott made it to Boise and home again last weekend for DECA, he doesn't like that city, he missed Uncle Steve's "Hunters Party". Sam is enjoying not having to do a sport everyday after school and enjoying playing outside, riding bikes and learning about old cars and how to get them running with his friend Matt. Maybe Matt can get the 72 pickup running! So hate it setting in the front yard. Sam got his phone taken away until he has every stupid last piece of paper work done to turn in his Eagle packet......project was done Aug 1st. He is now 1/2 in taller than his father. Sarah will now be the shortest in the family. He has the normal Lee boy figure tho, Scott doesn't something in his favor when his younger brother will soon be taller. It seems he has more doctor appointments than he has the last year. Trying to figure out some rash and hoping his white blood count remains normal. His osteoporosis is in the normal range now. He is happy and is off the last medication this week, has been 3 months since the end of treatment. Now just vitamins and calcium. Nothing new with Josh. Luke and family are good. Benji will be home for a couple weeks to finish up some projects and take care of the animals while we are on our spring break trip. Sarah and fam are great Carson is talking allot, really developing a personality. Kyla is the queen of the world especially when she is at gma's. Danny is headed to Brasil in a few weeks for an internship. Sadie is preparing for graduation. Jim is good, planning on hitting the "Big Horn Show" the next 3 days in Spokane. Paula is good since the tax info is into the accountant, first time in years we won't have to file an extension. Busy sewing quilts again and spent a few days at a Quilting retreat and had a blast with her side kick Karel. Bucky our cocker spaniel is getting better still loving tearing up things in the yard tho. Ms Kitty is queen of the house when Kyla isn't here. The fish are good, I got a new tiny one that eats algae but "Professor" must of taken a big gulp and swallowed him because he is gone and not floating. Fish are so much easier to take care of than dogs, cats and kids!

So "Go live it up" as Dalton Garrett told us to do for years!


Friday, February 26, 2010

New Post

Ok so I am not a very exciting title/post person so this one is "New Post" blah I know.

Spring continues here in God's country. I purchased 6 blueberry bushes to put in, with the sunshine it seems like April, and that "gardening bug "has hit. Well in the mind mostly.

Yesterday was a clinic day. Scott had a bone density test and his osteoporosis is in the normal range so it truly can be reversed and a great blessing. His blood work looked good, his first one out of chemo was a bit scary but good now. She is testing it every two weeks for awhile on him.

We had Booboo and Butters while Sarah and Dan got to take a working free vacation to Vegas but first we went to CO for the weekend to visit the other grandbabies, I hugged and kissed Sawyer so much we now share the family cold. I picked up the other two in Spokane coming home from the airport then took them back to Spokane on Wed and flew out to SLC with Jim to dental meetings. We spent Wed and Thurs nights in SLC attending meetings then Friday the college coed and her brother come up to eat at "The Roof" to celebrate her birthday then spend the next two nights with Don and D'anne. Pen and Ben, Don and D'anne, Sadie, Dan, Jim and I went out to eat where my nephew John Boy works and spent Sat evening talking and laughing and celebrating yet another birthday celebration for our spoiled but cute daughter and nearly COLLEGE GRADUATE! So fun to be with my family I miss my siblings allot and their families. I told Sadie we are done with her birthday celebration for another year!

Danny is going back to Brasil in May for an internship so he won't graduate till next December. Looks like they both will leave without true love from the university. It takes my children time to find the perfect one, marriage is for eternity so take your time chillins! Well, for some of you it is ok..... you now can date, hold hands and EVEN marry!

Spring break is around the corner, Scott only has two left! After having a search in for a year and not getting what we wanted I spent days looking at discounted places and flights till my head and finger tips are blistered. We finally have a trip! It is a fun time we spend with the kids each year that are still at home, and in school. Danny did work it out to meet us in Mexico a couple years ago. Money is tight but squeaking money out of our savings is always worth it. We can live on our food storage!

No new updates on Josh, Big D 3 times a week 4.5 hours each time.

Spending time working on family search and attending the temple, something I didn't think I'd get to do till I was an old lady, (NO I'M NOT NO I'M NOT) I am going on a Quilting retreat soon, will be good to just work on projects and not get interrupted for 3 wonderful days! Plugging along on getting paperwork figured out for taxes, something I so hate to do.

So enjoy your time with your family and friends, each day is so unsure, the only sure thing is we can be together forever with our Savior and family if we live right, any of us can be taken any second, any time.

So I love you guys whomever is reading this!

Today's Message of the Day is:
Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile... (from a email I received)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Slow days of Winter!

Has been a month plus since the last post. Not much happening in the family, and that is a good thing. Benjamin has gone back to CA, Sadie and Danny back at school, my mom back home and I so love the quiet days alone 4 days a week. I so love Monday mornings.

We are heading out to CO to visit the other grand babies and Luke and Janna for the long weekend. Then next week Jim and I going to SLC for dental meetings and spend the weekend with the college kids.

Scott had his first non chemo appointment 2 weeks ago and labs but has to return tomorrow for more labs making sure his ANC is going up. His doctor and all his nurses sang a song for him and gave him a basket of huge cookies to end his treatments, it was so sweet. He has broken out with a bad rash since he has been off treatment so they want to keep up on it and we keep trying lots of different medicine and nothing is helping. This is the easy stuff tho. Being a red head doesn't help.

Scott and Sam's two friends, and also brothers have both been in the hospital the last 3 weeks one with a staff infection in his shoulder and 2 days after he got out of the hospital the other brother got strep throat and had kidney issues. Heavenly Father so blesses us with these trials with our children.........we just don't see them as such for awhile.

Our Josh turned 33 on Sunday and Sadie 23 tomorrow. I can't believe I am old enough to have a 33 yr old son. Josh and Chiu-yi are doing fine, just hoping and praying for a kidney miracle.

We have had the warmest winter on record so far, last year we set records in the snow fall. It has given everyone spring fever, looks like the tulips will be popping up their heads any second.
I bought a basket full of tulips & primroses for the house just so it looks like spring inside. I really wouldn't mind a good snow storm tho to cover up the ugly grass.

So life is good for the Lee's, it is a great time of our lives enjoying watching Sam play basketball and being able to eat nearly every dinner together. Not many conflicts in the schedule anymore. Life is slower and we are truly blessed. Jim turned 57 last week so good to have things slow down a bit.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I cry the day I take the tree down! Except this year it was really DEAD!

The holidays are over, company is gone, tree outside ready to be burned, and decorations put away. And back to only feeding 5! Tomorrow is Monday! School begins and work!!!!! It has been a great month but very long.

My mom was here almost 6 weeks, she was very ready to hit the road yesterday and be able to be in her own four walls. We enjoyed her, sad to see her memory escaping tho, so sad. She stayed busy crocheting things for people and reading and asking us questions we'd just answered. She got to enjoy Kyla and Carson and help babysit them. Kyla will always be in her heart they really got along. Kyla's middle name is Joy after her mom and grandma. I want to add Joy to my name some day. Wish my dad would of given it to me years ago.

Jim and I head out the end of the week to celebrate 34 years together. I will need a vacation from all this vacation......We hope to not get sunburned and when we are asked what we are going to do in the Bahama's I say "WHATEVER WE WANT"......

Sadie wrote a wonderful tribute to her brother Scott last week, if you are interested in reading it get a kleenex and visit her blog I won't post it on this blog since that is a very big big big pet peeve of hers! She is so talented in many areas but her writing is incredible. Her brain never stops. I am so proud of her.

Happy 2010