Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bucket List

Wow, what is that white stuff in the photo? We haven't seen it for a week and forgot the name oh SNOW! I remember now....we are suffering in Kauai HI on spring break without that white stuff, I know someone has to be on vacation. I don't quite understand while the rest of you aren't here but I am glad you're not! Well I do miss Booboo and Carson and Stone Rusty and Van would make this trip a hoot but maybe someday they can join us and maybe even their parents....

I have been marking off some of my bucket list this trip. I actually went scuba diving with the boys. Well I think I made the instructor nervous so he didn't leave my sight. We saw lots of fish and turtles and I lived. One you get the breathing pattern down things are enjoyable. We kayaked 2 miles up the river yesterday with Landon Cox then walked/hiked and slipped 1 mile to a "Secret Falls" we swam in the cold pool and went under the falls. On the way back we kayaked to "The Fern Grotto" after the Hurricane 17 yrs ago it took all the ferns so now there are only a few left in the grotto but it was still beautiful....wished I'd gotten to see it 17 yrs ago...hummmmmmm Today or tomorrow is the "Zip line" if I can let go and take the first step. At least "Chicken Paula" is willing to try rather or not I let go. We saw a Monk Seal on Poipu beach, not many of them left. We see millions of chickens and roasters so sick of them, after the Hurricane 17 yrs ago they went wild and multiplied and replenished. Even at church one old prideful roaster went walking by the outside doors thinking he owned the place. I don't think you could go hungry on this island. We met up with our friends the "Bob and Darla Cox's" that live here. Bob hooked us up with Kayaks yesterday and lent his son Landon for the day. We have missed them allot after they moved. We met their little girl, she is beautiful and looks like her mom and dad with curly blonde hair. The boys are all grown up. They are grandparents now, Chris has a beautiful little girl.

Well off the PC, back into the condo for pineapple and juice, have been sitting out on the huge desk listening to the birds and smelling the smells and catching ya all up on the Lee happenings! Hope you appreciate the sacrifice.


Rocky said...

Thanks for making me want to be in Hawaii. Maybe I'll turn up the heat to 80 inside and make some smoothies. Then I could go outside and pretend that I am inside with the nice AC. We'll make to Hawaii again someday. Love you Cherea

B. L. L. Roche said...

Did you get pictures?