Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas....

Yep, port came out yesterday! Scottie Pottie is no longer a cancer patient. Once a month labs for a year, 2nd year every 3 months, 3rd year every 6 months and not sure after that. He will get to go on a mission but will need to be state side because of the labs. Having his port out was a bit stressful yesterday more so for his father that worries more than anyone on planet earth. When Dr Thorn his wonderful surgeon came into the waiting room with his thumb up, Jim I can broke into a cry/laugh. Different things can happen with that port being in there so long but it came out perfect. We got booklets to help us with the transition learning how to go from a oncologist full time to a regular MD but I seem to know more about ALL than he, but he is learning. (MD) But the oncologist will still see him while doing labs once a month and I can talk to her personal nurse Mary 24/7, she promised me. I have grown to love those two ladies Dr Angelia Trobaugh and Mary and all the others in the clinic. I so appreciate them not only for their years of schooling and practicing but they actually care, really really care for Scottie and for me. I so appreciate our 3 pharmacists at the CDA Kmart store. They made the insurance and the /Katy Beckett medicaid process actually easy. Costco was horrible and I told them I wouldn't spend one more cent on medicine at their pharmacy and I haven't. (The store a different story) Teena Roberts, Sara McLain and Paula Conley at Canfield, Penny at CHS and our wonderful Patty Humphries and her hubby Mark. Jennifer and Mike James along with their sons Josh and Matt were incredible and nearly adopted Sam during our first two years. Mike helping us get passed red tape and also the help he has given us with our own Josh's kidney issues. They all have gone way beyond their jobs to a lasting friendship. And most of all my other children that stepped right in when mom was living at the hospital to deal with the millions of phone calls, prepare food and remind the wonderful church members we didn't need anymore food that they were adults and could prepare the meals and we were out of room in the fridge. It is amazing how people step in, you really know your friends. To my sister in law Jean that also dealt with phone calls, Gpa Lee for his prayers and blessings. And to Kim Beckman that would just drop off frozen lasagna to go right in to my freezer for those long days at the clinic and Julie Crandall and Emily for those wrapped up tight Papa Murphy's pizzas that would appear in my freezer. When people asked what they could do for us I'd say just bring over leftovers so we can freeze them for our long days at the clinic those two heard my plea and a few others, Kim kept it up for months and months and to this day she drops off her wonderful spaghetti sauce if she hears I even have had a bad day as she is dealing with her own daughters horrible health issues. And for those long conversations Angie my YF friend and I continue to have, for Capri and Judy W and those helpful things they learned down their tiny children's cancer struggles. I so appreciate my good husband and putting up with my psycho person many days and letting me handle things my way. I seemed to know what Scottie needed and begged him to listen. And mostly for my Scottie for pulling thru, he is my superman and just putting up with his mother, I so tried not to go over the top with him, and not letting him see me cry, I tried alway to be softly tough. And to you my family and friends just thanks.

Have a wonderful Christmas, I know I will.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Four days then it will all be over, so sad!

I so love Christmas but it is so sad to think it will be over in a few days. Basically things are in order, just taking it easy and trying to enjoy the days. My mom is here still since before Thanksgiving. She is amazed at the gifts under the tree, parties and busyness of our household. It actually is quieter and slower than when we had a few more at home. She will be spoiled this holiday. We hope it takes her hours to unwrapped her gifts. She has been busy making gifts for her grand and great grand kids for several weeks. Jim and I got each other a new tread-mill for our Christmas to each other. Jim got it all set up and walked on it this morning. Hoping we can bury the old one soon.

Scott's last chemo and doctor appointment were last week. He is totally done with the poison but not with labs. He will go in once a month for a year, then every 3 months for a year then twice a year after that. These are no big deal appointments and hope he doesn't have to miss any school. Jim and I threw him a "I am going to live" surprise party last Friday night. He was very shocked and surprised once he figured out why 15 of his friends jumped up from laying on the carpet after I had counted to 3 took him about 10 seconds to understand what was going on. I invited adults that had been such a influence and help for our family the last 3.5 years. Mostly Scotts first year. They showed up a few minutes after the kids surprised him. His two tutors and their husbands came, his councilor Sarah from Canfield Middle school, and many friends and family came to celebrate, about 50. He got the most awesome gifts and I told people to bring silly things but they didn't listen. I had way to much food and the family is still enjoying the leftovers. Benji and Sarah helped me throw together the salads and trays in about 15 minutes time while Danny kept Scott downstairs, at one point Scott came upstairs and didn't get a clue, took a piece of cheese and went back downstairs. I had things hidden in sacks and cupboards and out in the garage for a week, oh and had my trusty list, it saves me. I had a huge cake made. Karel, Rod, Benji and Sarah cleaned up while I was able to just set and visit friends. Then my family helped put down tables and put things away after everyone left. Something I don't get to do because I am preparing and cleaning up for hours then once it is done everyone goes home or to bed because they are exhausted visiting. Thank you thank you that one of the greatest gift anyone has ever done for me. And it only costs time. Jim had to leave to go pick up Sadie in the middle of the party. Danny had flown in a couple days before. Sadie got in on the very tail end. It was a fun night and Scottie seemed to really love it. We both got hugs and a thank you! I even got more hugs yesterday.
Glad you're still alive Scottie Pottie! Mom

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Website for the business!

Check out our dental business website. We now are on superpages. We have finally moved up in the world of cyperspace.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Ok it has begun to look alot like Christmas waking up to a inch of snow yesterday AM. Christmas cards have been sent, all pkg sent. Office party behind us, Scott smoked us some delicious chicken.......Christmas parties end this week. Tree and decorations up music blasting thru the house (when Jim isn't home)!

Thankgiving was a success. 22 for dinner. Sadie Danny and Mom came in on Tuesday and Penny my sis and Ben her hubby flew in Thanksgiving day. Spike my nephew returned home from his mission on Wednesday and spent Thanksgiving day with us.

Mom will be with us thru Christmas, hope she can put up with all the noise and parties and fun she isn't use too so much excitement.

Not much to write about tonight. Things are good, Scotts last orals are the 14th, Dr appointment on the 18th and port out on the 23rd. He went to Prom on Saturday. 3 years ago we didn't know if he'd get to go to a prom. Life is full of lots of tender moments sprinkled with miracles.

Merriest Christmas.