Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yep Hamthrak has hit!

Hamthrak (name given to me by Josh) has hit yet another person in the family. With 20 days down since being exposed to Jim Gary and Scottie Pottie I became another victim of "Ms Piggie's Flu" I have heard all the jokes and saving them for the day my sons and son in law too become her victim. Has not been a real good week here. When I think I am doing good I shower and wala break into a sweat and back on top of the bed can't stand getting into the bed anymore. 3 days in a row thinking I am better........several friends/sister in law friend came down with it same day or with in hours of when I did. We are connecting on facebook feeling sorry for each other. Ok at least we aren't out spreading it around to all of you! Someone has to feel sorry for us husbands don't. I was prepared tho have meals prepared in the freezer and have used a couple of them. My friend and also sister in law Kim brought us spagetti by, it is so so good.... My family hardly misses me. I am pretty sure I am going to live, rather or not the family likes it............................

One thing I so hate, want to know? that stupid song "Safelight window repair" I hear it in my dreams. I do love the DVR and stopping the show then bringing it back live without the 15 ads in between scenes. Haven't just laid down and watched TV for so long, it is as stupid as it was last time I was sick with something.

Josh is the same, waiting for a match, he is tired of people asking.......Luke and family I think are good, Stone will be 7 in a few days and Janna another year older. Benji's B&B isn't happening, property sold, Sarah and family don't have the flu, Danny and Sadie are coming home for Thanksgiving Sadie Christmas, Danny is being a adult and doesn't have a ticket home. His bike got stolen so he won't be riding it home, and just bought himself two scooters I hear one will be sold, yeah right this family doesn't sell anything we store it for a rainy he can pay for next semester!!!! Since we can't claim him anymore ...not a tax rightoff anymore big guy! Scott is good, clinic next week then only Nov and Dec and he is done with chemo FOREVER! Can't figure out how to get that last test done tho on his online course so his laptop and phone are laying here close to me just waiting for his return. Sam is a teenager, turned 14, has a cell phone and an attitude but I am curbing it with leverage/cell phone. He is about done with Jr Tackle football just a couple weeks. He will be in high school next year and will play for the school if he wants to continue I will not be sad if he doesn't want to play. Jim is looking for a second hygienist if my sweet nieces have any contacts that need 2 days a week up in God's country.

My nephew John got home from his mission last week, this weekend is the family gathering in Mapleton Utah. Missing out on yet another family gathering not to many in the Blackburn familygatherings sort of things. Happy to have another member of the family born this week "Gage Gatten" born to Dusty and Angie, well born to Angie shared by Dusty.......Why is it in the scriptures the men get the credit for having the kids? Never figured that one out. So thats the updates from a top the sage colored bedspread in this room with 4 walls..........that are getting smaller and smaller!
Love ya
Auntie Piggie!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Frost on the pumpkins!

The pumpkins are orange, apples are red and school has been in session a month today. Boys and parent are in a routine. Seminary starts at 6:30 AM so a 5:30 wake up call is hard on Scott and his mom. Junior year seems to be the hardest on students and throw in chemo in the mix and try getting up at 5 30.....He had his last spinal tap EVER a few days ago and I made his last 3 chemo appointments. The count down is on!

Scott turned 17 and Sam 14 since I last wrote. They are growing up oh so fast. Time seems to be going by so much quicker than when I was in my 30's and 40's.

No new meat in the freezer but not because of lack of trying. I got a Hickory rocking chair for my hunting trip I always get something! Swine flu hit Scott, Jim and Gary while they were headed to the woods. Scott came home and ended up in the ER for a few hours. Jim and Gary spent many hours sleeping it off in the trailer away from civilization. No one else has gotten it in the family and it has been two plus weeks. It didn't seem any worse than the regular flu/cold and there wasn't any nausea. I got my regular flu shot. People are saying the swine flu shot isn't going to be safe, will still listen and figure that one out.

Not so sure anyone reads this blog anyway but just in case I will try updating a bit better than I have been doing it. Nice when life is slower and there isn't much bad news to report. Could you imagine if for just one day all the news on TV/Radio and newspaper and the net was all good news? What a day that would be. With so much good why do we focus on the bad?

I am finally learning New Family Search with the help of Josh. I have a page of names ready to take to the temple something I haven't done before in the family history department. It is very time consuming rewarding and fulfilling.