Monday, August 31, 2009

Fair is over YEAH!

School starts in 8 days! Bittersweet for everyone, hope summer temps remain thru Sept. Sept is my favorite month, I love fall the indian summer, I love school starting and I love quiet days and I love the fall colors and wearing sweaters. We love watching Sam play jr tackle. Jim and Scott love putting on the camo makeup and going to the woods and playing with their bow and arrows

I am glad the County Fair is behind us the Elephant Ear saga is over whelming for me and the contention but it is just helping our family learn to get along and preparing us for that very long eternity......... All and all it has been a good summer. Even the new grass is filling itself in, by next summer it will look like the old stuff. The basement looks great Danny did a great job of getting his parents orgainised and finishing the new room. Sadie worked hard for the dental office and is missed especially this week with our receptionist taking time off to be with her sister with cancer. Danny and Sadie started their first day of Seniorhood at BYU today. Benji is still waiting for word to move to Montana and frustrated it is taking so long. Luke and Janna have made a couple trips to CA and glad to be home I think. Stone started 1st grade several days ago. Rusty turned 5 in Aug and will start school next year. Sawyer is gaining and smiling. Van is just a sweetie. Sarah said Carson walked 3 steps today, he turned one last week. Kyla continues to keep us all entertained, we don't need a television. Josh had to get a new Hickman a few days ago and said it is working much better. Chiu-yi loves taking care of him and they both have such wonderful humble attitudes thru this growing time. Yesterday in Stake Conference Bro Oyler said "our trials are worth more than gold" true but some times it takes time to appreciate the growth.

I am headed back home to my class reunion in a couple days and hopefully bring my mom back with me for a few weeks, she is getting real forgetful and I want to get her busy and spend some time with the great grandbabies. Should be a fun trip seeing all my friends that show up. Life is just to short! We need to take time to enjoy the people in our lives we have to many distractions!

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Brynne said...

It's funny...we look foward to it every year and by the end we need a good break from family! ;) It's well worth it and it's still full of fun. Have fun at your reunion and with your mom!