Sunday, January 3, 2010

I cry the day I take the tree down! Except this year it was really DEAD!

The holidays are over, company is gone, tree outside ready to be burned, and decorations put away. And back to only feeding 5! Tomorrow is Monday! School begins and work!!!!! It has been a great month but very long.

My mom was here almost 6 weeks, she was very ready to hit the road yesterday and be able to be in her own four walls. We enjoyed her, sad to see her memory escaping tho, so sad. She stayed busy crocheting things for people and reading and asking us questions we'd just answered. She got to enjoy Kyla and Carson and help babysit them. Kyla will always be in her heart they really got along. Kyla's middle name is Joy after her mom and grandma. I want to add Joy to my name some day. Wish my dad would of given it to me years ago.

Jim and I head out the end of the week to celebrate 34 years together. I will need a vacation from all this vacation......We hope to not get sunburned and when we are asked what we are going to do in the Bahama's I say "WHATEVER WE WANT"......

Sadie wrote a wonderful tribute to her brother Scott last week, if you are interested in reading it get a kleenex and visit her blog I won't post it on this blog since that is a very big big big pet peeve of hers! She is so talented in many areas but her writing is incredible. Her brain never stops. I am so proud of her.

Happy 2010