Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas in 47 short days!

So it must be that time of month to update the blog! Not much to report about if we post sooner than a month.

Jim I and two employees headed to San Francisco on Wed. returning last night. They were there for dental meetings I was there to do whatever I wanted. I did go listen to two different speakers. Nice sleeping in, exercising for hours, walking along the bay, reading working on New Family Search in the lobby and watching the news. But all good things must end! When we flew into Spokane and walked off the plane (Horizon) it was one arctic blast and we wanted to turn is so winter already. We took the BART system into the city, took a cable car to Fishermans Warf. That was something Jim and I have wanted to do since we were small and watched the "Rice a Roni" commericals walked to Pier 39, smelled and listened to those noisy Seals looked at Alcatraz's lights in the distance, ate at a greasy soup but it was quaint. I got the entire cable car people singing "Happy Birthday" to Susie our assistant she loved it and started leading us. It was fun. She has been with our office for 20 years and chose to be at the seminar on her 62nd birthday. Cathy our other assistant started with us 28 years ago, left for a few years to raise a daughter then returned. We don't know what we will do when they retire. They are wonderful, dependable honest and truly kind women. There are few people like that out there.

My Christmas lights have been up two weeks, Dan the light man and son in law does it for me, second year now as my Christmas present. Nothing like perfect lights, only have to plug in one extension cord or find the timer the electrician lost. Cards are addressed, Christmas letter written, can you tell I love Christmas?

Thanksgiving is in 18 days. Sadie and Danny will be home in 16 days. Penny my sis and her hubby Ben are coming in Thanksgiving day. I have never had my anyone on my side come or a holiday before. I am soooooooooo excited. And Kyla turns 3 that week!

My nephew (Pennys son) Breck gets off his mission next week from New Zealand. John got home three weeks ago and Spike gets home the day before Thanksgiving. The next to go will be Scott in 2 years then Sam in 5 yrs. Wow 2 and 5 so strange that it is just around the cornor. It just hit me.

Life is good we are good, Josh said if you want to know how he is, look up Kidney Failure on Whikipedia and you will know. Scott is good, 40 days till his last chemo! neither of them like people asking how they are. It wears on me also, average 10 times a day but I know most people really care, some just are nosy.

So get your lists going for the holidays, don't put things off so you can enjoy the season!

That is it from this keyboard!