Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ross family blog is Sarah and Dan's family site go on and view pictures of baby Carson I also added some to our Family Reunion album 2.......

Hunting times begin.......

Things sure change quickly in a family, Sadie, Benji and my mom left on Wed. Danny on Thursday. Jim and Scott went to the St Joe on Friday for opening day of bow/elk season and will return just in time for school on Tuesday. I took Annie our dog to the Vet on Wed afternoon and she was put to sleep. Her cancer was speading so quickly it wasn't fair to have her suffer. It was a very sad day for our family. Annie was a great friend to Scott especially during his last two years of treatment. A bittersweet week with a new baby, family and Annie gone.

Things are pretty quiet with Sam and I and actually it is really nice. We are trying to decide if we want another dog soon or in the future, put a puppy in front of me and I melt so it won't take long. But they are such a pain when it is time to go somewhere but they are so cute and loveable....and chew up everything when they are tiny and poop and pee.....and so cute and loveable..........and it is hunting/shopping season so we will see.

Sarah and family spent Friday night with us, little Carson is so tiny and precious and Kyla is so big and precious she is loving her brother and helping mom take care of him. I need to get some pictures on this site today.

School starts on Tuesday the boys aren't to thrilled to begin. Scott and Jim leave next Monday for Alaska and the big moose hunt. Hunt of a Life time has the airline tickets donated, a gun made for Scott and the hunt itself two nights in a motel and his horns mounted. They don't get to bring home any of meat the indian tribe there where they hunt keeps the meat. Wishing Star is paying for all there hunting clothes and other things needed to go. Jim will miss two weeks of work and Scott two weeks of school but after he missed 1 entire year he will be fine with missing two weeks.

House update isn't much. Framers made a furnace closet and the painters came and finished the two remolded rooms I went with the same color as the rest of the house, I can't handle any more decisions at present. I picked out the laundry room tile Mike Bryan is doing it for us, but nothing more can be done until they put up my laundry room cabinets and Parlor cabinets and trim, then the carpet will go in and tile and washer and dryer and utility sink. Then mostly just odds and ends. Seems like the odds and ends so far tho have taken longer than the whole remodel in itself but Brett warned me of it. I have weeks of putting things away and going thru boxes of junk and things we don't need wow it is out of control all this stuff Jim and I and the kids think we have needed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Carson Daniel Ross

Sarah Lee Ross delivers

A baby boy: Carson Daniel Ross
Date: Aug 25, 2008
Weighing in at: 6 lbs 7 oz
Length: 18 1/4 in long
Time: 10:30 PMish
Where: Valley Hospital Spokane WA

Gma Paula and Sadie were able to be there for Carson's birth last night. Sadie taking pictures and Gma helping the nurse and Sarah. Proud Papa Dan suited up and delivered his son with Dr Anderson walking him thru every step, she went from a 4 to 10 in just a few restful minutes we were all in shock when the nurse quietly said "she needs to push". Dan on his computer, Sadie on hers, Gma Ross on hers I was reading and Gpa Ross walking around waiting and excited for the birth of maybe his 20th grandchild. It was a perfect perfect quiet birth no screaming no yelling I told Sadie afterwards that is not how all births go. Sarah's meds kicked right in and she only felt pressure no pain not one scream or whinning. The monitor showed hardly any contractions, it seemed as if they were going away but she was so relaxed and didn't fight them and it was wonderful for her. I called on my cell phone to home so everyone could hear but those listening didn't tell the others until after the birth so there are a few upset family members but they also could of came upstairs or left the computer. Electronics get in the way of real living........

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rain gutters go up!!!!!

We now have rain gutters, they went up on Tuesday and the rains began on Wed and Thur not stopping for more than a few minutes, perfect timing. Both the new laundry room and Parlor are just about ready for paint and carpet. Tuesday I took Annie our dog in to be checked after she just had lost some weight and wasn't herself, we found out on Wed she had a bleeding tumor in her stomach. She was on IV fluids for two days then I brought her home to die. She doesn't have much energy other than go outside for her business then she sleeps. I got her to eat soft puppy food and she loves that but doesn't drink much. Sure is hard to see her going down hill, hard on Scottie and myself. Kyla will miss having Annie pull her in her little car and taking her on walks. She runs into Gma's house yelling "walk Annie walk Annie". Tomorrow is Scottie's 2nd anniversary of his diagonses, it was during the fair as was Annie's. Mom is still with us, she will leave next week with Sadie when she goes back to BYU. Sarah will get induced on Wednesday with baby Carson if she doesn't go on her own before. She is not very big only looks about 4 months along. It will be fun to have a new baby again. Kyla will be a great big sister and seems to know what is happening. She is so fun.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Carpet in!!!

House wise things have started to progress again. Mom and I finished packing up the old kitchen and then was demolished on Tues., little things were fixed and this morning the carpet went in the siders showed up this week and have much of the outside done they have a hard time matching the old stuff, our outside lights went in and it is really looking like a home again. Wish the new air-conditioner was in because it is 98 degrees today, The dirt pile is still a mountain so the yard is suffering and can't be finished yet.

Sadie and Sarah had a garage sale the last two days and made a few bucks they used Gpa and Helen's cornor yard. Sarah is ready to have Carson in the next couple weeks Sadie is hoping it is before she leaves for school. Luke and the boys left yesterday for home, it was fun to have them here. This next week is the infamous fair and those good ole elephant ears and the fun and stress it brings to the family, it is like one long family reunion but we go home to sleep and shower.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Lee's Summer so far activities

The Blackburn reunion is over with as of yesterday morning it was a great reunion alot of work for Jim and I but worth it. We had a total of 41 people to feed, and sleeping arrangments for 5 plus days. Everyone said they had a great time, I sure hope so. We did some really great healing after loosing our precious Tera at the last reunion. I was so proud of her husband Gary bringing 4 of the kids and getting plane tickets for the rest of them to come. Thanks to Tina for all she did to help convince them we needed to be together and getting rental vans for them all. Some of the family even rafted the Clark Fork River doing a day trip. Thanks to Uncle Steve and Aunt Jean for the extra raft and life jackets oh and 7 sleeping bags and a tent. Some family even went down the St Joe River in a Pontoon boat. The little ones played in the dirt, in the river, some gather rocks from the river (me included) no one could take them in their suitcases so guess who got them all YES ME! Some burned the blacktop on the road going back and forth to Avery's little General Store and taking showers in Tina and Scott's motel room. We took a short but long trip to Jim and Scott's hunting area looking for huckleberries. One van got lost but was found again. We showed the family Dismal lake and the boys floated on a Tom Sawyer raft while Scott caught several fish. The huckleberries there are still pretty green. Penny and her kids left Sat night to make their flight early Sunday morning the rest of us left the mountain Sunday afternoon. Don and D'anne drove home Sunday morning, Terry's family flew out Monday evening. Luke and his family and my mom are still visiting us.

Painters finished up their painting just before we left on the reunion. William sanded and varnished the floor one last time the Sat. before returning and that folks is about all that got done in days. Louie finished up the fireplace and kitchen last Monday it looks great. Makes me sad that things aren't happening now especially since my goal was to have it done for my family reunion. Carpet needs to go in, finish up the cabinets, put in my fridge all the siding needs to still be in the siding purchased didn't work so new had to be ordered gut out the old kitchen and put in the new laundry room and living room. Maybe by fall it will be finished but 3.5 months and this much done is wonderful according to other friends that have remodeled. One of our employees is also redoing her kitchen and started the same time as we did, the cabinet people measured their kitchen wrong and everything is messed up from the granite to floor to you name it they are not HAPPY! So I am happy we are this far!

Scott myself and BLM have been working hard on his Eagle project it began yesterday morning 7 15 AM. We had 15 people helping the first day and 8 today. Thanks to Scott's 3 brothers, brother in law, scout leader, several scouts 2 BLM workers and the camp host it was DONE and is DONE... well except for the paper work he needs to do. His 100 hours was accomplished and more. He did retaining walls for "Mica Bay Boater Park" they had to take down the old walls and put in new ones.

We still haven't unloaded the two trailers from the reunion and hope to get some energy to do it tonight and return the many things I borrowed from wonderful family neighbors and friends. So that is the Lee's summer so far updates.