Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reunion behind us.....

Summer is flying by. Lee reunion was last week, everyone was here but Josh and Chiu-yi in our family. Nearly 100 family showed up. Happy to have Leo with us another year. Enjoyed having my 6 grand kids around me. Next reunion maybe the number will be doubled maybe not ! I spent the 5 days cooking and cleaning and cleaning and cooking was pretty tired and next reunion there will be a job chart. Everyone seems to think they are on vacation. No one died on the river lot of flipping rafts, lots of stories to talk about for the next two years. Jim lost yet another pair of glasses to the river, water loves eating his glasses and hats. Sadie's cousin (no name cousin) tried killing her and Brett faking a finish line with ropes that didn't come down on the families Marathon. She still is struggling to heal her knee, many bruises and a rope burn on her face. Brett didn't complain but we know he was hurting. It was very hot and I was glad to be home. Sawyer gained some while she was here. 5lbs 5oz. Her father weighed her on Scotts fish scale. To bad we didn't get a picture. She is so so tiny and sweet. Stone is going into 1st grade. Rusty will be 5 in Aug. Van is now 2 and such a cutie pie. Kyla is the center of the universe and knows how to get Bamma to do anything for her. Carson is trying to walk and is such a cute little boy.

Josh is out of the hospital. Started working today and continues with dialysis. He is on the list for a transplant. We are starting the matching process in the US. Everything is so complicated and not quite sure what we are doing. Still asking lots of questions and visiting with doctors and going online to find out what needs to be done. Hard from the other side of the world. My stomach is in knots all the time. Looking for the blessings in the trial. Just understanding why is so hard. Tired of people giving me advice for Josh tho. People need to think before they speak. I am sure it has made Josh and Chiu-yi very tired.

Scott just had a spinal tap. Only 2 more to go and 5 months of chemo and he will be finished with this part of his life. He will be a JR in high school. His illness doesn't seem quite so bad anymore. 3 doctors all within a phone call. 45 min to the hospital if we need to get him there. People I have been able to ask a boat load of questions to understand it all. People keep giving us advice when they have no clue also so learning how to smile and be kind but knowing they have no clue. People care they just don't always know how to care.

Danny and Carl got the sheet rock up and taped and Danny painted last week. Carl used the extra wood and did trim on the main room downstairs. Figuring out flooring now and doors. Benji is making another brick patio on the South side ran out of bricks and waiting for more. We are getting a little more curbing for the back this week...The hydro-seeding grass is hit and miss. I have tried hard to keep it wet but looks like we will need to seed it again in many areas. Taking forever to get the yard back but it is coming. Many of our potted plants died while we were at the reunion. The yard looks like a constant yard sale not being able to put trailers back because of the new grass. Benji is trying to haul off junk from the shop but keeps getting stopped in his tracks and it isn't from me.....hummmmm He was suppose to fly back to CA last week but changed his flight till the last two things are finished up. He and his dad went camping to the St Joe over the weekend. I was still to wiped out from the reunion to do another camping trip did not seem like something my brain to even put together. I love being home. Love hot water and flush toilets