Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas!!!!!

Wow, tomorrow is Christmas eve! Sort of sad when it is so close because all the sudden it is over with. What I love mostly about Christmas is the before it comes, it is such a magical time.

We will have 5 kids here for a couple weeks, 6 of the 8 kids here for the day and Gpa and Helen Kyla Carson and Dan for our dinner, small this year but that is ok small and sort of quiet is good. Sadie left on Thursday from Salt Lake and got as far as Seattle before she found out Spokane airport was closed. She was blessed enough to get a ride with Angie Gatten her cousin the next day to Coeur d Alene or she'd not possibly get out for two or three days. Danny made it home this afternoon from Provo driving, glad to have them both here safe and sound. Icy roads make a mother a wreck. Luke and his family drove to Salt Lake for Christmas and Josh and Chiu-yi are staying in Taiwan we will miss ya all and wished you could be home. Josh and Chiu-yi want to come when it is warm, she has never seen it any time but winter.

We have had the most snowy in one dumping storm so far in the history of Coeur d Alene ID. We in Dalton got 30 in in less than 24 hours and it has continued off and on for days. There is an ice build-up under the snow. Traffic is moving very slow all over town, I have been stuck in grid-lock twice just in the Target parking lot 45 min on Fri and 20 min today. So unreal for our little area, it is growing and growing way to fast.

Well Merry Christmas ya all and I hope you get all that peace and joy all year long you so need and want.

The Lee's.....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Peace,Joy and lots of Fun!

Wow, Christmas is just 18 days away, how does the time go so quickly? We had a great Thanksgiving "BIG FEED" 30 total here. Scott smoked a turkey and 2 chickens for the dinner and did a great job. Benji is letting him do much on his own so he can do it by himself when Benji isn't around. Scott says Benji will always be around! I made a huge turkey and blended garlic and butter into a sause and Scottie injected into the turkey till it was plump it was wonderful. Learning allot from that kid! There was plenty of food and plenty of leftovers which we will be needing to throw away since we couldn't eat it one more meal. By the end of two days cooking, setting and cleaning up, I could hardly walk by Thanksgivings end and glad to see it come to an end.

Jim cut down a Charlie Brown tree last Friday while hunting and brought it home, I told him he could bring one home if it was perfect well not even close. After a few tears I went to Costco and bought 9 boxes of LED larger lights and Benji wrapped them around each branch giving the effect it was branchful! Once it was all decorated it fell over, yes one gallon of h20 all over our new cherry floor and many decorations the branches could hardly hold up a fly. We ran to pick it up and mopped mopped mopped, cry cry cry and laughed laughed laughed. Jim proceeded to tie it up with dirty rope (hunting rope) from the new window frames. After a quiet suggestion and "that look" he went to the store and bought heavy fish line and replaced the rope the next day. From a distance the faults disappear especially when all you see is 900 LED lights. I love perfect trees but figured it is only a tree. The stockings are hung by the chimmey with care, cedar boughs on top of the doorways looking like a "Little Women" Christmas. I so love this time of year.

We FINALLY got a new furnance in the old part of the house on Friday. It is so wonderful to have the house warm. We found out the new furnace on the new part was never fired by our furnace guy, the heat pump would work during certain temps and then we kept the fireplace on and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working right. I had called the guy so many times I was embarrased but was sick of it by Friday morning. He didn't admit it was his fault as most construction workers don't do and just blamed everyone else. The electrians were here also on Friday and put in a few more outlets for me and got the basement ready for inspections. In the mean time they have done something and the gas fireplace WON'T turn off I flipped the breaker and NADA! So we have a call into Justin. 75 degrees in this house, hot hot now and NICE but can you imagine what our Avista bill will be this month good thing the Christmas lights are LED and cheap to run. These workers will be so glad to be rid of the Lee's, hopefully it will come to an end soon in our 8th month.

Christmas cards are sent, packages just about ready to send, a few things left to purchase and ready to start wrapping. I hosted the Relief Society Christmas dinner here on Thursday we had 50 ladies and a few men and we seemed to have plenty of room. The office party is suppose to be here this week and Jim and another High Priest are trying to pressure the High Priest group leader to have a Christmas get together this month and if so it will be here. People will be sick of our gather place by seasons end. Choir is going great here each Sunday especially when treats are served Jim and Sam have even joined us for the holiday singing, we can't get Scott to leave his hiding place until treats are served.

Clinic is this week for Scott in 3 days it will be one year exactly till he gets his port out and no more chemo we hope EVER.

Bucky continues to grow, brain continues to shrink. He continues to chew his rope while attached to him. He likes the hot sauce I put on it. He won't go to the bathroom without me next to him he pee's on the boys shoes and whines whines whines. I know serves me right. I think I am mostly a cat person. I am excited to go see the movie "Marley" Bucky doesn't seem quite so bad with the previews and maybe learn to love him.

Well Merriest Christmas to you all, hope you all find the peace and joy you need in your life and celebrate Christmas all year long!