Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunshine, Snow or Rain........hummmmm

It is snowing again! good grief! March 24th and snowing with rain intermixed! We are headed to Hawaii for spring break YEAH... For us to make it to summer our family needs a vacation (to get us thru this tough time)!!!! We've been planning this one since last spring and it is finally happening so don't be to jealous.

Sam is working out daily for the upcoming track season, Scott has gotten out his bow and practing in the back yard, we smelled our first skunk of the season last night so spring is coming! Scott has made two long bows in his shop class and they really work! These aren't ribbon bows folks but bows that use arrows.

I will make sure you all will be seeing our pictures on our return from Hawaii! Maybe even post a few while we are there, just want to share with ya all.

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