Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Spring Post!

Well, has been a month since last post. Our life just isn't that exciting most of the time but we like it that way actually. The days are warm and beautiful. The flowers and allergies are out in full force. Track season is over with and the freezing temps. School is coming to a end just 4 more school days.

Danny was sent home from Mexico early because of the swine flu scare, he stayed down stairs pretty much his first week home and only came up to feed. Once he went back down I pulled out the Lysol wipes. He is washing windows and helping his mom get the house back in order from our wild year. Benji also returned home last week to get the outside of the house back in order and will be home till after the family reunion.

We went on the Memorial campout Fri thru Mon. Benji was our "Real Man" rafter and has a pretty bad injury to prove it. Danny and Scott did a run or maybe two but Benji went on all runs. Jim hit most of them also but was smart and didn't go on the wild runs. Kyla got to go on her first "little kid run" and loved loved loved it. When her parents told her it was time to leave after our camping was over with she cried pretty hard and didn't want to leave, she is hooked! Carson wasn't a camping fan and spent most of his nights screaming and part of his days. Sarah was glad to get back home to sleep.

I made two trips to Utah during the month of May. I surprised my brother and showed up to his last concert he is retiring from teaching after 30 yrs from Lakeridge Jr High in Orem. Four days later I flew into Vegas headed to St George for my great niece Teryn's marriage and hung around with my sister, her new hubby her new and old kids, my mom and Sadie. It was hard to leave, especially leaving Sadie behind, Gma will really miss her when she comes home hopefully Sadie can bring her up for a few weeks if all goes well. In between I got sick with allergies which turned into ear and sinus infections but didn't die too bad flying. Scott got a bad cold and it seems to keep hanging on. He has only had 3 or 4 colds his entire "Cancer rollercoaster" so that is good.

Scott and Jim both got their turkeys, Scott one Jim two. Glad that is over with. As long as we have electricity we could survive for a year on just meat alone and my food storage to suppliment.

Janna is due in 9 days with baby number 4 either a Jade or a ? Haven't asked name if it is a HIS. Excited for another baby in the family and I bet the boys are also. Luke seems to really like his new job and glad they can stay in Centennial. Josh and Chiu-yi will be here in 4 weeks to visit. Life is full of blessings.