Saturday, July 26, 2008

Clinic next week and reunion

Workers finally showed up on Thursday and Friday. The kitchen bricks are done, the fireplace is about half done. The kitchen brick are real, not fake as people have said they were they are just thin. The trim and molding are just about all in. My office is totally done but the last coat of floor varnish, William was suppose to do that today but can't because lack of workers doing their jobs for the last two weeks, oh and the screens are on the windows. It won't be done before my family gets here and that makes me sad and mad since that was my reason for getting going on it. We still have Mon and Tues so maybe much can happen by then. Brett has done all he can do to keep babysitting and nagging the men to show up. The siders showed up one day only in two weeks and barely have part of one side up, word of mouth keeps business going and food on the table. I am very patient and only have good things to say about committed workers.

Scott goes to clinic on Mon and Tues. it will be a tough week for him at the reunion. His eagle project paper work was lost for 11 days, it was found on the ground by the garbage can at the scout office and that was only after calling and calling and calling and calling them to look for it and being accused of not turning it in, not doing it right. They refused to let me come down and look for it. Now once it is found he has to redo parts of it, helping on 4 others this was a perfectly written project. They are making us come back from our family reunion to go back over the paper work his project was suppose to start the day after the reunion. I am not happy and look forward to having the church pull out of scouting someday soon well I can dream can't I? The program won't make it without the church. It isn't fair when the local system isn't working properly the kids suffer and parents grow old to quickly. I do hear it works in other cities just not ours.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No house updates

No real updates for two weeks, Brett went to Alaska and while the cat is away the mice didn't do much. Electrians and painters did all they could. He is back again and living on his phone and getting things lined up to put the pedal to the medal. He was probably more frustrated when he returned than I was. I am still working on getting rid of our huge dirt pile, several have come but most only take a pickup load. I so would love to see the mountain thru the windows not the dirt pile. Struggling over the carpet color, everyone but Benji like it. The price is right, won't show dirt, really thick and soft, it is a remenant but enough for both rooms that we need carpet in. But Benji has a good eye. The color is called "Elk Herd" Scott and Jim think that makes it perfect.

I went to Salt Lake for a few days to a family reunion and brought back my Mom. My kids, my siblings and family are coming up next week for another family reunion. I hope the house is finished I am getting tired. 3 months now for most it is going quickly I am just tired. But it looks like it will still be getting worked on when all my family is here.

Yesterday my dear friend Georgina from Kent WA came for a visit for several hours, we had our plastic outside chairs setting around the new room. The kitchen is so full of stuff we really don't have any gathering place. It turned off cool yesterday and we finally had rain it rained off and on thru the night. Rain makes us all happy, the garden looks as if the gardens grew a foot from yesterday. I got stung by a wasp/hornet directly in my ear yesterday the side of my face/ear is still swollen and hurts it was a misrable night. I am allergic but glad it wasn't worse.

Clinic/chemo/spinal tap two days next week on top of the reunion life never slows down here. Scott is happy and has done some fishing on Hayden Lake.

Hope to be able to have a quiet Aug and enjoy the house and throw a few garden/house parties. Before and after the Elephant Ear Booth. Excited to have my siblings and kids and grandkids here. Luke and the boys will be here an extra week after everyone else leaves. Most of the family haven't even met Van and he is 17 months old. Janna is going on a trip with her family after the reunion. Scott hopes to be working on his Eagle project Aug 4th with the help of his brothers and brother in laws and Uncles. Jim and I will be so happy to have it done. But yet the scout office hasn't even approved it and they have had it 9 days, so so frustrating. Scott has his permit but can't drive until it is done. Hard when the village doesn't do its part.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yes folks cherry is the wood of choice

The wood floors have been sanded three times and varnished once since Wed. The next coat will be Monday and the last coat on the 26th. We are stuck outside for the day and sleeping in the trailer or out of doors tonight. Feels like camping but with phone service and sheets. The house smell is pretty toxic but wow the floor is just beautiful, prettier than I even dreamed. I had them leave it natural then the varnish made it just perfect. Cherry gets darker with age the boys aren't disappointed now they didn't like it light. I go to Utah next week and hope to be moved into my new kitchen by the time I go. I am bringing back my mom for a visit and help and a family reunion!

My sweet bar stools I ordered aren't going to get here for awhile, the builder is from Peru and has family issues. I will need to just be happy with the 4 I already purchased, One of my couches came damaged before I even saw it and is sent back to CA and making another one. The couches and barstools were the only new furniture.

Scott is feeling good, has his eagle project ready to turn into the scout office for approval before he can start the actual project, what a big burden off his nagging mother. Being the 5th son to do a project hasn't gotten easier as I was told even with the driving carrot hanging over his head.

Benjamin is home from CA for a few weeks strange being back to 5 kids and we only have the kitchen and downstairs to live in for now. Like I said sort of like camping. We finally made it to Silverwood first time and we have season passes. They have added several things since we were there two years ago. It is a fun place.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wow, it is July already!!!!!

Wow, it is July already the summer is flying by, the older I get the quicker that time finds other places to disappear to. We have spent the last two weekends camping, last weekend at the Big Hole in Montana fishing and 4th weekend at the Clark Fork River also in Montana. The family rafted and there were over 60 family members and friends camping and rafting together and it wasn't even a reunion. Jim had a very close call on the river loosing yet another pair of glasses (new glasses mind you) and his favorite hat.... thank heavens we still have him tho. He thought his foot was caught on the rope and couldn't get free only finding out later it was Danny hanging on to him thinking he was helping. We saw a moose on the way, saw eagles and elk and deer. Last weekend Scott shot a badger and will be saving his money to get it made into a small rug.

Scott had clinic last week he is doing fine other than the pain from the steroids and the hunger cravings that over come his body at the strangest times. So glad they are for only 5 days not a month any more. It still isn't easy for him.

My Blackburn reunion is the end of the month my family is coming here for a change but daily someone cancels the trip due to the horrible gas prices. Many had gotten plane tickets in the spring thank heavens. My mom's Blackburn side also has a reunion the middle of July in Salt Lake which I am going to. The two Blackburns aren't related if you are wondering. This is the group I went to Ireland with 3 years ago.

The house seems to be moving slower now, the wood floor is installed just waiting for the sander to show up to begin that messy process today. Louie is on his last row of brick on the outside and ready to move inside we hope by afternoon today. My contractor is leaving on Wednesday for 2 weeks and I am trying not to get to nervous he has a great partner to take over. I have learned so much and think I could almost be a contractor some day for my own home no worries though we aren't ever planning on move will be a Rest Home. The granite guys made a mistake in the measuring of the fireplace mantel so that gets a new piece and the shop cut the backsplash 1 inch off of a outlet so there will be yet another day on that project sometime this week..... in-between the flooring sanding and staining and sealing of it. We are still living in the house but do have plans to move to the trailer for a night or two this week. So things are good here, busy, nuts but enjoying the process. Excited to see my grandsons soon and all my family coming to the reunion I miss them all so much. Hard to be so far away from from family. Hope no one else cancels.