Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Fall to All!

School has begun! Second week. Sam's first game was Sat where they won by way too much. Jim and Scott were hunting and missed it. Sam got lots of hits lots of sun and by evening heat stroke. He was feeling much better Sunday.

No elk yet for the 2009 hunting season. Jim and Gary will go out next week for several days hunting. I will be a hunting widow yet again. 8 years ago I was almost a permanent widow glad things turned out in my favor!

Today Carl, our sheetrocker/painter/door installer/handy man started putting in the double doors for the hunting room and storage room. The last thing for the finishing of those rooms. So awesome to have so much room.

I went to my class reunion last weekend in Hurricane UT. It was a blast seeing my good old friends, the hardest thing was all those people looked so old! I brought back my mom to visit us for a few days/weeks/ who knows playing it by ear. She is already homesick and she lives alone, can't figure that one out. We are such exciting people here I don't get it!

We are still experiencing great weather but by the time I post again it will be cold and Fall so...........Happy Fall to all!