Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall has fallen

Fall has fallen upon us. The leaves are just about 3/4th of the way to the ground waiting to be picked up or hoping for a big wind storm. We have many trees that drop their leaves. A few things are winterized, the steps are poured, a small a patio, and Benji Sam and I put down the brick/cobblestone patio so it can snow shortly. Benji leaves the middle of the week and he has a few more things to get done first. View the picture blog for an update. Things left on the house are small , radon fan, stain a few window trims, door in the basement that divides the new from the old. We won't finish the basement until we get caught up on bills and get some money saved so that will be sometime next year we hope. Jim is trying to find the right furnance for the old part of the (cold) house and a water heater that will not last many more showers but hoping it will, living on faith on that one and using a wall heater to keep the bedrooms above freezing temps. Dan my son in law, put up our Christmas lights last week, yes folks we are ready! Trying to hold off turning them on and that is tough. He put on the large old fashion size but LED's that use very little power. Exicited to flip the switch. Went to my first craft fair of the season yesterday.

Scott had a tough chemo/steroid week they increased his dose on them again. He is back to himself by the weekend. Hates me writing about him on the blog. He and Jim went out a few times deer watching/hunting but no meat in the bag yet. We have more in our yard that come to eat the garden than they see in the woods.

Bucky the dog has doubled in size and tripled in his strength to pull his owners on the leash and wrap it around our legs. He is 4 months now sort of like a 14 yr old teenager that the brains are closer to the back of his throat than in the area it belongs. Not that any of my 14 year olds had that problem but I see it in others..........Especially when I take Scott to high school each morning and see how many color of hair walking thru the parking lots and how they cover themselves or not cover themselves. Trying to be themselves but looking like everyone else.

Well football is over for Sam (made two touchdowns yesterdays game) and basketball starts on Tuesday. Hunting season remains on us for another couple months off for a couple then on again for who knows how long. Jim was made Gospel Essential teacher today I will be teaching our primary class alone and he will come back for the singing sharing time. Our primary Sacrament Meeting program was today, last week we weren't sure it would really turn out this week it turned out perfect the children were awesome............

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Working on the little things...

Progress progress today on the house. It is just little things needing to be done. I got a utility sink put in with a faucet in the laundry room! Bryan Tile finished up yesterday and it is just beautiful. I'd love tile in the boys bathroom maybe that will be my next project. Tomorrow the sheet rocker will repair the rest of the holes and I can get my sewing machines brought up to enjoy their new room. Painters are coming back to do their touch up in a few days. Brett got a trench dug around the house to put in the irragation pipes and the steps will go in this week. We've used the gas fireplace often with these cold fall evenings,it is so nice and beautiful. Our old furnace died and needs new parts, we were still hoping to use it on the old part of the house. It is very cold waking up in the morning without a working furnace hoping we can just fix it for now before it gets any colder. Sam ended up with a horrible cold and I now have my voice back.

I took Jim's mooses head and cape to the taxidermy yesterday. When he took in his animal to the cutter it weighed in at 600 lbs on the hoof . That should get us months and months of meals. I told Scott they don't need to go hunt anymore for a couple years......that didn't go over well. But it is true.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Year of the Mooses.....

Check out our new photo album of the "Mooses" Jim got his yesterday came home to bring the meat wash some clothes and head back up. Gary left with the horses today and Gpa Lee is up holding down the fort so he can't be home long. Sam turns into a teenager tomorrow but will have to do it without his dad. Hunting season is lasting WAY to long for me.