Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting a degree without going to medical school!

Sadie is headed home from Orderville this weekend. I am so so happy. Gma won't be coming this time possibly later in the summer. She isn't real thrilled to be coming and now isn't a real good time anyway. Possibly later in the summer. They finally checked her thyroid and she is very very low but they won't start medicine yet until she sees a Interilist. I am so frustrated. I live with hypothyroid and it is a very easy cheap fix just takes time. (Gma not Sadie) Sadie is exhausted and time for a break. I am so happy she has been there to take care of Mom. Not all 22 yr olds could do what she has done. She has grown up and grown.

Josh and Chiu-yi moved to another hospital one that is the top hospital for Taiwan and very good, I feel much better knowing he has moved. I have been in contact with the churchs people over the Churchs insurance, just in case he comes home. Benji calls me "A Mover and Shaker" nice to have family that works for the church and has good friends. Please keep them in your prayers.

Scott is doing well especially because school is out. He cleaned up his bass boat and he and his dad and Sam took it out last night and got up at 5 to go out this morning. Sam's Eagle project packet is ready to be turned into the scout office by this afternoon just trying to get approval. Then the work starts. July 31 Aug 1st is his scheduled Project if any one out there is interested.

We are getting hydro-seed this afternoon for the big bare spots (hired help anyway) Benji has worked endless hours preparing and digging and hauling in dirt and sand to get it ready. He is putting in another brick patio on the southside of the add-on somewhere to put the back up propane tank Jim is putting in and Scotts Smoker and a picnic table. Exciting having things look nice again except for the white trash look of the 10 trailers and boats in the yard and left over building supplies. Someday maybe the shop can be used for what it is intended until then I want to plant trees to hide it all. Danny along with our sheet rocker Carl have worked hours on the sheet-rocking, that is done now, doing the taping and sanding. Benji and I have been working in the garage and now I can park one car, progress progress. Hey we need a wedding this summer to make it all worth it.......I told our sheetrocker Carl he could use the place if he'd marry his live in girlfriend! He might take me up on it!

Baby Sawyer is having jaundice issues but she is 8 days old and doing wonderful. 4lbs 11 oz is all but she is eating and sleeping and doing well. Janna's mom Elaine took over as Gma and will be with them for a few more days.

So that is this weeks updates. Didn't think anything would come close to the horse kicking you in the stomach feeling for a parent in having a child with cancer but we found out different. Here we all speak English, have a hospital in the top 5 for kids cancer, and just a few minutes from our front door not on the other side of the world, I can call and talk to a doctor or the nurse 24/7 and ask questions. As you can imagine I have been on the phone 8 hours a day or learning online learning learning learning asking hundreds of questions. Joshs name is in 11 temples at this point. We are praying for windows and doors to be opened for his care. After this I could be an Nerpholigist (if I could spell it) and a Oncologist without the degree or thing on the wall.

Happy Fathers Day or Someday to be Fathers!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life is a rollercoaster

Just got home this evening from CO. Janna and Luke are the parents of a daughter, Stone, Rusty and Van now have a sister. She came into the world only weighing 4lbs 15oz. Her name is bigger than she is Sawyer Jade Lee. She is beautiful and it is pretty exciting having another grand daughter in the family. This makes 4 boys 2 girls. Funny how so many of us have had 3 boys then a girl. I was the first girl after 3 brothers, we had 3 boys before Sarah, Jean and Steve, Craig and Janet, Brent and Jen and many others. Sawyer had some low glucose issues and had to go on a glucose drip for awhile but is great and she and Janna came home this afternoon from the hospital. She is just so so tiny.

Last weekend Josh checked himself into the hospital with horrible pains, he had been to the doctor for two months trying to figure out what was wrong and they found nothing. He now has found out his kidneys aren't functioning at all and he has gone on dialysis. Any more news I will post again. He needs your prayers. They won't be able to come home this year. They had tickets to fly home the 24th. Chiu-yi hasn't ever seen it summer here only winter. That will have to be another time.

I am happy to be home but miss Stone Rusty and Van and little Sawyer. I only got to hold her for a short time in the hospital. They are coming for the Lee reunion in July. I took boy and girl clothes in my luggage again but then my luggage got lost and ended up in Portland 24 hours later I got it and everything was in tact. In have been saving girl clothes and took the dresses I had aquired the last 7 years. It will be so fun to spoil another girl we so need to catch up on the girls in this family. But we love our little boys. It was fun to see Van as he has become such a little smart toe headed loving boy. He so loves his mom and doesn't let her out of his sight much but he did warm up to Gma after an hour or two, you can't tell him you are showering or the diaper and clothes gets ripped off and he climbs in.

Jim, Scott and Sam are gone fishing in Montana with Gattens and sons. Benji put the house back together before I got home from the airport. The long grass was waiting for me so I mowed the front we miss Scott and Sam my favorite lawn mowers. Benji kept the yard green and the flowers alive. Life is sure one big rollercoaster.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Schools out for the summer!

School is out for the summer! Sam's last day was today, a talent show and a wasted day just to call it a day. Scott was finished last Fri. We have had wonderful hot summer days for much of May but today it turned spring with rain and 50 degrees we turned on the fireplace, they day before we had on the AC. Such confusing weather but we so needed the rain.

Wed we will become grandparents yet again. I am headed to CO tomorrow afternoon to be a full time Gma for a few days then Gma Hart will be there Sat. So excited for the new one, my luggage is packed with pink and blue things since we don't know what it will be other than a human. Scott has his chemo/doctor app/blood work tomorrow morning just before I fly out. He Sam and Jim are headed to "The Big Hole" in Montana with the Gattens on Thursday. Benji is staying home to keep the yard alive and he has be on crutches due to falling out of the raft Memorial weekend hurting his leg then hitting it again on the car door. (Ask him how that happened jklol)

Yesterday we hosted Gpa Lee's 85th birthday we had 47 in attendance. We bbqed hamburgers and everyone brought salads so great being able to use the new bricked patio. Aunt Jean made two huge birthday cakes. Our little fairy nieces and grandaughter and nephews made their way thru the gardens digging out plants and flowers and sand from the pots and dancing amongst the plants and had a wonderful time. We drug Aunt Mary Ann to the celebration, I think the loud voices made her a bit nuts but that is life here and hope she forgives us someday for making so much noise.

Josh let us know he is having health issues in Taiwan, he hasn't felt good for two months and has seen doctors but they said nothing was wrong, his kidneys were shutting down and he and Chiu-yi went into the ER 2 AM Sat. he now is on dialysis, the doctors are still trying to figure out the reason, so for now we just know it is "Acute Renal Failure" many have been fasting and praying for the doctors to find the reason why and for his full recovery we thank you all for keeping him and Chiu-yi in your prayers. Life is so full of blessings isn't it with all these trials.

Benjamin has been whipping the yard into shape, I have been his assistant. Danny is working hard sheet rocking the new basement with Carl our sheet rocker from the upstairs last year. We are hoping it can be done by the time everyone comes home this summer. If not life goes on.

Happy Summer to you all