Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Can't Believe It Is Happening!!!!!

(This is a view of the old back of the house)

The last 12 days have been pretty exciting for our family. Well since Oct. when I decided it was time to finally do the add on. We hired our nephew Brett Gatten of "Cougar Constuction"to do the job, he showed up Tuesday April 15th for the "Big Dig" he spent nearly 8 hours breaking up concrete and digging the basement. Every day but the weekend workers have been in and out. Things are pretty much on schedule and it is like Christmas everyday for me to watch the progress. I have taken many pictures and have a few you can view...... just click on the photo album link to the right.
Sadie arrived home late Thursday from her Jerusalem adventure. It is so fun to have her home she is adjusting well if she can just get rid of her jet lag. Danny arrived home last night from BYU and started washing windows early this morning they both will be home until the end of August. Sarah is showing finally,she is 21 weeks . She is feeling good again and slowly gaining weight. Her pick line is out, she had a alergic reaction to the tape on her arm and still is healing from that. Scottie is feeling great, clinic is next week and he has a spinal tap. Sammie has been sick all week but seems to be on the mend today. Jim and Scottie went out Turkey hunting but as of yesterday no Turkey on the table. I like short blogs so hope to keep them informative but not over load with things you don't want to read.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Jim and Paula Lee Family Blog

I decided to start a family blog today a place to display our family pictures and include all the family while keeping Scott's site with his updates still on his site.

We just returned from a spring break trip to Cancun/Playa del Carmen this last week. Once I learn how to post pictures there will be many to view for you interested.