Saturday, July 31, 2010


Time for updating our blog even tho probably I am the only one to read it and maybe a couple kids and Briettney, Mari and Gwen and a few friends!

Sadie and I arrived home from our trip on Wednesday evening. We had a great time a growing time with unreal temps and sweating more than I have ever sweat in my life even thru childbirth, it seemed like we were gone forever tho and happy to be home. I think Jim missed me and Sarah and Booboo. We saw so many things, more than I can reel thru my brain but will catch up with ya later with details and pictures. I haven't seen Scott or Sam as the went on a High adventure Wed morning. They will be home this afternoon then fly out tomorrow for EFY in Provo. Sadie came back for a few days and will fly out with them as far as SLC on her way to Denvver. My niece Mari and her family are coming for a week visit and will be here tonight. Never a dull moment at this house so maybe that makes me not so dull.

We just got word a member of our ward and neighbor passed away a couple hours ago. He went to school with Jim before he became a member of the church. He was doing a family reunion Tri-athalon with his sons this morning and suffered a heart attack while swimming in the lake. It is just unreal. Life is precious, life is sometimes to short life is meant to be happy but we must have sad times to know happiness.