Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Spring to Ya All!

Has been a month since I posted, so hoping someone in the family would do it to get some spice in this but no one is a taker!

Much going on in our little world. Sadie graduates on Thurs. she is the Valedictorian of her department, she graduates in Anthropology! Then packs up her car and takes off for Denver working with Luke helping to manage parking garages. Danny takes off for Brasil the first of May till Aug. Sam has his final Eagle board tomorrow night. Jim's moose is ready and will be hung on the "DEAD HEAD WALL" in the Great Room. I will change where I eat at the dinner table so I don't look at what I am eating. Didn't think they'd be hung so no worries, but it is my fault gave them permission if I got my perfect kitchen! Jim got a Turkey on Sat. Scott got 2 Turkey! Hope these don't get freezer burnt as the last two did and have to be thrown away. Plans to smoke one next week. And we all were so good at quiting the habit.

I have been quilting up a storm, got 3 pieced together in 6 weeks time and took a vacation for 11 days in the middle. I love doing Log Cabin but will soon stretch to learn a new one. My girfriend quilts them on her big time machine so save my fingers from carpel tunnel! On a roll for Christmas gifts....

Spring Break was a blast, we went to Maui for 11 days. The Humpback whales were still there visiting, delivering their young and match making. We saw some beautiful match making dancing. Saw my nephew Matt that works and lives in Maui! Took a 8 hour boat ride, I was sick 7 of the hours. Left the fish plenty of food. Snorkeled a few times and even got sea sick snorkling. Would of been nice to just have a 3 hour cruise and ended up on our own island with evening wear, food and friends like Gilligan and Co. did! I did play Mary Ann in our class assembly back in High school tho! Sam started track and has his second meet tonight. The weather was wonderful for his first and hope it is for the one tonight.

So if all goes well with Sam's Eagle Board I will be the proud mother of 6 Eagle Scouts. Getting those 6 boys finished up was just a few steps down from having a child with a life threating disease. I so hope other towns Scout offices are better suited at scouting than ours. Just watch now the church will stop the scouting program just as we finished!

Gpa Lee has been sick with pneumonia and just got out of the hospital yesterday. He is looking better but still coughing allot. We are just happy we have him a bit longer, he will be 86 in June, Gma Helen turns 87 next week. She is a ball of energy.

We have the missionaries moving in for a couple weeks starting tomorrow. No one seems to want to house them in the ward since the change happened. We will guilt someone into it that has no children at home and no daughters. We do need the blessing for now tho. Benji will be home this week for a few days and we got two new fish so the house will be full of noise again and people eating all my food..........

We have mowed twice already, got my flowers bought and ready to go into my hanging baskets!

So Happy Spring to ya All!