Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Life is full of so much good, lots of trials, good and so called bad luck but mostly lots of blessings, we seem to experience all of those things daily. Our attitude designs how we live with those good and growing challenges. Thanksgiving is in 12 days, each year it comes sooner and quicker with still the same amount of days I just never will be able to figure out how that works. We are having a few family members over for the "Big Feed" wish more could come but everyone is busy with their own friends and family groups. It will be awesome to be able to fit more than 8 around our table this year. Or have two tables or three tables or four tables IT IS SO COOL!

We are having dishwasher issues now, Sears is replacing our "1.5 yr old double drawer 7 visits from the Men in Blue (that are only replacers not repairers) dishwasher"..........and it is now flooding, and I am whinning LOUDLY we are getting a Bosch ! and Sears is eating it. This one is so quiet you only know it is on because there is a light glowing from the bottom. Our new wood floor is not happy with being flooded upon! It won't be delivered till the first of Dec. so Thankgiving will be paper plates and lots of dishwashers with hands and 10 fingers. So happy we have 4 sinks now! Aren't you children? No furnace yet and boy is it getting cold on the "White trash part of the house"......that little plug in heater is working her buns off.

Scott is having his "steroidish week" but able to hunt twice today some how, funny how that works. Sam is deep into basketball games, lost one, won one. Some of his practices are in Post Falls and that isn't thrilling for this 52 yr old mom! Way too many years of sporting practices and setting on those hard bleachers and raining freezing soccer and football fields. Josh was in kindergarten I believe his first team so about 27 yrs of practices non stop, no wonder I am so tired. By the time this ends they will be having to push Jim and I in our hospital beds or at least our wheelchairs out there on the fields or gym floor to watch Sam play.

Kyla and Carson came to see "Bamma" yesterday. Kyla will be two in a few days and is being potty trained, she earns "Nummies" 2 for peeing, 5 for pooping... Carson is enjoying "Bamma's" new baby swing so Sarah can get some rest and hang out on the pc while they are here. Kyla had diarhea yesterday so diapers went back on.

The leaves are finally picked up in the front yard. '14 huge Black Costco fill-um to the top bags' and that is after Jim mulched them and cut the grass at the same time and Sam smashed all the air out of them 14 bags worth. And that was just two trees !

The Lee's remodel is at a stand still BECAUSE IT IS DONE!!!!!! Well, we still need the basement done but that will be next year or the next or after we rob that bank. Tile in my old and new laundry room ended up costing two to three times the cost of our wood flooring and double the granite cost! Always get an estimate. Wow have I learned alot! But it looks so so good! Just a radon fan to go in when Brett remembers to come by and put it in! And a piece of wood on top of the window stained in the "Parlor" Jim is busy working on putting up my pictures "THE RIGHT WAY" and it has taken WAY to much time but I am being patient. He learned it from his dad, those pictures will never FALL down!

Well that is about it from here, not to much happening which is always good. Bucky the dog has more than doubled in size and his brain has actually gotten smaller!

Happy Holiday! Count your blessings!