Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life is a rollercoaster

Just got home this evening from CO. Janna and Luke are the parents of a daughter, Stone, Rusty and Van now have a sister. She came into the world only weighing 4lbs 15oz. Her name is bigger than she is Sawyer Jade Lee. She is beautiful and it is pretty exciting having another grand daughter in the family. This makes 4 boys 2 girls. Funny how so many of us have had 3 boys then a girl. I was the first girl after 3 brothers, we had 3 boys before Sarah, Jean and Steve, Craig and Janet, Brent and Jen and many others. Sawyer had some low glucose issues and had to go on a glucose drip for awhile but is great and she and Janna came home this afternoon from the hospital. She is just so so tiny.

Last weekend Josh checked himself into the hospital with horrible pains, he had been to the doctor for two months trying to figure out what was wrong and they found nothing. He now has found out his kidneys aren't functioning at all and he has gone on dialysis. Any more news I will post again. He needs your prayers. They won't be able to come home this year. They had tickets to fly home the 24th. Chiu-yi hasn't ever seen it summer here only winter. That will have to be another time.

I am happy to be home but miss Stone Rusty and Van and little Sawyer. I only got to hold her for a short time in the hospital. They are coming for the Lee reunion in July. I took boy and girl clothes in my luggage again but then my luggage got lost and ended up in Portland 24 hours later I got it and everything was in tact. In have been saving girl clothes and took the dresses I had aquired the last 7 years. It will be so fun to spoil another girl we so need to catch up on the girls in this family. But we love our little boys. It was fun to see Van as he has become such a little smart toe headed loving boy. He so loves his mom and doesn't let her out of his sight much but he did warm up to Gma after an hour or two, you can't tell him you are showering or the diaper and clothes gets ripped off and he climbs in.

Jim, Scott and Sam are gone fishing in Montana with Gattens and sons. Benji put the house back together before I got home from the airport. The long grass was waiting for me so I mowed the front we miss Scott and Sam my favorite lawn mowers. Benji kept the yard green and the flowers alive. Life is sure one big rollercoaster.

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The Larsons said...

That is SO fun you got to be there for the baby arrival! I can't wait to see her! SO fun they get to have a little girl! I hope I can add to that list of 3 boys, then a girl! :) We'll pray for Josh. Is he admitted to the hospital then? Is it a long-term thing, or just dialysis until they start working??? I am not very medically savvy. Bummer they won't be able to make it, but I hope he continues to get well! We'll see you all SOON! :)