Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Ok it has begun to look alot like Christmas waking up to a inch of snow yesterday AM. Christmas cards have been sent, all pkg sent. Office party behind us, Scott smoked us some delicious chicken.......Christmas parties end this week. Tree and decorations up music blasting thru the house (when Jim isn't home)!

Thankgiving was a success. 22 for dinner. Sadie Danny and Mom came in on Tuesday and Penny my sis and Ben her hubby flew in Thanksgiving day. Spike my nephew returned home from his mission on Wednesday and spent Thanksgiving day with us.

Mom will be with us thru Christmas, hope she can put up with all the noise and parties and fun she isn't use too so much excitement.

Not much to write about tonight. Things are good, Scotts last orals are the 14th, Dr appointment on the 18th and port out on the 23rd. He went to Prom on Saturday. 3 years ago we didn't know if he'd get to go to a prom. Life is full of lots of tender moments sprinkled with miracles.

Merriest Christmas.

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