Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas....

Yep, port came out yesterday! Scottie Pottie is no longer a cancer patient. Once a month labs for a year, 2nd year every 3 months, 3rd year every 6 months and not sure after that. He will get to go on a mission but will need to be state side because of the labs. Having his port out was a bit stressful yesterday more so for his father that worries more than anyone on planet earth. When Dr Thorn his wonderful surgeon came into the waiting room with his thumb up, Jim I can broke into a cry/laugh. Different things can happen with that port being in there so long but it came out perfect. We got booklets to help us with the transition learning how to go from a oncologist full time to a regular MD but I seem to know more about ALL than he, but he is learning. (MD) But the oncologist will still see him while doing labs once a month and I can talk to her personal nurse Mary 24/7, she promised me. I have grown to love those two ladies Dr Angelia Trobaugh and Mary and all the others in the clinic. I so appreciate them not only for their years of schooling and practicing but they actually care, really really care for Scottie and for me. I so appreciate our 3 pharmacists at the CDA Kmart store. They made the insurance and the /Katy Beckett medicaid process actually easy. Costco was horrible and I told them I wouldn't spend one more cent on medicine at their pharmacy and I haven't. (The store a different story) Teena Roberts, Sara McLain and Paula Conley at Canfield, Penny at CHS and our wonderful Patty Humphries and her hubby Mark. Jennifer and Mike James along with their sons Josh and Matt were incredible and nearly adopted Sam during our first two years. Mike helping us get passed red tape and also the help he has given us with our own Josh's kidney issues. They all have gone way beyond their jobs to a lasting friendship. And most of all my other children that stepped right in when mom was living at the hospital to deal with the millions of phone calls, prepare food and remind the wonderful church members we didn't need anymore food that they were adults and could prepare the meals and we were out of room in the fridge. It is amazing how people step in, you really know your friends. To my sister in law Jean that also dealt with phone calls, Gpa Lee for his prayers and blessings. And to Kim Beckman that would just drop off frozen lasagna to go right in to my freezer for those long days at the clinic and Julie Crandall and Emily for those wrapped up tight Papa Murphy's pizzas that would appear in my freezer. When people asked what they could do for us I'd say just bring over leftovers so we can freeze them for our long days at the clinic those two heard my plea and a few others, Kim kept it up for months and months and to this day she drops off her wonderful spaghetti sauce if she hears I even have had a bad day as she is dealing with her own daughters horrible health issues. And for those long conversations Angie my YF friend and I continue to have, for Capri and Judy W and those helpful things they learned down their tiny children's cancer struggles. I so appreciate my good husband and putting up with my psycho person many days and letting me handle things my way. I seemed to know what Scottie needed and begged him to listen. And mostly for my Scottie for pulling thru, he is my superman and just putting up with his mother, I so tried not to go over the top with him, and not letting him see me cry, I tried alway to be softly tough. And to you my family and friends just thanks.

Have a wonderful Christmas, I know I will.

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Julie said...

Your entry is the best Christmas present. I cried when I read it - I am so happy that it is over for you all. I admire you so much for the way you have handled this challenge with so much class and grace and courage. love you Paula - you're amazing