Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Valentines to you all!

It has been months since this blog was updated, guess it just shows how boring we truly are, boring is good tho when we have been thru way to much the last 4.5 yrs.

Stone turned 8 and was baptized, Kyla turned 4, Scott 18, Sam 15 and Danny 26 since the last post. I turned another year older also as did Jim last week. As a surprise our taxidermy guys hung his elk and the two moose up on the dead head wall on his birthday. I got him a Zune and made his favorite meal of fried chicken, his dad came over and Aunt MaryAnn along with Sarahs family then Gma Helen came for cake. Yes he is spoiled. I don't know what this house will sound like once all my grandkids are together but just having two it is ear piercing.....But Jim seemed to have a great birthday. I put on all 58 candles and Kyla said "Towering Inferno Gpa" the news feed was fed into her ear of course by her ever so funny father.

We've been canning/pressure cooking up a storm. Scott Jim and I put up 51 quarts of venison in the fall, this week Benji and I put up 38 quarts of chicken and 14 quarts of fish probably 14 more today with the last huge Canada Salmon we need to do. No more fish tho, the smell won't leave the house. If our 3 freezers were to go out we will always have meat to eat with the years supply of food.

Josh is about the same, hoping for a kidney. Scott's year mark was in Dec for his last chemo. Benji now is having health issues with his rings on his esophagus and now allergic to almost everything he loves eating. He leaves tomorrow for SLC and hopefully will be getting a job there with the church very soon as he figures out what he can eat so he doesn't stave to death.

We have been enjoying our Kroc Center membership. Now I have tendentious of my knee from Zumba and had to stop my classes working on a new plan to keep this stupid body working. I have really enjoyed it.

Other than the health issues our family is doing pretty good. Enjoying the blessings and tender mercies of everyday life.

Happy Valentines to you all!