Friday, August 15, 2008

Carpet in!!!

House wise things have started to progress again. Mom and I finished packing up the old kitchen and then was demolished on Tues., little things were fixed and this morning the carpet went in the siders showed up this week and have much of the outside done they have a hard time matching the old stuff, our outside lights went in and it is really looking like a home again. Wish the new air-conditioner was in because it is 98 degrees today, The dirt pile is still a mountain so the yard is suffering and can't be finished yet.

Sadie and Sarah had a garage sale the last two days and made a few bucks they used Gpa and Helen's cornor yard. Sarah is ready to have Carson in the next couple weeks Sadie is hoping it is before she leaves for school. Luke and the boys left yesterday for home, it was fun to have them here. This next week is the infamous fair and those good ole elephant ears and the fun and stress it brings to the family, it is like one long family reunion but we go home to sleep and shower.

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