Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cabinets in, painting finished and molding goin in!!!!

Things continue to move forward with the house. The taping put us back a week but the cabinet crew and painters have caught us up almost to schedule working late into the evenings. The kitchen cabinets are in and the office cabinets. The paint color is beautiful and it is DONE. We weren't able to go in the house for 10 hours other than for a few minutes yesterday. everything was covered with plastic including the doors. We got alot done in the yard and had alot of company. No one hardly ever comes to visit but Gpa and Helen and all the sudden everyone is coming to see our addition. Tomorrow they are templating for granite and putting up the trims and molding. I have decided to use natural color alder for it and for trimming out the high beams. Also tomorrow the wood flooring is being delivered and it should go in by Friday. So it is pretty exciting for me! Jim hasn't shown much excitment but secretly I think he is happy with it he faithfully reads this blog to find out what is next on the agenda (when he forgets what I told him) ..........Hi Hon..

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Staci said...

Hi Jim & Paula! Everything looks so good! It's really neat to see the whole project. You described the addition, but it's incredible to see it from the beginning. I'm excited to see the next pictures. Thanks for sharing the whole project and all the other pictures. You have a beautiful family and home! See you soon~ Staci, your cabinet designer