Sunday, June 8, 2008

"No Mam, believe me they are here"

I started a second remodel album with a few more pictures. Things continue to move really fast, the goal is to have it done in 3 weeks. July 4th is our date! I am hoping the end of July the yard back in shape, and dirt pile gone. Louie starts laying the bricks on the outside tomorrow. They are having a hard time finding our siding to match the old stuff. Sheet rockers worked Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow the tapers. By the middle of the week painters. The wood flooring is ordered and will be here by next week sometime. I got a call from a delivery service in Spokane on Monday asking me when they can deliver my kitchen cabinets I said "but they are just being shipped today from Iowa" he said "no mam believe me they are here"! Wow, two weeks early! So don't believe all the negitive building nightmares we haven't really had any. Just maybe some small ones that aren't a big deal. I am trying to keep an upper positive lip and it has been a really good experience (so far) I sanded down our kitchen table and stained it yesterday along with 4 of the 8 chairs.

Scott had his clinic appointment chemo and started steroids this week but doing ok. He and Sam's last day of school is tomorrow. He goes on the trek on Wednesday till Saturday. Our stake has worked so hard getting this experience planned for the youth 14 to 18.

It has been raining alot again, we are tired of winter and want spring/summer. I think we have gotten more rain than Seattle this year. The rivers and lakes are over flowing everywhere.

Happy 84th birthday Gpa Leo Lee, Happy 30th Dan Ross and almost Happy Birthday to Luke he also will be 30 next week.

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The Larsons said...

Wow those pictures are great! It is looking more and more like a real house! Wow! Congrats! Glad things have ran pretty smoothly! I am sure all your hard work contributes to that.