Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hunting times begin.......

Things sure change quickly in a family, Sadie, Benji and my mom left on Wed. Danny on Thursday. Jim and Scott went to the St Joe on Friday for opening day of bow/elk season and will return just in time for school on Tuesday. I took Annie our dog to the Vet on Wed afternoon and she was put to sleep. Her cancer was speading so quickly it wasn't fair to have her suffer. It was a very sad day for our family. Annie was a great friend to Scott especially during his last two years of treatment. A bittersweet week with a new baby, family and Annie gone.

Things are pretty quiet with Sam and I and actually it is really nice. We are trying to decide if we want another dog soon or in the future, put a puppy in front of me and I melt so it won't take long. But they are such a pain when it is time to go somewhere but they are so cute and loveable....and chew up everything when they are tiny and poop and pee.....and so cute and loveable..........and it is hunting/shopping season so we will see.

Sarah and family spent Friday night with us, little Carson is so tiny and precious and Kyla is so big and precious she is loving her brother and helping mom take care of him. I need to get some pictures on this site today.

School starts on Tuesday the boys aren't to thrilled to begin. Scott and Jim leave next Monday for Alaska and the big moose hunt. Hunt of a Life time has the airline tickets donated, a gun made for Scott and the hunt itself two nights in a motel and his horns mounted. They don't get to bring home any of meat the indian tribe there where they hunt keeps the meat. Wishing Star is paying for all there hunting clothes and other things needed to go. Jim will miss two weeks of work and Scott two weeks of school but after he missed 1 entire year he will be fine with missing two weeks.

House update isn't much. Framers made a furnace closet and the painters came and finished the two remolded rooms I went with the same color as the rest of the house, I can't handle any more decisions at present. I picked out the laundry room tile Mike Bryan is doing it for us, but nothing more can be done until they put up my laundry room cabinets and Parlor cabinets and trim, then the carpet will go in and tile and washer and dryer and utility sink. Then mostly just odds and ends. Seems like the odds and ends so far tho have taken longer than the whole remodel in itself but Brett warned me of it. I have weeks of putting things away and going thru boxes of junk and things we don't need wow it is out of control all this stuff Jim and I and the kids think we have needed.

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