Monday, June 16, 2008


Happy 30th Birthday Luke. Hard to think I am a mother of two 30 somethings. Time is flying by faster than I could ever imagine.

Hopefully they will really texture tomorrow and paint in the afternoon, Dennis and his crew are a few days behind schedule. It is looking good but hard when everyone is scheduled on certain days and one group gets behind. I am really pleased at how nice it is all coming together and looking so wonderful. The broken window pane is fixed thanks to Calvin and back in again. Sheet rockers have their own type of personality and hopefully they will be more careful next house they work on. We finally have some beautiful weather, summer temps now went right passed Spring. Ironman Coeur d Alene is this Sunday but I hear rain is in the forcast for the weekend. We will be able to get to church ok just coming home will be tough as we have to wait for the bikers to go by on 4th street. It is amazing how quickly that road gets spruced up each year that the Ironman is in town, new paint, all the dings and dips are flat looks better for the TV coverage I guess. I wish they'd work that fast on a regular basis though save on lots of ruined cars and flat tires. Scott is finished with drivers education and getting his permit this week, ask him about popped tires next you see him. We hope this will motive him to get working on his Eagle project so he can really drive someday......

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