Friday, August 22, 2008

Rain gutters go up!!!!!

We now have rain gutters, they went up on Tuesday and the rains began on Wed and Thur not stopping for more than a few minutes, perfect timing. Both the new laundry room and Parlor are just about ready for paint and carpet. Tuesday I took Annie our dog in to be checked after she just had lost some weight and wasn't herself, we found out on Wed she had a bleeding tumor in her stomach. She was on IV fluids for two days then I brought her home to die. She doesn't have much energy other than go outside for her business then she sleeps. I got her to eat soft puppy food and she loves that but doesn't drink much. Sure is hard to see her going down hill, hard on Scottie and myself. Kyla will miss having Annie pull her in her little car and taking her on walks. She runs into Gma's house yelling "walk Annie walk Annie". Tomorrow is Scottie's 2nd anniversary of his diagonses, it was during the fair as was Annie's. Mom is still with us, she will leave next week with Sadie when she goes back to BYU. Sarah will get induced on Wednesday with baby Carson if she doesn't go on her own before. She is not very big only looks about 4 months along. It will be fun to have a new baby again. Kyla will be a great big sister and seems to know what is happening. She is so fun.

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