Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trim Man and Mitch the Skimmer......

Well, I have picked out the trim and molding wood (rustic alter) with Chuck the Trim Man, decided on paint color (mostly) with Angie's help, Carl the Taper has single handedly put on several coats of taping gupp on the walls and high (13ft)ceilings, had Jody and Bill the framers take down part of a wall 2 ft, they already moved it 12 inches once and want to nearly just tear it totally down (no more changes I promise) they put up the lonely two gable windows in, then Mitch the Skimmer has done the kitchen and hallway ceiling and walls at least 4 or 5 times (on stilts mind you) almost ready for the painter by the weekend of first of the week. Dennis their boss has been ripping out old molding, covering the floor and sheet rock after he ordered double and Brett is hoping they can start putting together the cabinets in the kitchen by Tuesday, flooring should be here by Thursday which they will put in the house for a week before starting to lay it. Louie hasn't laid a brick yet but has everything ready to go. He also ordered double the bricks we need. We finally saw the sun today first time in several weeks. Once the hardwood is laid we will be sleeping in the basement and living out of the kitchen till that is torn up then back to camping in the trailer in the driveway if we have to for a few days. So that is the update rather you wanted to know all this info or not. I know my kids living away enjoy all the details and a few nieces away friends, my sister and maybe a few local friends the rest of you probably are bored to tears!

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