Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memoriable memorial day

Memorial Day holiday is upon us, but Scott and I aren't camping. He came down with "Shingles" a few days ago and his two doctors won't let him go far from the hospital. He is back on horrible antibioctics that will shut down his kidneys if he doesn't drink drink drink. It seems to be working ok for now. If it spreads he will end up in ICU for a week but we are positive that won't happen. It is very dangerous for cancer patient to get this. His lab partner at school came to school with chicken poxs.........something needs to be done about putting so much pressure on the kids. afraid to miss school even when they are sick with something that could cripple or kill another child exposed to it. It is scary to let him even go to school.

We took advantage of being home and I went online on ebay and got tickets to Carrie Underwood/Josh Turner concert and went last night. We had a blast they are both so good, it was Scott's first experience going to a concert. It was weird for him to see so many silly girls and women screaming and dancing in their seats and not ever setting down they were singing at the top of their lungs and even with the huge speakers was hard to hear the "real" concert. He also went night hunting for coyotes Friday with Dan my son in law and Dan's dad so he has had a good weekend.

Scott and I picked out and ordered the fans and chandeliers and mini pendants for the house. The furnance is in and much of the duct work is in. The electrians and heating people have worked hard for days. The roof is finished all but the rain gutters. I hear the next part takes the longest with things going on in the inside. It is nice to have things quiet for a few days with no workers but yet I want it finished and want them working round the clock!!!!! I have only had the framers move one small wall I have been a very good customer (so far)....

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