Friday, June 4, 2010

Lets wash some windows!

Just writing the new post from Las Vegas, Sin City, Satan's Playground or whatever you want to call it. Jim is in dental meetings. It is at or close to the 100 degree mark today. I so wish I could take home 10 degrees of it and add it to CDA's 50 degrees ok 20 degrees then if I could make a wish why not go big. CDA has been nothing but rain, more rain then some rain. Monday it rained 2/3 rds of a inch...a record! Seattle has nothing on us for moisture. So glad green is one of my favorite colors for that is what I see outside my every window!

Last weekend was our yearly Memorial day campout. The trailer is still in the driveway waiting to be unloaded but we had to come to Vegas the next day. Ya think the boys will have it unloaded and everything taken care of? YEAH RIGHT! Some of the party actually rafted in the rain and cold. I watched a movie, did hand sewing and read for hours. The furnace didn't work the whole 4 days so it was one cold weekend I was one happy momma arriving home!

Health updates, nothing new. Scott is good, labs are good numbers. Josh is same waiting for a good match. Benji back in CA, Danny in Brasil till the first of Aug, Sadie is still in Colorado working with Luke. Luke and fam good, Sarah and fam good, Sam and Scott get out of school for the summer next week so they are good. We hope we get some summer temps soon or it will be one long vacation. The boys both want to make some money washing windows, I remind them they must learn on our windows over and over again.....good idea don't you think? Just if it can stop raining so they can practice.

Headed back home tonight, 3.5 weeks till the Blackburn reunion then Sadie and I are headed to Italy and Ireland. But being home is still best!


Brynne said...

Glad everyone is doing well. We will keep praying for a match for Josh. Jealous you got to go to some warm weather!

Kevin & Mari said...

They can always practice on my windows . . .