Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall into Summer/Fall

Time slips away on wings of lightening......never to call it back. School has begun but before I know it will be next summer Scott will be preparing for his mission and Sam will be going into 10th grade. But for now I have caught the tip of summer/fall and can bask in the summer temps, enjoying Scotts one year left at home, Sam's beginning of his high school experience, senior picture nightmare with the weapon issue, watching Sam run with his cross country team. Being woke up at 4AM every Fri and Sat as Jim heads to the woods....oh so much to look forward to each Fall. But I really think it is my favorite time of year. My sunflowers are as big as plates and as tall as the house. I love the sun but love sweaters.

Clinic and labs continues for Scott, his labs had some issues last month but all looks good this last trip. Josh continues to need a kidney. Benji was home for a few days. Kyla is in dance and preschool, Sawyer is walking and Rusty started kindergarten. Stone will be baptised in a few weeks and Jim and I get to go be with him. Gpa Lee had back surgery and came home yesterday. Aunt Mary Ann is in a care center now she will so miss her home.

Thats about it from the Lee's homeland!

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Jen - the mom said...

glad to hear all is going well! what fine looking young men you have with you still at home:)
love jen