Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Slow days of Winter!

Has been a month plus since the last post. Not much happening in the family, and that is a good thing. Benjamin has gone back to CA, Sadie and Danny back at school, my mom back home and I so love the quiet days alone 4 days a week. I so love Monday mornings.

We are heading out to CO to visit the other grand babies and Luke and Janna for the long weekend. Then next week Jim and I going to SLC for dental meetings and spend the weekend with the college kids.

Scott had his first non chemo appointment 2 weeks ago and labs but has to return tomorrow for more labs making sure his ANC is going up. His doctor and all his nurses sang a song for him and gave him a basket of huge cookies to end his treatments, it was so sweet. He has broken out with a bad rash since he has been off treatment so they want to keep up on it and we keep trying lots of different medicine and nothing is helping. This is the easy stuff tho. Being a red head doesn't help.

Scott and Sam's two friends, and also brothers have both been in the hospital the last 3 weeks one with a staff infection in his shoulder and 2 days after he got out of the hospital the other brother got strep throat and had kidney issues. Heavenly Father so blesses us with these trials with our children.........we just don't see them as such for awhile.

Our Josh turned 33 on Sunday and Sadie 23 tomorrow. I can't believe I am old enough to have a 33 yr old son. Josh and Chiu-yi are doing fine, just hoping and praying for a kidney miracle.

We have had the warmest winter on record so far, last year we set records in the snow fall. It has given everyone spring fever, looks like the tulips will be popping up their heads any second.
I bought a basket full of tulips & primroses for the house just so it looks like spring inside. I really wouldn't mind a good snow storm tho to cover up the ugly grass.

So life is good for the Lee's, it is a great time of our lives enjoying watching Sam play basketball and being able to eat nearly every dinner together. Not many conflicts in the schedule anymore. Life is slower and we are truly blessed. Jim turned 57 last week so good to have things slow down a bit.


The Larsons said...

Sounds like things are going well for you guys. Have a good trip to CO and UT. I'm sure the grandkids are SO excited to see you!

Gatten Gang said...

Hope your trip is a fun one. C u Tues for temple right?