Thursday, March 18, 2010

Live it up!

Spring spring spring! Love love love it! The bulbs are up, peaking up thru that gray blah soil giving it color. The sunshines lots of hours and the sky is blue. I know we needed snow but so love not having winter this year.

Hope you all had a great St Patty's day! We had a green supper and made lots of yummy cookies.........

Not much different going on with the fam, so just a few boring updates! We ordered new doctor, & assistant chairs for the office in Salt Lake at the dental convention, along with warm patient towels. Now just wish we had new windows, flooring to match. I had to buy 6 new choir chairs, a choir member broke another chair and really dinged my new floor bad bad so those wedding chairs will only be used OUTSIDE! Scott made it to Boise and home again last weekend for DECA, he doesn't like that city, he missed Uncle Steve's "Hunters Party". Sam is enjoying not having to do a sport everyday after school and enjoying playing outside, riding bikes and learning about old cars and how to get them running with his friend Matt. Maybe Matt can get the 72 pickup running! So hate it setting in the front yard. Sam got his phone taken away until he has every stupid last piece of paper work done to turn in his Eagle packet......project was done Aug 1st. He is now 1/2 in taller than his father. Sarah will now be the shortest in the family. He has the normal Lee boy figure tho, Scott doesn't something in his favor when his younger brother will soon be taller. It seems he has more doctor appointments than he has the last year. Trying to figure out some rash and hoping his white blood count remains normal. His osteoporosis is in the normal range now. He is happy and is off the last medication this week, has been 3 months since the end of treatment. Now just vitamins and calcium. Nothing new with Josh. Luke and family are good. Benji will be home for a couple weeks to finish up some projects and take care of the animals while we are on our spring break trip. Sarah and fam are great Carson is talking allot, really developing a personality. Kyla is the queen of the world especially when she is at gma's. Danny is headed to Brasil in a few weeks for an internship. Sadie is preparing for graduation. Jim is good, planning on hitting the "Big Horn Show" the next 3 days in Spokane. Paula is good since the tax info is into the accountant, first time in years we won't have to file an extension. Busy sewing quilts again and spent a few days at a Quilting retreat and had a blast with her side kick Karel. Bucky our cocker spaniel is getting better still loving tearing up things in the yard tho. Ms Kitty is queen of the house when Kyla isn't here. The fish are good, I got a new tiny one that eats algae but "Professor" must of taken a big gulp and swallowed him because he is gone and not floating. Fish are so much easier to take care of than dogs, cats and kids!

So "Go live it up" as Dalton Garrett told us to do for years!


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