Friday, July 11, 2008

Yes folks cherry is the wood of choice

The wood floors have been sanded three times and varnished once since Wed. The next coat will be Monday and the last coat on the 26th. We are stuck outside for the day and sleeping in the trailer or out of doors tonight. Feels like camping but with phone service and sheets. The house smell is pretty toxic but wow the floor is just beautiful, prettier than I even dreamed. I had them leave it natural then the varnish made it just perfect. Cherry gets darker with age the boys aren't disappointed now they didn't like it light. I go to Utah next week and hope to be moved into my new kitchen by the time I go. I am bringing back my mom for a visit and help and a family reunion!

My sweet bar stools I ordered aren't going to get here for awhile, the builder is from Peru and has family issues. I will need to just be happy with the 4 I already purchased, One of my couches came damaged before I even saw it and is sent back to CA and making another one. The couches and barstools were the only new furniture.

Scott is feeling good, has his eagle project ready to turn into the scout office for approval before he can start the actual project, what a big burden off his nagging mother. Being the 5th son to do a project hasn't gotten easier as I was told even with the driving carrot hanging over his head.

Benjamin is home from CA for a few weeks strange being back to 5 kids and we only have the kitchen and downstairs to live in for now. Like I said sort of like camping. We finally made it to Silverwood first time and we have season passes. They have added several things since we were there two years ago. It is a fun place.


The Larsons said...

Wow! It is really coming along! The granite is amazing! I love it. The floor looks great too. Can't wait to see it in person! :)

Brynne said...

WOw! We need to come by and see it soon! That is so exciting. Nice of your mom to come. Good for you for pushing the eagle project! Keep him a workin'! Glad he's doing well.