Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No house updates

No real updates for two weeks, Brett went to Alaska and while the cat is away the mice didn't do much. Electrians and painters did all they could. He is back again and living on his phone and getting things lined up to put the pedal to the medal. He was probably more frustrated when he returned than I was. I am still working on getting rid of our huge dirt pile, several have come but most only take a pickup load. I so would love to see the mountain thru the windows not the dirt pile. Struggling over the carpet color, everyone but Benji like it. The price is right, won't show dirt, really thick and soft, it is a remenant but enough for both rooms that we need carpet in. But Benji has a good eye. The color is called "Elk Herd" Scott and Jim think that makes it perfect.

I went to Salt Lake for a few days to a family reunion and brought back my Mom. My kids, my siblings and family are coming up next week for another family reunion. I hope the house is finished I am getting tired. 3 months now for most it is going quickly I am just tired. But it looks like it will still be getting worked on when all my family is here.

Yesterday my dear friend Georgina from Kent WA came for a visit for several hours, we had our plastic outside chairs setting around the new room. The kitchen is so full of stuff we really don't have any gathering place. It turned off cool yesterday and we finally had rain it rained off and on thru the night. Rain makes us all happy, the garden looks as if the gardens grew a foot from yesterday. I got stung by a wasp/hornet directly in my ear yesterday the side of my face/ear is still swollen and hurts it was a misrable night. I am allergic but glad it wasn't worse.

Clinic/chemo/spinal tap two days next week on top of the reunion life never slows down here. Scott is happy and has done some fishing on Hayden Lake.

Hope to be able to have a quiet Aug and enjoy the house and throw a few garden/house parties. Before and after the Elephant Ear Booth. Excited to have my siblings and kids and grandkids here. Luke and the boys will be here an extra week after everyone else leaves. Most of the family haven't even met Van and he is 17 months old. Janna is going on a trip with her family after the reunion. Scott hopes to be working on his Eagle project Aug 4th with the help of his brothers and brother in laws and Uncles. Jim and I will be so happy to have it done. But yet the scout office hasn't even approved it and they have had it 9 days, so so frustrating. Scott has his permit but can't drive until it is done. Hard when the village doesn't do its part.

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The Larsons said...

We need a picture of "elk herd". :) Hope things get finished up asap for you. Can't wait to see it. What is Scott's project? Is Josh coming too then? Sad I will miss them all! Maybe we'll have to some sample some veggies from the garden! Miss not having one this year! Love you! Cass