Sunday, August 2, 2009

August is here with 100 degree temps!

Summer is just about gone, a month till school starts already. Fair starts in 25 days and will be time to roll roll roll that dough. We have been experiencing hot temps for the last month I have had to water plants 3x's a day to keep things alive. Benji headed back to CA last week after completing our southside patio and hours working in the yard the last two months. Just wish we had a wedding reception or something to make it all worth it...... He is headed back in a couple weeks and working in Montana, a dream he has had for a long time. More info later. Josh is about the same, just waiting for a kidney, working out of his home and doing dialysis 3 x's a week. I did the blood test but only 2 of 8 tests that showed I was compatible with him Luke will do his soon.

Sadie is working for the dental office and is a real help. Danny just about finished the new basement just waiting on flooring and a couple of doors. We wanted to turn it into a workout room but it turned out so nice it will be a family/game room for now and turn the family room into a workout-TV room. Fun to have so much room.

Scott just returned from his Scout high Adventure he biked the San Juan Islands for 5 days. Check his facebook pixs.

Sam's Eagle Project was Friday and Saturday of last week, he now has 3 merit badges to complete and the paperwork to write up and he then the dreaded interview and he will be done. Hopefully have it done while he is still 13, youngest in the family even if doesn't finish till 14. 6 out of 6 boys. Great accomplishment and a couple tired parents.

Jim's vege garden is having success we have been eating the zucchini and green beans. My flower gardens are beautiful and my vege plants in the middle of my flowers are having success also. Time to make zucc bread. They grow about 6 in a day!

Luke and family are headed back from CA. Janna fell and broke her elbow so she and the kids have been in CA for 3.5 weeks while Luke flew home. He flew back this weekend to drive them home. Sawyer is growing and finally in new born clothes out of premies.

Jim is busy working and putting food on the table. We took off last weekend to camp at his hunting area. We had a bull moose share the campsite with us a couple times. He was right outside our tent door for a very long time where we got many pictures. He also came down to the water while Sadie and I were in the pontoon boats and kayak, it was pretty fun to watch him. The huckleberries weren't quite ripe as we tried picking some. The mosquitos were in full force and loved eating up Sadie and myself. Several fingers and toes doubled in size on me by the next morning. Much easier tent camping then trailer camping you take less junk take only what you need.

PS Ok so I forgot Sarah, I knew there was someone missing from yesterdays post.....Yes Dan, Sarah, Kyla and Carson are great! Sarah and the kids are spending lots of time at Silverwood, Dan is trying to drive his mother-in-law to drink and Bamma is just about Kylas favorite and Carson is sweet and always hungry! Sorry Ross' hope to be forgiven soon!


Sarah said...

".... and Sarah, Dan, and he kids are great!" LOL. My feelings are crushed. Just kidding. Trying to be funny.

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the moose photo, Legs.

Sarah said...

Mother, you are hilarious.

The Larsons said...

Love the moose pic! Too fun. We got eaten up by mosquitos at the Nauvoo Pageant. So annoying! Good to get an update on everyone. Hope Josh finds a mach soon, and nice he's able to work from home. Neat about Sammy's eagle too. Congrats! Can't wait to see the basement!