Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Green Acres is the Place to Be!!!!

Jim and I have been gone again, Salt Lake this time for the Utah Dental Meetings. We left the boys home alone for the first time. They survived and had many others to take care of them at a moments notice. I was a wreck the first day but finally calmed down. They didn't seem to fight to bad and didn't miss us that I noticed. Sadie drove up to spend Fri night from BYU with her old folks, my brother Don and sister in law D'anne met us for dinner to celebrate Sadies 22 bday. Wow, she is 22 Josh 32. I am a mother of a 32 yr old I am but a 39 year old myself.

Dan and Sarah moved into their new home in Green Acres. (Yes that is the name) ....... They went on Craigs list and got the same front loaders as me for cheap cheap and they RUN RUN. Sarah has become a coupon queen learning from her sister in law not her mother. Something I haven't done since dental school. She is teaching her mother!

Josh and Chiu-yi are planning on coming to the states this summer. Everyone is so happy they get to come Chiu-yi hasn't been here only during the winter COLD months. I was thrilled to say no this year to girls camp leader because that is the week they are here! Well thrilled isn't a good word but close! They don't get to stay long. We will have a new baby by then in the family Janna is due June 5th. We are hoping Danny is tired of Mexico and drags himself back to the states for the Lee reunion to be with ALL his siblings. No pressure there, yes bring Melissa with you if you haven't broken her heart by then.

Scott and his meds are good, Sam is great basketball season has come to a close and he has been busy lifting weights at the high school to get ready for football next summer and to beef up a bit. My sons we all born with a perfect tall skinny frame! Hang on to that boys it disappears once you hit 35.

Our great niece Teryn is getting married this spring. When she has kids I will be a great great Aunt in my 50's. My mom will be a Great great grandmother in her 70's.....well that is if she has kids in the next few years. She has been the mother & sister of 4 the last 2.5 yrs and probably tired!

The office seems to keep plugging along with the country "Out of sorts", people needing their teeth cleaned, fixed or mouth inprovements of some sort. We are blessed to have a dad/husband take such good care of us and good patients. We love our office staff and thankful they like us (we hope).
So on that note ......remember to brush, and floss, but only the ones you want to keep!


Anonymous said...

You two look wonderful and rested.

The Buthman Family said...

The picture looks great Aunt Paula. I am excited for you to have all the kids home this summer. We are still trying to decide if we can manage to come up for the family reunion. We will see! Love ya

Gunner said...

It was good to see you Jim in Utah. We miss seeing everyone all the time. We look forward to the family reunion! Can't wait.