Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Will Bring Peace and Joy!!!!!

Things have calmed down and 2009 can really start. The kids are back to their other lives, tree down, decorations and lights are all put away, snow has melted (allot but not all the way) we can get out of back doors almost! Temps are in the 30's now, that 3 and 5 degrees was horrible.

Jim surprised me and bought tickets to Hawaii three weeks ago, just the two of us, we leave tomorrow. Celebrating 33 yrs together. I finally got a place for us to settle for a few days, Sarah and Dan are watching the house boys and animals. Bills are paid and in the mail, paper work is about done, W2's in the mail, I am packed, my lists are made for Sarah, and I really need a nap.

Scott had a spinal tap last week, just finished steroids and he should be perking up. Got a headache but it seems to be gone. Eleven months left of this and no more!

Dan and Sarah FINALLY got a house of their own this has been quite a learning journey for them they have learned patience and whom they can trust. We are so thrilled for them!

Luke and Janna gave us a picture of their ultrasound for Christmas, announcing the birth of another grandbaby in June. This will make 4 for them 6 grandbabies for us. WE love everyone of those precious babies. Maybe it will be that sister Stone so wants this time. Our niece Brynne had a sweet beautiful baby boy yesterday, we so love watching our family grow. So far I think Janna is the only one expecting in 2009 on both sides unless someone hasn't announced yet. Add on: Sadie reminded me of Brent and Jen Davis expecting their first girl after 3 boys in 2009! So it is the year of the girl 2009! Well maybe!

That is just about all the updates from Paula's desk. I hope the new year finds you happy and happier!!!! We all need to cut back the spending, cut back the calories, cut back the wasteful stuff of life, but don't cut back on the peace and joy that is out there for us to find. I had this impression a few weeks ago. " To find peace we must be peaceful, to find joy we must be joyful."



Gatten Gang said...

What a great Quote! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii and just enjoy being together in a beautiful place. Love you both. J

Sadie said...

Aren't Linda and Jen Davis each expecting? I thought they were... Have fun in Hawaii. Get me something good! hahaha jk

Jen - the mom said...

have a great trip to hawaii!! and yes, linda is expecting too. her little one is coming in march and our GIRL will is due to arrive may 2.