Thursday, March 22, 2012

Changes again

Ok has been 13 months since my last post ........things have changed quite a bit since then. Gpa Leo passed away March 9 2011, Josh & Chiu-yi moved home a week later, Micah James was born Aug 10th at KMC. Josh spent way to much time at KMC with health issues last summer got out Aug 9 baby came next day so he/she were back to the blue zoo. A much happier reason. He needs a kidney transplant and is on the list. I was his transplant but the last test showed I had my own set of kidney issues.

Scott got his ok to serve a mission, WE got the paper work turned in, he turned 19, killed 2 deer then off to MTC/New Hampshire in early Dec. He packed into 3 months 2 yrs. worth because his leukimia returned and he has flown home and living back at Sacred Heart Medical Center for a month killing off his bone marrow and hoping for a bone marrow transplant in Seattle. I will try and keep up with any new progress with the blog again .........easier than constant phone calls...Expect a miracle is my own personal app!!!


Sarah said...

AND... you have another new granddaughter! Its ok, i won't tell her u forgot.

Poolegs said...

Ok I didn't forget her.......the wonderful miracle in all of this strangeness......Sydney Diann Ross.....ok sydney Paula just didn't roll off the tongue.