Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Scott was able to come home last Friday evening, his ANC was wonderfully high his doctor was out of town and Dr Judy said "time to go home". Scott is loving being in a bed that actually fits. His friend shaved his hair off last Thursday giving him a relief from the red snow storm. We renewed his pickup registration, he got himself a IPhone and trying to find joy in being home with the "C" yet again. No word on transplant yet or what the plan will be.

Aunt Mary Ann Leo's sister died Thursday morning in LaCrosse Care Center. She had been battling leg sores for a few years and they got the best of her. She will be missed by our family especially Jim and myself. Leo has a brother Jack in Anaconda last year his brother Eugene passed as did he. I wished the extended family would of spent time with her.

A week ago Sadie became engaged to Mr Reece Hopkins of Heber UT. Their date is Aug 11, 2012. Pretty exciting for them and for us. She met him in Denver where he is going to school for his second degree. They will marry in Spokane temple and reception late afternoon in our back yard. They will remain in Denver area to live.

Little Sydney is 4 weeks old today. She was born the day we were informed that Scotts cancer had returned for sure. Both dates will remain in our minds even after dementia has hit. She is still so very very tiny and oh so precious.

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Brynne said...

Awe. Such a bitter sweet post. Love you guys!!!